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Anivia Build Guide by ghostprotom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ghostprotom

I am stronger ~ Anivia ~ Patch 6.14

ghostprotom Last updated on July 26, 2016
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My name is Tom. i am a average League player noting special though.
The lanes i play are: Mid, Support, Jungle.
The most common champs i play on mid are: Anivia, Ahri, Lux, Kayle, Xerath, Vel Koz.
For support: Lux, Karma, Sona, Nami, Shen.
For jungle: Warwick, Vi, Fiddlesticks, Hecarim.

I hope you guys learnd from my build order!

Update Soon!

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More About Anivia

Anivia has pretty much everything in her kit. Your Q chills people and stun to.
Your W is a wall, the higher the level how bigger the wall is.
You can place a wall for defense, but also for setting up your Q stun + E combo.
Most enemies will walk just around your wall, so place your Q there and hit the stun to them + E. Your E is a icy spike you trow at them. It does some good damage, but that damage can be doubled if the enemy is frozen or chilling. Your Q and R gives enemies chilling, so use youre E only when they are frozen or have chilling effect. Your ult is a icy storm you can place on the ground. It frozen people and reduce their movement speed. With the nerf in Patch 6.9 it no longer reduce their attack speed. Also the range from your ult has nerfed, It starts with 150 range and grow into 400 after 3 seconds. With these nerfs it is harder to do your quick R + E combo. This is a very safe and also big damage combo.

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Item Choice

Its hard to say which items are the best on Anivia. My way to win the most games is AP TANK Anivia. But with some mid laners you need to buy Zhonyas Hourglass or Abyssel Scepter.
Patch 6.9 is out so that means another list with nerfs. A lot of items has been changed and there are some new items to buy. With the big nerf to Rod of Ages i still buy it. It's very important that you buy a item that does someting with mana, because it's anivia's favorite meal. You may choose for the Hextech GLP-800, it gives mana refund as well. But in my eyes Rod of Ages is still the better choice for your first item. But what if your against a Zed or Talon? Well, buy as soon as possible Zhonyas Hourglass. Those champs are hard to beat as anivia, because you dont have good movement speed or escapes. I have to say that there are 2 diffrent Zed players. Good one's and bad one's. When i have a average Zed player against me i dont have to buy zhonyas. I dodge most attacks and will counter back with R + E.

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When your around lv 6 and have 1/5 HP you may go back to the shop, but when your enemy has around 1/2 or less HP then bait under you turrent. A Zed will Ult you under the turrent and when he comes out near to you, be ready to do your R + E combo. Be sure to have enough mana for it. He just wont kill you because your egg is so strong early game. So just do it!