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Tryndamere Build Guide by deathyae

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deathyae

Hybridmere ( Restless Top/mid lanes ) s3

deathyae Last updated on December 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this build is to have a good time and frustrate attempts to kill you with ignite

I hope you enjoy the build

Tryndamere often just dying for some poison or ignite and is also a pretty weak until you reach level 6 and I thought that with some of ability power, could easily stand without return to base and received better results than I expected, so I decided to share with people that build

what remains will write in my language as it is not very well give me other languages

como decia , tryndamere es 1 personaje que tiene desventaja en solo top hasta nivel 6 , que consigues ese ultimate tan magnifico XD, ya que normalmente van personajes que desde el principio tienen mejor resolucion a niveles bajos como volibear , wukong , olaf etc , y con un poco de presion al principio , no puede hacer nada ya que no le dejan conseguir ira , y cuando la consigue es para curarse , con esta build basicamente lo que consigues es poder aguantar en calle sin necesidad de volver nunca a recuperarte en la base y poder bajarles vida a eyos , aun q eyos te bajen mas , tu te recuperas facilmente y eyos no , asi que tendran que volver a base o morir en algun momento

los hechizos de invocador son los que mas me gustan , ya que ambos valen tanto para atacar como para huir , aparte del spinning que es como otro flash , pero nunca esta de mas tenerlo ahi para matar gente bajo de su torre y salir corriendo y el cleanse es obvio para lo que vale , para poder hacer algo aparte de mirar mientras te tiran 50000 stuns en teamfight

el enemigo de tryndamere podria decirse que son los ignites y los venenos , y generalmente cualquier cosa que haga daño durante un tiempo prolongado , gracias a el poder de habilidad es bastante complicado que tryndamere muera por dichas cosas una vez tienes un minimo de poder de habilidad

pros: no necesita volver a base por sus grandes curas , que tambien le salvan de esos simpaticos que te tiran ignite cuando te kedan 2 segundos de ultimate y te estas llendo y la E hace aproximadamente 800 o 900 de daño , con lo cual tambien se puede usar para hacer daño ya que gracias a los criticos en partida avanzada tienes dicha habilidad cada 1-3 segundos , y en teamfight puedes romper mucho tirando varias ya q bajas a todos los q no lleven algo de armadura para contrarrestar el daño abrumador de un tryndamere con la mentalidad de chuck norris XDD , aparte ya que se usa para hacer daño , en la build decidi llevar el iceborn gauntlet , para realizar algo mas de daño en area y sobretodo por la relentizacion en area permanente , en teamfight si eres el focus y necesitas salir de la batalla para no morir podras volver a entrar antes de que termine teniendo toda o casi toda la vida sin necesidad de buscar subditos para curarte

contras: los ataques basicos no tienen tanto daño como los de una build normal , y no tiene lifesteal suficiente para mantenerse en la batalla todo el tiempo

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amplifying tome is necessary to start the game, is what will make you should not return to heal

the potion of healing is for contingencies that may arise before you get to level 2

Mercury's treads are the boots that I recommend, as it gives us tenacity

Guinsoo is the object that would make a difference at 9-11 once you get it drastically increases your damage and your healing

the next object will need to enhance the phantom dancer spinning slash through critical hits, along with his passive Tryndamere get a percentage of critical hit quite high

infinity edge is the object that begins to shape the power of Tryndamere, the passive of this object, inflicting 250% damage with critical attacks with the passive Tryndamere it the most important subject any of Tryndamere build a once we have this object we will kill anyone without armor items give you 3 or 4 basic attacks

hextech Gunblade is a magnificent object, you can use your ability to slow down if you have recharged the mocking shout or even to give the final blow to someone who can not reach, plus it gives you ability damage and power, you need two things with this build, theft of life that gives this item will make you kill the monsters of the jungle without losing your precious rage and counteract some of the damage of thornmail, in short, an object that we can come in handy!

iceborn gauntlet is a subject that I consider very successful in this build because it will turn back the enemies constantly gives us a bit of armor and cooling reduction along with Crit practically makes spinning slash spam do if we get something more cooldown reduction

spirit visage gives us the cooldown reduction we need to leave it at 40% with the elixir iceborn and apart also gives us some life, magic resist and increases our healing by 20%, in short, a completely necessary item in this build

Elixirs are the maximum to improve the statistics of the character, is quite noticeable benefit of taking the 2 elixirs

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summoner skills

Flash is a skill that you like ghost is both offensive and defensive, when you need to get somewhere fast to be the best choice, also to give the final blow when spinning slash is on cooldown or to get out on time after killing a champion under his tower

clease lets you move freely in a teamfight and that can be dangerous for the enemy team characters who do not get armor

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give priority to Spinning slash lane so we can push on with the damage of this ability and the enemy lose their farm or life

maximize after spinning slash, will maximize bloodlust, we can not point the ultimate second to level 13

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lose armor and magic resistance to change and enhance spinning slash and bloodlust

the Mastery are focused on keeping damage and gain all the ability power but have not change anything of defense

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these runes are losing 6.8 damage and magic resistance a bit of change but a range of bloodlust over 100 you will heal without rage

magical resistance that is lost is not necessary at low levels and high levels insufficient thus I think that wins the ability to change it if you use this build

lost 6.8 points of damage is something to consider, but the 15 points of Ability power makes you heal more 22-23 and spinning slash do 15 more damage to compensate for the absence of those 6.8 points of damage

the armor is preferable to any other statistics that give the seals, does a good job with low levels