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Lucian Build Guide by Carriebaby

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Carriebaby

In-Depth Lucian guide (Patch 4.12)

Carriebaby Last updated on July 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Varus Varus has no mobility, eats Lucian's abilities and poke
Caitlyn Caitlyn will try to stay back and poke you down and you can easily go in and get damage off without her retaliating
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Hello and welcome to my Lucian guide. I main ADC and am currently climbing through the ranks effortlessly with Lucian. He can dominate bot lane with ease.

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Pros and Cons

Lucian is one of the "ADC God's" the other three being Sivir, Draven and last but not least Jinx. Sivir's team fight initiate with her ultimate, Jinx's massive waveclear and Draven's massive damage ultimate. Lucian has amazing wave clear, tower siege, single-target burst and the magnificent ultimate.

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The masteries mainly focus on the best damage output with a helpful 9 defense. Sorcery can be swapped for furry based on your personal preference.

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These are the standard runes for ADC, a nice amount of AD with necessary armour and MR runes. You can take three lifesteal quints against a high harass lanes in which the lifesteal is a big help.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is necessary in every lane
Heal and barrier are both great and are currently the most common used spells for botlane, other then flash.
Ignite is usually something for the supports but some ADC's use it. Its for people who are gunning for the kills no matter what and need that extra damage to help them out.
Exhaust is another one of those ignite kind of spells, except without the damage its slowing capability can be used to secure kills. Same as the ignite.

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Ability Tips and Tricks

Your passive helps you with winning almost any trade. It when killing a enemy or even a minion with just one of the passive shots it will target the lowest health minion. So you can use it to secure kills and even the cs.

Your q is a great ability. You can use it on minions and shoot it through and hit a champion.
It can be dodged so i suggest you use it when your opponent is immobile or trying to farm. Positioning is everything, you can hit multiple enemies at once on the right angle.

Your w explodes into a cross pattern allowing you to attack multiple people/minions at once. You can use it to disengage due to its speed buff. and it uses ability power so you can use it on people with low MR very effectively.

Your e removes slow debuffs such as exhaust. It is applied on cast so you must use it after the slow is on you. You can go through small walls

Your ultimate can be combined with your e and dash while using it, another hard disengage. You can activate the ability againt to stop it, any cc will stop your ultimate. Flash and ghost can be used while using your ultimate. It has great wave clear if you are trying to push the enemies off your turret.

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Skill Sequence

Your Q is really all of you necessary to max first gives you great damage output, a MUST MAX FIRST ability.

Your W is most likely going to maxed second unless you are against a high mobility team in which you need to max your E second. Your W has great damage output when maxed.

Your E will almost always be maxed last, it does not do any damage BUT it does pop off your passive.

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Skill Combos

Q + Passive for harass
W + Passive for harass/chase
E + Passive for harass
E + Ultimate for retreat/chase
E + Q + Ultimate for finishing kills
E + W + Ultimate for finishing kills
E + Q + W + Ultimate for finishing
E + W + Q + Ultimate for finishing
You can add your passive in between any of these if you are in range and have enough time to finish the combo after.

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Item Explanations

Your starter items are just main ADC starters can be swapped for long sword and extra pots. You can swap out essence reaver for Bloodthirster if you want more lifesteal/need the shield for a very harassy lane. Phantom dancer can be swapped for Trinity force if you ahead in lane, i highly recommend you get the Triforce instead if you are ahead. It has the crit and attack speed but also gives you more damage AND movement speed.

Defensive items, GA is the most common defensive item but can be swapped out for any armour or magic resist items if you are vsing a high AP or high AD champions. Warmogs can be picked up if you have no problem against the other team and can just sustain in teamfights longer.

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Lucian is not as strong early game until he gets his B.F sword, after that he is a big threat and with the right engage he can easily take home any fight and win. In most aspects Lucian is a high threat bot lane but can be shut down by some champs/camping jungler. Lucian matched up with the right support can be amazing. Supports with stuns and slows are ideal for a Lucian so he can get off as much abilities as possible when in lane.

If you are ahead in the mid game you can gank lanes and try to get your laners kills and get them back on track if they are behind, but if you die do not gank again as you are not helping and can make things worse for yourself and your team, if you can not successfully help your team with ganks you can have them splitpush a lane and try to get objectives and farm to help them try to get back on track

Late game should be easy if you have followed the steps above but if you are finding late game hard and your team just cant finish or push down objectives you need to either group mid and push as a team, 4 man group and have a good splitpusher try to take another turret while you distract. Or you can even try to bait a baron and steal it or hard initiate when they are mid to 3/4 way through the baron so they have taken some damage and wasted mana and abilites on the baron.

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Team-fighting with Lucian is fairly simple spam your ability combos mixed with your passive on their adc or apc NOT THE TANK. Do not waste your E unless you are obviously winning the teamfight and have no chance to lose it.

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Support Synergy

Thresh and Braum are Lucian's strongest synergies because thresh hook can let you put out massive damage while they are immobile his ultimate is even more damage and without a doubt can help you escape with his lantern. Braum is another very helpful support when it comes to lucian because you can quickly stack his passive and stun the enemy and you can also easily deal massive amounts of damage between your and Braum's abilities. You and braum can win almost any matchup with your all in at lvl 6

Leona and Nami are also fairly strong synergy because leona can stun the zenith blade to a stun and your burst damage will be immense. Leona's ultimate is another strong lvl 6 all in. Nami is also a fairly well synergy because her aqua prision can allow you to use all of your abilites safetly for crazy damage. Her Ebb and flow can help your sustain her tidal wave can help for a disengage on top of your ultimate and her surging tides help for mobility.

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I am not responsible for any lost games based on this guide, i'm just giving out helpful information and you can do with it what you want.

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I give immense credit to natedog13 ( his lucian guide greatly helped me in the process of making mine, with slight changes of course. You inspired me to make a guide myself. Cheers mate.