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Ezreal Build Guide by Skellyton22

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skellyton22

Hybrid Ezreal-Has been remade

Skellyton22 Last updated on December 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First of all, I have never made a guild before but found while looking for other ideas on ways to build hybrid Ez that there were no build here, so I am making one. The quality will not be great because I'm just doing this quickly just so there is a build out there. If people pay attention to it I'll re-do it.

This build is for mid, but could be used bot(have not done it much) and is ok top. There is a better build I have for top but do not want to write it out. If people want me to I will though.
Also, I do not know how to put the pictures in here so Im just going to use text.

I looked back at it and relyzed how to put the pics in. I feel like an idiot but don't really want to put the time in redoing it, so text it is.
This guild is made by Skellyton22.

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- Gold over time Quints
- Gold over time Yellows
- Flat AD Reds
- Mana Reign per level Blues

As Ez you will have a VERY passive lane. Due to the fact that your W starts at 70dmg any AP would just be going to bringing you on level with other AP's. The AD helps last hitting and harass. The Blues I'm still working on. I use a lot of mana and these help reign it witch helps keeps my mana high witch is needed for this build.

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I could not get to show up the way I wanted it to so i'm just not going to do it that way.
Basicly, get AP in offence, spellblade and dont get the armor pen. The rest do what you want. Deffence get the Summoner spell point and in Utility get the mana Reign and mana per level.

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It Depends on the lane, but start with boots pots or flask fairy charm pots(or ward, wait for 5 gold)

first back you want a tear and build it into a manamune. You want to get this quickly.

get boots now or whenever it is a good time. Though most of the time the manamune over just a normal tear is worth more that boots. CDR boots, and I don't get a level 3, I have not found one I think is worth it on Ez, the only good one for him is movement but Ez is already very mobile.
I might be an idiot for not upgrading so that's up to you, but ALWAYS be filling a tear.

Then while your filling the manamune start to build a nashers. If it fits your gold when going back get a blasting wand instead of parts of nashers to build into Arch later.

You should fill your manamune a little bit after 20mins. 20 is your goal.

Then, I said START building nashers? Well once you fill the manamune go back as soon as you can get a 2nd tear and build an Arch Staff. You want to get it fully upgraded so it fills faster(5 mana instead of 4).

Then a gunblade. It will depend on what you need if you go the AD or AP build path first.

Then get a hat(Rabadons Deathcap), you'll a little over 500AP

You can fill the Arch anywere from 33mins to 40mins. Try to fill it fast but you already have the AP worth of it being filled without the manamune, its mana is just extra. This is why you don't get the Arch first. While the arch gives you most of its stats without being upgraded, the manamune is dependent on being filled to be worth it.

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Skill Sequence

I go

(its just really good level 1 and is used to farm)
(for that level 2 gank and W is not worth the mana for only 70dmg most of the time)
(NOW maxing W so you can have it at the same power as if you started with it by level 4, also, you don't max Q because W needs the level DMG and Q does not, it just makes the mana cost go up.

Then from there max W first then E and then Q

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Ok. So there is a LOT more I could say on this. For one, hybrid Ez is VERY hard to play on par with other builds. This is why it(and AP) get such a bad rap: you have to be good with it to play at an ok level for others, and even better for hybrid. You will need to know how to play AP and AD Ez while also learning how to balance both.

Always be filling a tear. IMPORTANT: you can fill a tear faster than you are supost to be able to by casting spells(not AA on Manamune) on sweet spots in the cool down. There is one right at the start of the CD, to find out what I mean just cast spells at diffrent times in the CD and you should see what I am talking about.

Use the Actives, they are one of the times that make this good.

Summoner Spells: Flash BARIER
Flash because its flash

Barier because mid it will help a passive lane. AP's like to burst, Shealds help stop that. Also, Hybrid gives up the tankyness normaly build after the Hat on AP's for the Hybrid DMG. So the Barier and the Arch's sheald make up for this. Your still weak, don't forget it, but you have some deffence.

In lane your very passive letting the gold over time runes work their magic and filling your tears. I do not leave my lane a lot and focus on farming and filling the tear, but this may not be the right move. As a player I do not gank much so do what you want there, but remember, fill the tear.

Once you get your manamune upgraded, DO NOT WAST MANA WITH IT. It EATS mana like a hog. Learn to turn it off when attacking minnions, and only some of the time is it good to use on drag and even Barron if you don't need it. You want to be around 90% mana when a teamfight start because your DMG output goes from WTF to ok, it hurts but... Its fine to spam spells, they are negligible compared to the Manamune's cost. Trust me, its very hard to stay at high mana and 90% is most of the time not close to resealable but that is why you get the nasher's first and have mana reign per level blues.

Low levels don't wast your mana even though you have a tear or manamune. It's fun, but I still run out of mana when I do it(shift eats mana). You might get away with it and if so good for you, but I always use a lot of mana.

Shift: Shift uses a lot of mana and you are dependent on it to get away. It lets you go into placed that would be death to anyone else. Do not wast it and unless you are looking to kill someone don't use it for harass. Once you get a little higher level though with a little more mana you can use it more and more for harass but the bigger thing is not the mana it is the escape.

You can harass early on in hopes of getting a kill at 6.

In lane, use your ult to harass. This is very important in a hard lane. Your ult has a short cool down and is hard to doge. Before you fire it, move back into the fog of war so they don't see you cast it. Most of the time you also hit minions too, most of the time this is fine. You can wait tell they have pused a blob to your tower to ult to help the pushing factor but being mid its not that big of a deal. Ez's effective area without being over extended is very high due to shift.

Last note: This build is dependent on the tears being filled quickly, so fill it as fast as you can.