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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Humphrey

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Humphrey

i am ironman

Humphrey Last updated on June 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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i am ironman
run from me or serve like them
*points at teemo and yi slaves*

this is my morde guide how i successfully play him and a few tips on how to wreck nubs like teemo and yi with this guide i will tell you items you should build or stay away from , the skills of morde and how to effectively use them summoner spells and more.

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always start the game with 1 health pot a ward trink and ap tome this will give u the ability power you need for your e to do damage. then when you get 1 or 2 kills and your lane is pushing moderatly well go back to base and get a revolver and if u have leftover cash start building to hextech gunblade. hextech gunblade will be your first "big boy" item why hextech gunblade? because morde doesnt use mana and spell vamp along with his passive makes it VERY useful mid-late game and the lifestal stack with your next item is great to so its double dipping in a good way. your next items are a fiendish codex and a regular boots of speed that fiendish codex is gonna eventually become nashors tooth which gives attack speed ability power and your auto attacks more damage based on your ap these 2 items should almost always be your first 2 , you will want a rabs cap but the order in which u would get it isnt always constant. if you feel your enemies are to much faster than you and you get a lot more misses with your e than ud hope for i suggest a upgraded boots b4 rabs but if you feel your keeping up well with the enemy(ies) then go for rabs first now which pair of boots you get are purely your choice if they have a lot of fed ad carry(s) then go for ninja tabi ap mercury or if u want more mdg go for the sorc shoes your 2nd to lasst item will be zhonyas or deathfire if you want more burst go deathfire but if you plan on being the initiator and the carry all in one id go for zhonyas zhonyas is also good if you need a split second for your abilities to come off cd just use it right b4 u die and by the time it wears off your abilities should be up and then use e to get your passive shield which will abosrb a couple hits from the enemy and that could change the tide of any fight the last item is purely preferance get what u think would be best for your playstyle items i reccomend are void staff the rylais crystal staff anything but mana/mana regen items those are a complete waste on morde abyssal scepter is also a good item if the enemy is building mr

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Pros / Cons

passive allows him to turn the tables on almost any 2-3 v 1 fight
q allows for 1v1 fights to swing in your favor most of the time

ap user mostly
ult can be reduced by building mr

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Unique Skills

morde is a very unique champion his ultimate lifesteals, damages instantly and over time and if the enemy dies while under the effects of ult they become your slave for a decent amount of time this slave can be very useful for clearing teemo shrooms (just keep morde a safe distance behind slave) chasing down enemy champions, + tower diving and the stronger the enemy is built the better the slave is so if your losing teamfights ask your team to focus the most fed person on thier team and try to stay up until the enemy reaches about 20-40% (depending on lvl of ult) the ult doesnt last a long time though so u gotta get them down then and there because if they get away most likely (60% of the time for me) they will have enough time and health to get to base and heal) your q and e are your bread and butter for damage poking and building up dat epix shield target as many as possible with your e (which deals damage in a small cone) and with your q if there are lots of little minions stacking up just go ahead and use it once or twice to wave clear but if its about even just use e to poke and try to bait enemies away from groups if u can successfully 1v1 an enemy ause your q it deals extra damage when there are no enemies near your target andd lastly your w i usually get it last because the magic resist and armor arnt to great and the damage isnt awesome until u have some ap built up already but im NOT saying its worthless becasue at end game fights u can throw that on you or an ally tank and just watch it shred enemy health bars every second

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summoner Spells

reccomended: flash teleport or heal
decent:barrier ghost ignite or exhaust
NOT reccomended: anything not listed above

flash- great for any point in a game where u need to go past terrain to get an enemy
teleport-great for suprise ganks and teamfights
heal- good for early game when you only have 1 health pot and mid game if every1 starts takin heavy damage

barrier-dont use much because passive shield is guud nuff for me
ignite- when paired with ult can secure a slave easier but has longer cd
exhust-great for reducing damage dealt to you by enemies if one of your allies happend to feed an adc or apc
ghost-moderate speed boost for quickly making a getaway or catching up to an enemy

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uh ohs u dont want to make

do not get mana items mana regen items or clairty morde is not a support in my opinion and he doesnt use mana
dont ult some1 at above 50% health (even at lvl 3 ult) even if your ult says it does over 50% of damage in health what it doesnt take into factor is magic resit and health regen so itd be a waste of a really good ult if u used it to early
you do not need to build to much health on morde his passive shield along with spell vamp and lifesteal from hextech should keep you alive if used correctly

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some people say morde is op , others say only brazillians are able to play him well. im amurican and i could easily 2v1 people who had 50% more kills than me it just takes a little practice and a lot of good timing , i say that not just any1 can pickup morde and play him it takes atleast a half brained person to figure out how to play morde (and youd be suprised how many people in league i consider have less than half a brain but by reading this guide youve already proven you are atleast semi competant and want to learn to play morde)