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Humor Guide by Maxeem

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maxeem

I Just Have An Idea, But its sorta stupid tho. Turret Death!

Maxeem Last updated on May 10, 2012
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So I was bored today, so I thought up with a wild and outrageous idea. This is my FIRST guide. Note that these are NOT SERIOUS builds. You're probably before you clicked on this "this is so stupid, im just gonna downvote this". Well thats your choice, this DOES sound stupid, but imo I think this might be funny.

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1.) You must charge up to the enemy turret.
2.) You can only hit minions close to you if your hitting the turret.(sorry for the bad quality, I suck with these things and yes i used SNIPPING TOOL, fail eh?)
3.) You have to go to correct lanes (2 top 1 mid 2 bot)
4.) No jungling
5.) You cannot get Fortify
6.) Once 6 turrets are killed regardless of lanes, its game.
7.) You can only land spells that don't do damage to enemy champions.

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Why should we get SURGE and HEAL

You probably noticed by now, but Surge is only because:

1.) It gives GREAT attack speed

2.) None of the other spells are necessary

And Heal lets you attack turret longer, although and is good after buff

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So theres a Alistar on top/bot, and a Poppy on the other lane. Mid is basically a suicide tank
and a DPS is with Ali and another DPS is with Poppy. Basically you just charge in turret range, kill MINIONS BY THE TURRET, get to lvl 6, than let Poppy or Ali tank the turret (ulti) Please Note that you will NOT get most of the items even by end game.

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You don't really need runes, because they cost alot and its not worth wasting on a funny gameplay, save them for real games. But if you REALLY want them, there right here. The only reason why Glyphs are secondary are because mana is barely used here.

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Poppy: IMMUNITY ult does not do dmg unless you attack. So it is aloud and you can pass a champ and ult them and then kill tower. However, Alistar is still a better champ at this mode.

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Beast Tank- Needs Ultimate-Well Farmed and can tank without Ultimate=WIN

Alistar basically early game can't do anything, so i get Madred's Razors for FARMING help, making him beast with armor, health, and AP (AP for tower-killing passive) Since Alistar's passive is +10% AP, giving alistar 37 MD on his passive (at lvl 18). You may think "This is stupid only 37" but think about it, even if the turret has about 50% reduced MD, thats 18.5 PER SECOND.

Items you may want:
Kage's Lucky Pick- This is a GOLD PICK 1 gold in 2 seconds is good especially since it stacks with Heart of Gold, making it 1 gold per second. Whats holding me back is you need ALOT of AP and Armor/Health early game, and Kage's (GOLD)Lucky Pick still costs about 800, and thats alot when you can only get minion kills close to the enemy tower.
Warmog's Armor- Becuase of your crazy passive, Triumphant Roar isn't enough, so you need to use Pulverize, which could get you some minion kills with that AP. Whats really holding me back here is, just like Kage's (GOLD) Pick, you need the money, and 3000 is heck alot of gold.

Here is my favorite part: THE GAMEPLAY!

For Alistar, as soon as you get your ultimate (Level 6), you can tank some revenge. After receiving the first hit from the turret, use Triumphant Roar and attack the turret with your ultimate, make sure to have an ally by you, then when your passive wears away, use Pulverize. You should be able to at least kill 1/5 of the turret if you have an ally DPS helping you. Alistar's ultimate has a SUPER LOW COOLDOWN (about 60-80 seconds) so in about 5-10 minutes after reaching level 6, the first turret is dead.

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Jax Needs His Ultimate Bad!

Basically all his skills can be used for farming, but when you wanna kill the turret (Poppy or Ali have Ultimate ready) his Ultimate owns the **** outta the turret (extra attack speed)

Items you may want:
Guinsoo's Rageblade-excellent stacks even on turrets. Whats holding me back is that its AP mostly too.

Leap Strike>Minion
Counter Attack> Mobbing on minions

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Amunu: Amunu is one of the mid suicide people. With no good skill in this mode, he is just naturally tanky and can keep pumping away on the turret, die, come back, pump away again.

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Caitlyn: Cait goes good with the tanks like Alistar and Poppy. While they tank, you shoot the turret for good dmg.

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AP Ali? C'mon this is killing turrets, Tiamat Poppy? Why do I need SPLASH

1.)Well alistar's passive is the only reason why i choose AP items his passive is ownage against turrets.

2.) Tiamat is only for farming, poppy relies on lvls (ulti)

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So basically this is it: this outrageous idea, right in this: my first guide - a HUMOR guide. I'll be updating this, thanks for reading my first guide: a humor one lol.

Update: Added Amunu, sorry i forgot about him XD
Update: Woops i changed the conclusion, oh well. Added runes for Jax, also changed the Chapter Title for Poppy's Tiamat
Update: *NEW* Each champion items and gameplays will be discribed, Poppy, Cait, and Amunu are still in construction.
Update: Woah Woah Woah how could I forget CAITs runes-added.


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