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Ezreal Build Guide by Skellyton22

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skellyton22

Hybrid Ez(Out of Date)

Skellyton22 Last updated on January 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build is being made right with the new patch. I felt like making it, but I need to fiddle with the new patch(mainly talking about the flask change, witch might change runes and Masts).I will come back later and work on it, but for now this is what I've got. This is to get it out there and also, I could only find one other good hybrid Ez build, I did not look to hard but even that one is said that it will not be updated and is growing out of data. I wanted there to be at least something people interested in hybrid could find. My point is please don't down vote it over the fact that It's not done.

And for the record, I'm proud to say I came up with this build on my own and have only later found other people are using it.

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About Hybrid

Hybrid Ez is very hard to play well. You have to know how to play AP, AD and then hybrid. But he is tons of fun. You might consider playing some AD and AP Ez before going for hybrid.

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You can play hybrid top, mid or bot.
In higher levels of play, its hard to run a kill lane. Ez is mana hungry and with things like the flask he has a hard time killing people. Mainly its people dogging your skill shots and the fact that his W starts at 70dmg(this goes for top and mid, I have not done much bot).

Overall this is the safest lane for him(Top its own thing). You just try to farm and AA their mid. With shift, Ez can be very far out compared to most mids. look at their jungler and see if its someone shift will get away from.

He plays mostly like a normal ADC bot except you have a different build. I don't like him bot and hybrid can't be your full ADC. I don't like bot so I don't know much about the lane. But it can be done and done well.

Top is an interesting lane for Ez. You are very easy to kill but hard to get at. You use your range and shift to never touched. Something you learn is even at full HP, your close to death vs most tops. Top takes a very good Ez player and every lane is different. I would not recommend it to a new Ez player. But you get the support masts and gold over time runes and with pickpocket you just farm and don't really try to kill them(this does include harrasing them as it keeps them from ramboing you)

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Runes and Masteries

As I've said before, with the new update I don't know what to put here and will come back and update this later.

The gold over time runes are a safe bet but you could do a lot of things with runes.

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About the Tear

You always need to be filling a tear.

You always want to get the manamune first over the Arch staff. Its bad until you fill it and is much easier to fill in lane. The Arch staff gives most of its stats right off the bat when you have a filled manamune and just becomes better but its not dependent on being filled. You want to build the parts to the Arch staff right after the manamune even though you can't get the Arch staff because as soon as you fill the manamune you want to not only have a tear that you can start filling before you go back but get the now 6 mana(I was amazed that they changed it from 5, it makes it fill SO much faster).

Important: You can fill a tear faster than normal by casting spells(I don't think AA though)at sweat points in the cooldown. There is one right at the start of the CD. Just cast spells and look at the CD on the tear and you should see what i'm talking about.

If done well, you can fill your first tear by 20mins, and a 2nd by I'm guessing 30mins with the arch change.(was around 35mins but I had a different build order).

Note: if you have and Arch staff and a Manamune in your inventory, the Arch staff will upgrade, even if you use an AA on the last charge.

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Iteams(other than the tear)

There are a few starts you can do like a flask or boots(in new patch IDK what to recommend yet). But after that you have to rush a tear. You need to get this as soon as possible. Whenever your first back is you should get a tear. This might not be tell level 6 and that's ok, you should be able to push your lane with your ult and go back. You want to get it fast, but not fall behind in your lane from an early back.

After you have a manmune and an Arch staff, you get the Iceborn Gauntlet. After that it all depends on the game. Analyze whats going on. I commonly build defensive from here because most of your damage is from the manamune and Arch staff. If you need MR, look to a Banshee's Veil. You have armor from the Gauntlet so if you need that kind of defense look to a Frozen Mallet or Ryalyz.
If you want more damage, go to a gunblade. Really, if you like the AP start with the AP part. If you like the AD get the AD part. Then a Rabadons to top it off. Why? At this point you will have around 300AP. Add a hat and you have right over 500AP. To put it this way, most full AP's top off at around 500-600AP.


I like the swiftness boots. They are a safe pick as well. But I think ADC will turn out to be better, it depends on who you are laneing against. Attack Speed boots are also nice and might help more with the nerf to Ez's attack speed. This is one of those I'll update it when I'm made up my mind. With the level 3 boots, I don't know if i'm and idiot but I don't think they are worth the gold. I might be dead wrong. This is mainly because hybrid needs his iteams for the build to work. You can't use your early gold that you need for a manamune or Arhc staff on level 3 boots most of the time and the slow from the Iceborn Gauntlet is very helpful. This is up to you. One spot it fit it in though is after you have the parts for the Arch staff but have not yet filled the manamune.

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Play Tips

Once you get your manamune upgraded, do not wast mana with it. It eats mana like a hog. Learn to turn it off when attacking minions, and only some of the time is it good to use on drag and even Barron if you don't need it. You want to be around 90% mana when a teamfight start because your DMG output goes from OP levels to ok, it hurts but... Its fine to spam spells, they are negligible compared to the Manamune's mana cost. It's very hard to stay at high mana and 90% is most of the time not close to resealable. Look for blue if others on your team don't need it to help with this.

Shift: Shift uses a lot of mana and you are dependent on it to get away. It lets you go into placed that would be death to anyone else. Do not wast it and unless you are looking to kill someone don't use it for harass. Once you get a little higher level though, with a little more mana, you can use it more and more for harass but the bigger thing is not the mana it is the escape.

You can harass early on in hopes of getting a kill at 6, but this is really hard to do if they have something like a flask. You need to decide that you are going for a kill early because if you don't get a kill you can end up wasting a lot of mana and losing a lot of CS. Playing for a kill commonly doing more attacking them and mainly shooting Q's at them apposed to minions. The planing a kill at level 6 is much harder to do in season 3 though.

In lane, use your ult to harass. This is very important in a hard lane. Your ult has a short cool down and is hard to doge. And you can spam Q's to get it off CD. Before you fire it, move back into the fog of war so they don't see you cast it. Most of the time you also hit minions too, most of the time this is fine. You can wait tell they have pushed a blob to your tower to ult to help the pushing factor. In mid though its not as big of a deal.

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Side notes

I'm not a great speller. If there is something spelled wronge I don't mind you saying something.

This is my 2nd guide and my 1st was this but quickly made(It was not under my name because I did not know how to put it under my name at the time, but it does say it was made by Skellyton22). I have copied some of it, so if you think i'm taking other peoples work, that's because its my work.
(Its one of the only guides that come up when you google "hybrid Ez build" witch is sad)

The link to it:

I know there is a way that people can write why they down voted your guide, and other things of the like. I could not find that, I don't know how to do the pics("coding" if might be called. IDK), and what do the eye looking things next to the guide name mean?