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Tristana General Guide by Kextra

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kextra

HyperCarry ADC with TRISTANA ! 5.23

Kextra Last updated on December 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Kalista her passive doesnt bring to much to the table, just dodge her abilities and dont let her support AA you for her empowered AA
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Hey guys! my name is Kextra, i main ADC and i am currently Plat 5 on the OCE server. This will be my first guide so feedback/constructive criticism is welcomed ! :)

This guide wont be as flashy as others as i want this guide to be easily understood by all as tristana really isnt that complex when it comes to build path, abilities etc.

Im making this guide as i feel i have a good understanding about the champion and i remember first playing her thinking to myself "what is all the hype around this yordle all about?"... my judgement shortly changed as i learnt how to tame and harness her raw power !

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Abilities & Ability Synergy/Unique Skills

> Q - No mana cost? no problems!

Tristanas Q is 0 mana cost and you generally want to keep it up for when you have E available so you can hit your E as many times as possible for MAXIMUM DAMAGE.

> Knowledge of Tristanas W!

Something that you'll need to get used to on Tristana is learning to use her W in succession of gaining a kill or assist or blowing her E up on full stacks. Tristanas W resets every time you kill or gain an assist or max out your E charge on a champion. this allows you to jump around repetitively in team fights, dive champions under tower in laning phase quickly W in and W out or making daring clutch plays against champions etc.

Make sure you pay very close attention to this mechanic and where you actually jump to as it can mean the difference between a very good winning game play or a game losing play in late, but ultimately life..... and DEATH!

> E - BOOM ! Theres my reset

whether its to blow up a gang of minions or blowing up a champion, try your absolute hardest to get as many hits on your E as possible without having to over extend/die in the process as many people underestimate its power.

If W is on cooldown when you AA your E on a champion and it maxs out and blows up your W cool down is replenished.

Another thing to remember is your R adds a stack to your E so if you tower dive someone level 6 in lane a very effective combo is to E > AA > AA > R > W out (remember you can W in if you know youll blow them up and get the reset W out!)

> R - sorry... did that hurt ?

This can be used to ult away a tank running at you in a teamfight, add some extra damage to your burst, or even use it on monsters such as dragon or baron (not recommended but an option). Some uses in game are...
> ulting an enemy jungler out of baron pit if they try to steal
> adding an extra stack to your e for max burst
> Example. Ulting zed when he ults onto you to avoid his R damage


- Your ult doesnt do that much damage due to you being full ad.

- If you ult enemy champions standing right next to eachother it will ult them all away (very useful in teamfighting, not many tristanas can do this)

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> Statikk Shiv

This is a great item on tristana as it grants some great wave clear and a bit of extra damage due to the passive Shiv proc. This item syngenesis very well with the mastery Warlords Bloodlust as if you AA a wave of minions your shiv can crit enemies close by ending up in free heals which is always great ! It also has great synergy when coupled with the item Rapid Firecannon so you can get a long range crit off hassle free.

> Rapid Firecannon

This item was made for trist ! it gives her even greater siege potential on tours, long range auto for synergy with Shiv (read Statikk Shiv) and great stats to assist Tristana in obliterating her enemies ! Attack speed, critical strike and movement speed.... now for the raw AD DAMAGE !

> Dominik's Reagard over Mortal Reminder (last whisper items)

Due to Tristana being so squishy there are few champions that will have less total health making it the obvious choice to choose Domink's Regard to do....more...damage ! Most of the time you will have tanks as the frontline running at you so in team fights you'll be wanting to blow them up out of the way, jump over their dead bodies and continue your spree onto the carries if you havnt already annihilated them.

> Bloodthirster

Who needs a defensive item ? not a hypercarry ! unless you feel the need situationally ofcourse :p

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Pros / Cons


+ High damage throughout every stage of the game (as long as you arnt behind, even then you can still come back quite easily)
+ Can play many game styles such as aggressive/passive and still come out as the better adc
+ Has great escacpe/engage with use of her W
+ Farms very easily once you learn how her splash damage on her autos work + E for fast pushing waves
+ Generally safe pick due to her damage and manoeuvrability


- Her W can be flayed/hooked due to it being quite slow
- Her auto splash damage can work as a disadvantage as Trist can auto push waves without meaning it, making her more susceptible to ganks being so pushed up
- Making a bad decision on engaging with your W can lead to a painful and very salty death
- squishy

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As stated in pros and cons farming is a challenge sometimes with tristana. Freezing is harder than most champions due to the passive on her E. But if you dont want to freeze and push the lane, splash damage on her autos + her E is very effective.

In general you should be trying to lightly freeze every wave anyway instead of AA every time possible because if you do that you will just end up pushing waves leading to over extending and getting ganked. matching the pace of clearing waves as the other ADC is a good indicator of what to do also. If an opposing adc all of a sudden starts to hard freeze this can indicate he is setting up for an enemy jungler to come and gank, or if the ADC is pushing push right back as he may want to B.

try and freeze the wave in front of tower but not so that tower can attack minions. That's the safest spot and also the best spot for kill potential on your opposing laners.


split pushing is very effective with Tristana, aslong as you keep wards in the enemy jungle so you can receive the information you need to not over extend.

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Tristana is a versatile mean, lean, fighting machine ! The key to Tristana is positioning. Learn how to position as an ADC and you will climb elo ezpz (look up some pro guides on YT). Also knowing when/where to use her W is vital.

I hope this guide could help you stomp your enemies into the ground !!! GL & HF :)


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