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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Gloom Cox

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gloom Cox

I am Cho, you can not kill me

Gloom Cox Last updated on February 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This started out as a fun build and turned out to be quite viable. Aside from that, it actually is a lot of fun.

I play this build top lane, and it is interesting to see how the comments change during the game. You won't be taken serious. At first. And then they realize "omg, how do I kill this beast?".

Played right, this build is almost unkillable. It will give you OVER TEN THOUSAND health. I've been chased halfway across the map by three enemies without dying.

This is my first guide, so any helpful comments are welcome.

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Runes and Masteries

If you need explaining, you should play LoL before reading guides. Basically: Take everything that gives you more HP.

I've opted for Health Marks instead of Scaling Health Marks because they give you a better early game.

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First, you completely ignore the meta. Buy a Ruby Crystal and then rush Warmog. Ignore everything else. No potions, no boots. Buy wards as required, but other than that, just get a Warmog as quickly as you can.
Once you have your Warmog, get another Warmog. Yes, the passive is unique and doesn't add up, who cares? We aren't doing this for the passive, we are doing it because Warmog gives you the most HP bonus of any item.

After the 2nd Warmog, it depends on how the game is going:
If you have it easy and want to make a few kills, get Atma's. Once your build is full, it will give you about 150 AD, for a total of around 280 AD at level 18. Add the spikes and you are doing quite a bit of damage for a tank with absolutely no damage items, runes or masteries.

If you are barely surviving, get another Warmog.

If the squishies focus you, get a Thornmail. It returns 30% of the damage you receive. Since it takes a LOT of damage to take you down, that means you deal tons of damage just by standing there. Most enemy ADCs would waste themselves trying to kill you. It will make you really, really unpopular with the enemy.

After that, more Warmogs.

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Skill Sequence

You want some harass early, and then spikes to improve your farm. But mostly, skill as you like.

Upon hitting level 6, eat a minion immediately, and then eat whenever R comes off cooldown. You want to get your 6 stacks as quickly as possible. After dying, getting your stacks back up is your #1 priority.

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These are what will usually get you "cho, troll build?" comments early on. They will soon shut up.

Teleport is to strike fear into your enemies late game, and maximize your farm early game. You want to spend as little time away from your lane as you can, and since we are not going to buy boots => teleport.

Why Revive if you don't plan on dying? And yes, I've played games where I didn't use it even once (if you die at level 2 or so, don't waste Revive, just wait those 5 seconds).
The point is that you need to get back into play quickly, and since after dying you need to eat minions or monsters to rebuild your stacks, this helps a lot to not knock you out for 5 minutes. Also, the combination of Revive + Teleport on a feeded Cho is terrifying to your enemies. It's psychological warfare. They spend what feels like half an hour with half their team on getting down your hp, and they FINALLY get you killed. Yeah! 5 seconds later, you are back with full HP and eat their ADC. There's little that demoralizes a team more.

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Play Style

Early Game

Harass the enemy with your Rupture and farm. Don't try to get an early kill. Unless your enemy is really, really stupid, you won't, because you are not doing any damage. Just farm. Sit back and relax.
If you get ganked, stay calm, just walk back to your tower. Unless you overextended or get jumped by 3 or 4, you can easily make it before they get your health down. Don't forget to ridicule them whenever they failed yet another gank on you. But don't forget to B and come back with full health.

After Level 6

Your game begins when you hit level 6. Eat a minion right away. Your one and only priority is to get to 6 stacks as quickly as you can. This consists of two easy steps: First, eat a minion or monster whenever R comes off cooldown. If you are back at base when that happens, make a detour through the jungle to eat a wolf or whatever. And Second, do not die. Ignore the "omg cho, no help?" cries from your team mates. Not dying is your most important goal in any fight.

Late Game

You have your 6 stacks, you have a couple Warmogs, you are now the terror of the game. Lead your team into the enemy. Go the direct route. Ignore everything. Bring your ADC into range and watch him wipe out the enemy who is frantically trying to slay that huge monster that has appeared at their doorstep.

Remember that you don't have boots and you have no escape. You can not run away. What you can and should do is lead the enemy to your towers or team while they are slicing away ridiculously tiny amounts of your health bar.

You can ignore towers. You don't dive them, you just walk straight past them. That strange tickling sensation at your side, that's probably the tower shooting at you.

One of two things will happen with the enemy team at this point:
Either, they focus you because you are just damn frightening and they can't stand the shame of not being able to kill an enemy, even if they are 3:1 -- good! This is your job as the tank. Let them focus you, take it like you don't even care, and let your team mates waste them.
Or, they start to ignore you because they realize it's a waste of damage to focus you. Also good, because now you can lay down your CC with Rupture and Scream, and walk past their tanks to eat their ADC with Feast.

Either way, you win. Nom nom nom.

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This build is a ton of fun to play, and it is still very competitive. Once your hp goes off the scale, you will get a ton of interesting comments from both team mates and enemies. With not so skilled enemies, you will also get ROFL moments. Like when they tell you "damn cho. next time you die, I just bought tons of armour penetration" and you answer "I don't have any armour..."

You are a true tank with this build. Lead your team right into the teamfight. You can take so much damage, it is crazy. And you don't have to worry if it's physical or magical, if they have penetration or whatever. It's all just health in the end, and you have tons of health.

And never, ever, forget to post "nom nom nom" into the all chat after you've eaten an enemy. You are, after all, Cho'Gath.