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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SawyerHawk

I'm a Jarvan mah lazor!

SawyerHawk Last updated on June 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is for a tank dps Jarvan IV. The reason I decided to make his build this way is because as a tank you need a reason for the other team to attack you over the vulnerable casters and you need to be able to take it.

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Pros / Cons

Good attack speed
Lots of health
Health regen

You are not the main dps
Difficult early game

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Passive: 10% of the enemies health is turned into attack damage on first strike. Note that it is CURRENT HEALTH not max health. It is also not true damage so don't expect it to be the only attack that you need. The trick for Martial Cadence is to spread the pain in the beginning of every fight.

Extends Jarvan's spear doing damage and making the targets more vulnerable to Jarvan's attacks. This is also has a cool effect with the Damacian Standard that will be described later. Dragon strike is a good harass and should be maxed out as soon as possible seeing how it is Jarvan's main damage causing ability.

Throws a flag to a designated spot causing AoE damage and giving all surrounding allies additional attack speed and armor. While the flag is not being thrown like around Jarvan keeps the attack speed and armor for himself.(selfish prick) The flag gives your team vision so you don't have to face check those scary bushes.(Main reason I grab this for my first ability over Dragon Strike) The real power of this ability is when it is cast with Dragon strike. If you aim dragon strike at the flag it pulls Jarvin to the flag knocking all foes in your path into the air. This makes it a good way to begin a fight, get in range to strike a shy foe, and allows Jarvan to go through walls.(very handy when you are losing the fight) This ability is cheap in cost so there is no reason that this is not present for every fight. This should be used to destroy turrets.

This does two things. The most important is that it acts as a area of effect slow. Mind you not a very good slow but still a slow. The other is it gives you a shield to absorb physical damage. I have found that Golden Aegis is best used right after pulling yourself through the enemy team thus slowing them all and giving you a light bonus of health. While this is handy the cool down and cost of mana makes this spell rather difficult to use.

Jarvan leaps to a enemy champion dealing damage and surrounding him(you and anyone else nearby) in a ring of honor. The main flaw or godsend is that other abilities can be used to escape the ring. Flash trashes Cataclysm and champions such as Kassadin can warp in and out of the ring. This also means you can use Dragon Strike and Demacian Standard to escape(or return to) the ring. Nothing is more humiliating than Lee Sin kicking you out of your own ring. This ult is best used to trap fleeing foes or trap foes attempting to chase your wounded team.(If you are generous or can't escape the ring with your flag sacrificing yourself for your team is a potentially beneficial) Panicked opponents trying to flee the ring often just run into the wall and allow you to beat them to death.(Mainly just bad players do this) The ring does not keep out incoming attacks meaning turret shots and ranged team mates can join the battle. Making it very convenient to jump foes near friendly turrets. This should also warn you not to jump someone near a group of ranged champions. In otherwords jumping ranged foes good, jumping melee foes less good.

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Summoner Spells

I choose ignite and heal.
why? cause ignite deals good damage and kills champions who otherwise can heal or run through turrets to survive.

Heal is just good. keeps you from having to return to base or turns a close battle in your favor.

Other good summoner spells are flash, ghost, exhaust, cleanse and teleport.
flash for escape or pursuit.
same for exhaust and ghost and cleanse.
Teleport is nice for moving about the map quickly.

Smite is ok if you are jungling.
all other spells are just bad for Jarvan.

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Items make or break all characters but also let you play how you want to. For instance I like to play tank with enough damage and life steal to stay at max health throughout the whole fight. wriggles makes you a minion killing machine and warmogs gives you a ton of health.(literally your character gains weight)

I start the game with either regrowth pendant or vampiric scepter. These give you the ability to stay in lane. If the other team is ranged take the pendant but if they are melee take the scepter.

your next item should be boots of some sort. Honestly there are no bad boots. So buy boots based on what the enemy team is made of. If they have alot of cc or casters take mercury treads. If not my recommendation is berserker greaves. Speed boots are good if you like being able to chase down weak foes as well as ninja boots are good if you have a lot of dodge runes.

After boots finish either wriggles lantern or warmogs depending on your first buy. both those will help you stay alive. After finishing that buy either warmogs or wriggles. You want both not doubles. These are essential for staying alive and earning gold through minions. Or if you dislike Wriggles get Stark's Fervor. This is better if you don't need free wards.

Next find an item that gives you attack speed. I like divine sword simply cause it gives you the most attack speed and is rather cheap. But if you have the gold get better items such as phantom dancer.

After attack speed get a damage item. This item MUST HAVE a B.F. sword. doesn't matter which one but you need the damage.(Madred's and atma's are exceptions but I never cared for either one)

For your last item either get something with more life steal or an armor of some kind. Force of nature, blood thirster, thornmail, banshee's veil, frozen heart or guardian angel should be your last item. This should be decided by what their main dps is so you can counter him.

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Runes are a personal preference. Use runes that benefit your play style. I showed my preference up top and you are free to copy it if you so desire.

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Thank you

Thank you for reading my build I please comment and give feed back.