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Jax Build Guide by CondoSylvam

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CondoSylvam

How to: Troll Dominion

CondoSylvam Last updated on December 28, 2011
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Welcome to the "How to: Troll Dominion" guide especially made for Jax.

(After all you can do this with andy champion, but i like Jax most so...)

It is seldom the case where a champion is defined by his actions after joining the League of Legends rather than before. Such is the case with Jax, for whom the argument could be made that he is the most prolific tournament fighter currently at the Institute of War. Before joining the League, Jax was an unremarkable soldier-for-hire. For reasons known only to the former leader of the League, High Councilor Reginald Ashram, Jax was put on the top of the list of candidates to receive a League Judgment - the interview process that either accepts or rejects a prospective champion. His Judgment was the quickest in League history, where the Doors of Acceptance glowed and slowly swung open as soon as it began. Jax faced no recorded Observation or Reflection during his Judgment.

Jax proved himself to be an immediate terror in the Fields of Justice. The self-proclaimed ''Armsmaster of the League'' rattled off a streak of consecutive wins that to this day has not been matched. A number of summoners in the League grew concerned that the perceived objectivity of the League of Legends would be questioned by the presence of an unknown fighter who was unbeatable. For this reason, the new leader of the League (following Reginald Ashram's disappearance), High Councilor Heyward Relivash, created special restrictions for Jax to fight under. This was something the League had never done before, and something that has never been done since. The burly fighter responded by imposing his own special conditions; as a means of protest, he permitted himself to fight using only a brass lamppost. Neither the League's sanctions nor his own has affected his winning ways. The League has since rescinded its sanctions, but Jax has not; he fights and fights well with his trusty brass lamppost.

"Be advised - there has been an outbreak of lamppost-shaped bruises in the League of Legends." - Gragas

But still... There is a reason why to take Jax.
First off, there are so many RageQuits just by enemies seeing Jax in the opponent team. His skills are awesome and seem to be made for Dominion, he can easily win every fight on lvl 1 he can stun, he can move around quickly and his Ultimate is made for Dominion. I don´t know if his Passive works for the Damage by Atmas Impaler, but when it does it´s even more insane.
Jax is a great fighter able to outstand any other Champion in Dominion, and, the killer reason, he just costs 1350 IP. Im happy, that so many people don´t like him, since i really would be feared too see more people using him in Dominion, or in 5v5.
I love him. He gets 18% dodge, together with the 12% of Ninja Tabi and the 4.5% of the runes this grants him 34.5% dodge, so he can almost dodge every third attack.
But even if the enemy hits him, with Warmogs you don´t even feel it.


This is no guide for persons without humour. Don´t go on reading when you didn´t like the beginning... (Or do... I don´t really care)

Guide Top

Why do I do this guide?

This guide isn´t just ********. This guide points towards a misery you can find in League of Legends.

Most likely there are just AD Champions in Dominion, AP is rarely seen.

You ask why? Here is the answer:

AP Champs most likely are great in early to midgame. In normal game they are just dominating any Melee AD Champ in the beginning of a match.
But two factors make AP-Champs bad in Dominion:

1 - Team

A good mage is nothing without his team. He is vulnerable, he got low life and most likely is just able to burst someone down.
But when the enemy survives the burst it most likely takes 10 Seconds till you can burst him again. In this time the teammates are supposed to deal the damage.
In Dominion there is one problem with this:
Most fights are 1v1.
It won´t happen to often, that you will have a supporter on your side, when fighting e.g. Tryndamere.
He will just kick your ***, and most likely: You can´t change it.

2 - Early Game Dominance

As said before, AP-Chars are great Early/Mid Game chars.
But when the time comes and we meet the Endgame they can just pwn when they are good farmed or fed.
In Dominion you won´t farm that much (Most likely not at all) and kills just grant 1/3 of the gold you gain in normal.
So in the end, everyone will be somewhere at the same gold level (Maybe 2k more or less)
But telling the truth:
A Tryndamere with 15k gold is much more frightening, thant an Annie with 15k. When Annie hasn´t got some decent armor and a farmed stun, Tryndamere will just burst her away.
And even when she comes to kill him, he can still use his ulti to survive.

This problem with AP - Chars is a misery. Most likely they are useless.

I like the idea Riot had, when making Dominion, but in the end it is just unbalanced and boring. Any Earlygame champ is unusable and any LateGame champ shines as bright as the sun.
I don´t want sth. like this in League of Legends. Stop, full stop, finish!

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The shown Runeset is one possibility and the one I like most.

It grants you Attack Speed for some more Damage Output, Armor, to rescind the Armor Penetration of your enemy, Magic Resist, doing the same for Magic Penetration, and then Dodge Chance, since Dodge is just op on Jax, it helps you stun the enemies faster and better.

Another possibility would be playing with Crit Marks, to max your Bust possibility. I didn´t try it till now, but maybe I will in the next time.

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With the new masteries there were several things changed.
What I really like is the new 21 bonus in Defense ( Juggernaut ) it grants us more live (This is all we want).
Also the new Attack Bonus granting us 10% Armor Pen ( Weapon Expertise ) really is nice to clean out our enemies fast. The other bonusses didn´t change that much, the only thing now is, that we improve Garrison and Revive with just one point.

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First off: The Damage Calculation on the top is wrong. This is the real Damage: 231.19

Ninja Tabi is a great item to start off with. It gives dodge chance (together with runes, masteries and the E-Skill, it grants you 26.5% dodge chance!) and some armor, making you quite strong in early game.

Atma's Impaler is the core item for this build. It grants you a major boost in armor, making you even harder to kill, Critical Strike Chance, which boosts your Damage a bit more, and then the Passive on which this whole build is working: 2% of your Max Live as Dmg.... This is freaking insane, it boosts your dmg to unknown sizes.

Giant's Belt is an item you will first off buy 4 times. This is a item which greatly fits with the build. Warmog´s of course if way better, but since they removed in from Dominion (T_T) you can´t use it anymore.
This item will build up in other items, granting you life and defense.
You can build an Frozen Mallet first, if you need the Passive and the dmg boost.
Let us do some maths:

For 4 times Giant's Belt you need:
4440 gold.
They all together grant you:
1720 life.
This again grants you:
34.4 dmg.
So you get 1 life point for:
2.5814 gold.

For 3000 gold you would get a Warmog's Armor granting you:
1370 life.
So you get 1 life point for:
2.1897 gold.

You see: A full Warmogs grants you more life for less money, together with a nice Health Regenaration.

So one last time math:

There are 2 possible way of using your money (As said before).
On the one hand you can start off buying four times Giant's Belt, on the other hand you can first off buy a Frozen Mallet and then the other Giant's Belts.

Lets imagine you got 4440 gold to spend (Needed for 4 Giant Belts).

So you will have, with possibility one:

1720 life.
This grants you:
34.4 dmg.
You get 1 life point for:
2.5814 gold.
You get 1 Dmg Point for:
129.0698 gold.

With possibility two you got:

1130 life.
This grants you:
22.6 dmg.
Additionally you get:
20 dmg.
You get 1 life point for:
3.8584 gold.
You get 1 Dmg Point for:

What do we learn:

You really should just do possibility 2 when you need the passive, meaning you got a team with low CC all together.
When you got an Ashe, an Nasus, and another slower, you won´t reallly need it.


But getting on:

The last items areeeeee:

Frozen Mallet:

When you got too much money and got all Giant's Belts you will build this item. It gives you more live, dmg and a nice passive.

Sunfire Cape:

More life, some armor, and a nice passive, this is what you need

After this you will get an Randuin's Omen. To build towards this you can also grab just 3 times Giant's Belt and then a Cloth Armor.

When the game is still going on, you can take whatever you just want too... Some dmg, attspd, or whatever you just need. Phantom Dancer greatly boosts your dmg output, Kitae's Bloodrazor is phantastic to harmonize with your ulti and Guinsoo's Rageblade is always a nice goodie to have. :)


Due to an incoming idea I added Rylai's Crystal Scepter as an alternative to the Frozen Mallet. Just some words to this. Rylai´s grants you a nice Ability Power boost, scaling with your Q, W, E and R. But keep in mind:

1) It grants you less health
2) The slow just occurs on skill usage, so use them wisely to have the perma slow.

Guide Top


Leap Strike

This is a great skill to get around the map. The cooldown is low and so you can just use it at will.


Really great skill doing tons of dmg early game and later a lil bit. But sometimes this bit is the bit you need. I max it first.

Counter Strike

This is what makes Dominion boring when theres a Jax around... Dodge Chance + Stun, it´s just op. USE IT!

Relentless Assault

It´s a great Ultimate, it grants Dmg and Magic Resist (Not so much needed but still ok).
But the really great thing is the AttackSpeed Increase. This is it what makes Jax able to beeing played without any AS item.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

The summoner spells I pick seem to be weird, and after all... they are.

Revive is a summoner spell which no real pro uses (I think after all). But still it got some potential.
First off, the psychological potential:
Imagine you are at the loadscreen, and what do you see? An enemy with [Revive]. Most likely you think hes a noob, or at least no pro. This makes your enemies a little bit more careless about you.
Most of the summoner spells make no sense in Dominion.
Clarity is not needed, since you can fast teleport to your base.
Same goes with Heal (and it´s even nerfed in Dominion...).
Ignite is.... I don´t like it in Dominion, since there are too many ways to survive it (HEal thingies over the map), and I also think the dmg is too low (And there always will be someone in your team having it).
Exhaust is a nice summoner spell, securing some kills in the game, but still... Dominion is not about killing and I never really needed it.
Ghost is nice, really it is a great summoner spell in Dominion, but I don´t need it that much, since im defending (I don´t need to run so much then) and not killing, or whatsoever.
Flash in Dominion just.... sucks imho. Theres nothing to really flash over and so, I dont think it is useful in Dominion.
So in the end I decided to use Revive (And I lolled when I first time saw the Movespeed it grants xD).

Garrison is the second summoner spell I use. It has great defensive and offensie possibilities (Although i most likely just use it defensively), with it you can defend a tower against 3 enemies waiting for some support of your team.

Guide Top


So now... How to use this crazy Build?

It´s pretty simple and relies on some psychological tricks. Starting off with the Ninja Tabis, you are a great early game Dominator. So what you have to do is go bottom lane with 2-3 dudes.
I know noone does this, so why should you(???), but believe me, it works out fine. The enemies going 4 top 1 bot (usual) will have problems defending their bottom Lane resulting in a free kill for your team and an additional tower in bot lane.
The enemies will push mid and then follow up to top. When they do.. defend, when they don´t do... you won already :D
You go on to their top tower, and now the thing happens. They will definetively go to you with a minimum of 4 dudes. This leaves their towers open, making it possible to do some capping.
After this the only thing you do is.... acting without thinking too much. You just grab every tower you can get, don´t look to much over loosing one yourself, you just need 3 towers. Stop with the **** of getting your top, bot and mid and bring Dominion to a new fresher concept.
It´s all about the Trolling, and still it works out fine and with some dudes in the Teamspeak it really rocks.
Really it was a long time ago I laughed like I did using this build.


When you win with this build you have to tell the enemy you were trolling. It is even more embarrassing for them to loose against trolling. Something lige "GG TROLL FTW!" or "GG TROLOLOLO" will do the job, but don´t forget about it!

Dudes Try it, do it, troll it :)

Guide Top

Pros / Cons


- Pretty Tanky
- Can win most 1v1´s against AD´s
- You troll, but still you can win
- You can do it often (since it´s Dominion, it doesn´t count for Elo, or whatsoever)


- Nothing made for dudes who want to play a standard 08/15 Dominion game
- You have to learn it to play so diefferent as you usually do (Never try this build on your mainchar, I tried it on Twitch and I failed, since nothing was as usually...)

Guide Top

Video and some Scores


The first score is made with this build, the second also is, but using another character. It shows, that this build works for several champions.
(I will do one with Annie, too, I promise!)
Both of them were scored in a team, where 4 of 5 people used this build. Not all of the persons were AD Carries, we also had some AP´s.
We had Galio, Gangplank, Malzahar and also Vladimir testing it together with me, and we just lost one round.
Normally the other person (being the only one not using the guide), was the one lacking in Kills, Supports and Points (Although they often had a decent number of deads ;) )


Though to the recent changes, I will upload some new scores soon as soon as I played some rounds.

Guide Top


Nice, that you still are here reading this (Or you just passed everything directly going here :D )

I hope you will try it and vote this guide. (I don´t care if positive or negative, just some feedback would be nice).
You can also send me your scores when you want to, I can post them when you want me too (Maybe you did some OP CRANK **** game, where you just dominated the enemy), but when you do so, pls send me the lil box from your game history and not the big screen, I don´t want to have such huge pictures in here...

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Due to a recent patch, the whole idea of the build doesn´t work anymore... So what I did was trying to save as much as possible, creating a new build with as much Anti-AD as their possibly could exist.
I liked the old one much better, but I can´t change Riot´s actions and so theres nothing to do about it.
Also the new masterie trees are sth. I´m not too familiar with so the masteries aren´t perfect, I think.

Next small update:
I added Rylai's Crystal Scepter as an alternative to Frozen Mallet (Thx to irontoof44). Also a new build, less focusing on trolling was published (This is after all the build, that I use ingame.)