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Azir Build Guide by Baz44r

How to Shurima: 101

How to Shurima: 101

Updated on August 2, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baz44r Build Guide By Baz44r 7,170 Views 0 Comments
7,170 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Baz44r Azir Build Guide By Baz44r Updated on August 2, 2016
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Hello, this is Baz44r. This is my first guide on Mobafire and i really like to play Azir (Mastery 7 with 60K under my belt). So i thought "Hey, wouldn't it be nice to help people on their journey to learn of the glorious lands of Shurima?". So here it is, my guide on Shurima 101. Hope this guide helps!
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Pros / Cons

What Makes Azir:
+ Massive Range
+ Great Sustained Damage
+ Versatile in any situation
+ An amazing kit
+ A great overall team fighter
+ His passive spawns a turret

What Breaks Azir:
- He is sooooo slow (325 MS)
- Difficult early game
- High (if not THE highest) learning/mastery curve
- Once hes behind, its tough to catch up
- VERY item dependant
- Soldier positioning can be tiresome
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A little history about Azir

Azir has been on the seasaw of "Underpowered" to "Balanced" to "Completely outright broken" to normal, ranked, and LCS Games. With a little bit of research, at first glance azir seems underpowered with a 44% winrate (The 3rd lowest winrate as of now), but if someone really dedicates themselves to Shurima, then those who win with that 44% win rate REALLY win the game, so much so that they can single handedly carry the game from any situation. With this in mind, there may be further nerfs for our emperor pidgeon. But that's then, this is now, and right now your taking your first step up the stairs of ascension. Now we begin to scratch the sandy surface to what Azir really is, he is a TERROR to fight in the right hands.
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The mindset of an Emperor

As an Emperor, you must protect your subjects, as well as yourself, but mostly yourself. You can be aggressive, or you can be passive. Both these methods have their own strengths and weaknesses, I personally think that a passive emperor has more luck. However, there will be times that you should be aggressive to shut down the enemy laner so you need to be on your toes and decide "when is it my time to strike?". Azir says it himself "A ruler must choose his hour". However you want to play is up to you, but I would suggest playing passivly if your just starting or need a little more practice.
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Where to put Azir

Azir is a pure mid-laner, but at times he can sometimes be used top. But once Azir is in a lane, he stays in that lane. Because of how slow he is, it will be difficult to gank with him, and if you do attempt to gank with him you will be missing on alot of creeps for your much needed gold and XP. So be sure to stay in your lane unless you 150% know that the lake isnt warded AND you can kill a champion in a different lane.
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How to farm with Azir

Creeps. Creeps. Enemy Champions and Creeps. You need to master last hitting with Azir to get efficient farm. I wish there was a way i could tell you the secret to getting alot of gold, but this is a must. If you need to practice last hitting, make a solo custom game, and just hit creeps. Its boring im sorry, but it has to be done :(
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Skills Explained

Shurima's Legacy: Your passive allows you to spawn a turret on the ruins of a destroyed tower. Once a tower is destroyed you will see a small shuriman symbol over the ruins, right click on the symbol and the passive activates, spawning a turret that will fight for you for about a minute. Any gold and expeience the turret gets will be given to azir, so use this when you have to siege, defend, or get some creeps in an empty lane.

Conquering Sands: This is your go to ability. It does damage, it slows your enemy, and it repositions your soldiers to do more damage. It wont do any extra damage if there are multiple soldiers, but it will slow anyone it hits harder. Its best to practice the range of this ability so there arnt any moments when a soldier charges, but it stops right when its about to hit someone. It can look kinda silly

Arise!: This is the ability your going to use the most. Azir heavily relys on his soldiers to do damage, to dash, to chase, to escape and much more. This ability also permenantly increases your Attack Speed, so the more points this is in, the faster azir and his soldiers will attack.

Shifting Sands: This ability is your "dash". you dash to a soldier at high speeds, but if you collide into an enemy champion azir deals a bit of damage and is granted a sheild by a flat amount +15% of his max health. But in all honesty its just used for juking and movement.

Emperor's Divide: This ability is a game changer, no matter how many times this is nerfed. It builds a wall, and pushes enemies in the target direction and deals a bit of damage as well. It can be used to push champions away, push them into your team, into your turret, block them off lane, trap them in dragon pit. There are so many uses for this ability.

WARNING! This ability can also hurt your team so make sure you communicate with your team before you build a wall.
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Combos (A must learn)

Combos with Azir are important for some of his plays to be effective. This section will teach you some of the combos Azir works well with (Using Quickcast really helps with pulling these off)

> >

W, Q, E
This is the most basic combo azir can learn, it allows azir to dash a pretty good distance in a straight line, pretty simple. You summon your soldier with W, use your Q to position your soldier as far as it can go, and press E to dash toward him. Its a nice combo to learn when your beginning Azir, and gets you some better movement around the map.

Warning! If Azir is too far away from his soldier, he wont be able to dash towards them. A good note that Azir is too far away is when his soldiers stand upright.

> >

W, E, Q
This is the advanced Version of the combo above. You first summon your soldier then you cast your E to dash toward it. While mid dash or right when your about to hit your soldier, you then use your Q in the direction of your choice to extend your dash. At times, you will see that azir will curve toward the direction hes going (much like diana's Q) or bounce a different direction (when you hit Q at the very last second) It takes timing to pull this off, but once you do, you can do so much, engage, disengage, juke, and pull off one of the most famous combos in the game

> > >
W, E, Q, R
This is the Shurima Shuffle. You can use this combo in so many ways. It takes practice, and requires good timing and decision making, but once you pull this combo off, you can change the game when things look rough. You start with your W, E to the soldier, Q to extend your dash to the location you want, and at the very end of the dash, or when you have the champion you want to shove in range use your ultimate. However you will be vunerable and likely to be the target in team fights, so make sure you have a way to escape or stall for time.

All these Combos take practice and timing, some more than others. So it would probably be nice to go into a custom game, and practice them around the fountain, or on bots to see how the combos work. guides and videos help, but the best way to learn is by experience
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Azir is one of the hardest champions to master. His abilities, winrate and mechanical complexity shows the reason to why, but if you get comfortable with all these cons, Azir is a monster to fight against, hence why hes always on the chopping block for nerfs. Hopefully this guide helps with those who are first picking him up, or trying to improve on Azir themselves.

This has been my first guide, and see you on the Stairs of Ascension.
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