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League of Legends Build Guide Author th3BlackAngel

Hybrid Panth

th3BlackAngel Last updated on March 10, 2011
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Hybrid Pantheon


First off, this is my first build, and I would appreciate some feedback in order to make it better, and to make good guides in the future.

I have been using Panth for quite a while now, toggling between builds. First I tried DEWO's build, which is the basic 400+ AD build, and liked it since it was pretty easy to finish off enemies. One thing that build lacked though, is armor and health. Panth can be very fragile in team fights, and if you are targeted you are pretty much screwed with this build since it leaves you with 1999 HP and under 100 armor. After that build I tried out the Hybrid Theory build, by XLZ, another great build, this one had tons of armor and health, which was nice, but not so much damage as to finish off enemies effectively.

I decided to mess around with both of these builds and combine them to make a real Hybrid Pantheon, one that can take his toll of damage and give his share back. Its pretty effective and has worked for me every time I play as Panth.

-Good burst damage
-Good harasser early game (spear shot)
-Personal Teleport (Ultimate)

-Relatively squishy early game
-Mana hungry early game

Skills and Summoner Spells

Skill Sequence Clarification

This skill sequence might seem odd to people who play Panth often, since I don't max Spear Shot after Heartseeker Strike, but there is a pretty simple reason for this. Since this is not a full AD Pantheon, it is better to have the enemy stunned for a longer time while you hit him with Heartseeker Strike since this skill has bonus damage against champions. Therefore I level up Aegis and Spear Shot alternately to maximize damage output either by Spear Shot, or having the stun from Aegis last longer and allow Heartseeker Strike to do more damage.

Summoner Spells Clarification

There are various Summoner Spells you could choose for Pantheon. I go with Heal and Teleport.
- I choose heal because early game pantheon is prone to be targeted mainly because his burst damage and harassing abilities make him annoying in the lane. Heal allows me to recover quickly from attacks and save myself or a teammate, and keep in the lane until I get enough gold or get to level 6.

- Teleport, while not being the top choice amongst many is a very good choice. It allows you to use your ultimate on another lane, and quickly return to your own if need be. It allows you to help push or defend a turret if you don't want to waste your ultimate on a minion wave. And it allows you to gank if you have well placed wards on the brush. A great Spell for this play style.

Masteries and Runes

In progress

Core Items

Item Explanation

- The SotO is one of the most basic items for any AD champion, since it builds your attack damage per champion kill. Some say that it is not viable, and in some ocasions I have to agree. There will be times when buying SotO is not viable since you are not getting the kills, or assists, or are dying too much for it to stack decently. If this happens I would recommend that you not buy SotO and instead focus on buying two B.F. Swords, in order to gain a decent amount of AD.

- Brutalizer is exellent for Pantheon since it reduces cooldowns, increases ArP, and adds some damage. In the end, after you have bought every core item, you can choose to buy Youmumu's Ghostblade, but it is highly unlikely that the game will extend that far.

- Pretty simple, you need speed in order to keep up with your enemies, or get away from them, so for the core items I decide to get the boots that award the most movement speed while still in battle.

- Stacking up the SotO won't get you all the AD you need, so the BF Sword is there for that. Also, note that if you are not stacking enough kills with the SotO, you should buy 2 BF Swords and no SotO.

- This item is great to build mid-game, since it gives you a decent hp boost, and adds a little to your damage, but what is so good is the passive. Every physical attack (all of Pantheon's attacks) will decrease the targets movement speed for 2.5. This is great for ganking, killing an enemy that is on the run, or retrating, since you can pick your enemy at a distance with spear shot and still be able to get away.

- Pretty basic core item, gives a nice amount of armor and mr, and it's passive revives you once every five minutes, so if that one lucky guy killed you by chance, you still have him dead.

Situatonal Items

- This is always a trivial item, the boots. If the opposite team is heavy on casters, use the Mercury's Treads instead, this will boost your MR and help you escape by reducing the duration of stuns, snares, fears and such CC moves. If however they are heavy on AD champions, you will want to get the Ninja Tabi since they increase your armor and dodge.

- Not to keep pushing the subject, but if you are not stacking enough kills, this item won't be worth anything, so get a B. F. Sword instead.

- If the opposite team is heavy on casters, get Force of Nature instead, but if they have champions that rely on one powerful ability, like Karthus with Requiem or Ashe with Enchanted Crystal Arrow, you should go for Banshee's Veil which will defend you against these.

Preference Items

After you finish the core item build you might be at a crossroads on whether to buy The Blood Thirster or The Black Cleaver, for the B. F. Sword. This choice I will leave to you, since it depends on your play style. If you think you would be better off with more damage and some lifesteal, then go for The Bloodthirster. If you prefer to deal out your damage more quickly, then choose The Black Cleaver. The choice is yours.

Map Awareness and Tele-Ganking

With Pantheon you should always have good map awareness, especially after you reach level 6. With your ultimate you can gank an enemy, help a team mate who might be in trouble, and even save a turret, or push a turret. You should always be aware of what is going on in the other lanes, since this will help you get more kills. Panth's ultimate is exellent for ganking people who don't expect it. If you see an enemy trying to run back to their base and think you can calculate their path, they are pretty much screwed. I have done this a couple of times and it is great.

Along with his ultimate, I use teleport as a Summoner Spell. While most people disapprove, I believe that it helps alot, especially since you have 2 teleports basically. You can use your ulti to jump on an enemy, kill him and get enough gold to buy an item, recall back to base and teleport to a turret that needs help or to minions pushing a turret. It is also very useful when you have wards, or a Teemo on your team, since you can teleport to the ward or the mushroom's and quickly gank an enemy champion.


There is really only one person whom I give credit to, and that would be XLZ, because his guide "Hybrid Thoery" was what gave me the idea for a hybrid Panth, one that not only focuses on dealing damage, but on staying alive as well.