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Rakan Build Guide by acidcat

[In-Depht] CDR Rakan. The best way to build RAKAN.

[In-Depht] CDR Rakan. The best way to build RAKAN.

Updated on July 16, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author acidcat Build Guide By acidcat 7,618 Views 0 Comments
7,618 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author acidcat Rakan Build Guide By acidcat Updated on July 16, 2017
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Hello, my name is Acidcat and im a Support main from Gold:

Support role is more important than ever in this Season 7, specially because of the need of peeling in teamfight. This is why Rakan came to save your carry from massive damage, offering tons of peeling and CC.
This guide is oriented to NEW RAKAN PLAYERS, who are confuse because of the great diversity of rakan builds. So heres my version of Rakan, the one that have given me the best results by far.
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Why CDR Rakan?

Why this name?

Really simple, you have to get the CDR cap as soon as possible, this way you will compensate the lack of ap ratios and will turn you into a monster in mid/late game.
CDR rakan focus in spamming its abilities + being tanky enough to not die while u dance around the battlefield. this build lacks of damage, but excels in peeling and disrupting in teamfight (Rakan's main goal).
Many Rakan players prefer to build him with some ap and dmg, but thats not real Rakan's potential, its your team who has to deal dmg, not you.
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Pros and Cons.


Best mobility in a support
One of the best mobilities in the game
Only support with a real scape
Great potential with Xayah
Roam potential


Total lack of dmg

Team dependent

TERRIBLE CHAMPION vs fed teams (get 1shot)

Only achieves its full potential with xayah

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Key masteries:
Dangerous Game to get some extra durability.
Meditation to get extra mana regen.
Runic Armor as it improves the healing from heals/regens and the shield from your Fey Feathers.
Insight is great if you build Ionian Boots of Lucidity to get a great -25% cdr in your summs.
Swiftness gives you extra tenacity.
Courage of the Colossus is the KEY MASTERY for our friend Rakan
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Summoner spells.

First of all we should take a look at stats, and we can see how tied this summoner's are, but in my opinion Ignite is the OPTIMAL choice as it covers the total lack of damage that rakan has in laning phase. Exhaust just makes your peel better, but i prefer a more solid laning phase in this early game meta.


The best option for Rakan, it gives extra damage to your poor laning phase and helps you and your adc to snowball. In late game use it to cancel to add extra damage to your ADC's target.


Exhaust is good in Rakan, but its only a better choice if enemy team has a dangerous assasin that can oneshot your adc easily, as Zed, Katarina, Talon.
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Fleet Footwork
Dark Harvest
Phase Rush

This runes are based in 2 features. Extra Tankyness & 10% CDR.
Building this way you wont have to build Ionian Boots of Lucidity as a must, so you can pick more flexible boots.
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Early items

eye of the oasis is the first item you should build. Every stat this item gives to you is amazing. Regens/10% CDR/QUEST/A lot of extra gold/200 hp...
Mobility Boots This is the main reason why i build 10% CDR runes. This boots give you a lot of map presence along the game so they are a NEED, but that cdr is a need too, so you can have Ionian Boots of Lucidity 10%cdr and the extra mobility with this boots+runes.

Censer or Redemption? Choose one as 3rd item

Ardent Censer is a GREAT option, every stat it gives is USEFUL. Extra ap/movespeed/cdr/extra shielding. Pick censer if you are ahead or if you have an hypercarry in the team like Kog'Maw Xayah Jinx Twitch.
Redemption is the other option you have, its passive is really useful and the stats it gives make you tankier. Pick redemption if you are behind.

Solari is always your 4th item?

Locket of the Iron Solari is a MUST for rakan, but it doesent give CDR so you shouldnt rush it in early game with Rakan. After you build this item BUILD Redemption if you picked Ardent Censer or reverse if you picked Ardent Censer first.

Finishing the build

I dont use to finish the build everytime i play rakan, but if you do, you should always end the build with a Knight's Vow for its final CDR addition + Tankyness + Active.
If the enemy team has hard CC pick Mikael's Blessing.


Your final build should be something like this:

eye of the oasis

eye of the oasis
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Game Phases.

Early game

In Early game Your main goal is to make your adc survive and not feed. As Rakan has a pretty bad early game you can only make the lane snowball by making your jungler ganks a lot easier thanks to your shields/cc/ignite.
In early game you should go for a fast Sightstone and Mobility Boots to be able to roam, ward and if you can... Get some ganks to the midlane.
Remember to be careful in early game as Rakan is extremelly bad vs FED TEAMS.

Duels in lane:
In case of a Duel in the botlane (2v2) your main goal is keeping the adc alive by blocking all the dmg you can with your shields and cc. Ignite is your only dmg tool, so use it wisely to fk up enemies' heal. Dont forget to use the double E shield propperly, you use it once... wait till it is totally broken by enemies and then use it again. Always act as a peeler, so dont use your W or ult to initiate, use it to PEEL (protecting Carries).
Use Locket of the Iron Solari when you are being attacked with an AOE like death's blossom.

Taking objectives:

-While taking Baron nashor Elder dragon you must do this:

-Ward the wall behind them

-Put a Control Ward in the zone

-Break all ward they have in the zone

-Start it

-Shield and heal the champions that are tanking it

-Save Your W and Ultimate to jump instantly when enemies try to steal nashor/drake.
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Rakan combos

E+Q Combo


W + E Combo


Try to dominate this 2 combos and create extra ones by them.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author acidcat
acidcat Rakan Guide
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[In-Depht] CDR Rakan. The best way to build RAKAN.

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