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Thresh Build Guide by cyborgsheepy

Into the fray - AD Thresh

Into the fray - AD Thresh

Updated on July 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cyborgsheepy Build Guide By cyborgsheepy 1,888 Views 0 Comments
1,888 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cyborgsheepy Thresh Build Guide By cyborgsheepy Updated on July 21, 2013
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Intro (Rant)

Most people think as thresh as a great support, but when i first got thresh i was a rubbish support. I was going to refund, but decided to try once more, but was forced to play top and decided to play AD, he worked real well and now i main him crushing all in my path.
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Pros and Cons

    High first hit damage

    Hard for enemies to escape

    Good Even if you feed

    Good CC

    Your own team will rage cause thresh is a support

    If you call top people may force you to go bot support (If this happens take all the farm and become an ADC, this build will work).

    Hard to play properly

    High cool down
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Pull -> Box -> flay enemy into a side of box (preferably behind you) -> auto attack

Box -> Pull into box wall -> auto attack -> flay (THIS IS HARD, UNTIL YOU ARE USED TO HIS PULL AND BOX DON'T DO IT).
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Abilities and items explained

    His statikk shiv gives thresh attack speed and crit, and it maximizes his first hit
    All other items are self explanatory

    Death Sentence- Its a pull so its good, it can be used as an escape (pulling yourself over the wraith camp).

    Lantern- Can save people, And can collect souls

    Flay- its active is good CC, but its passive is why thresh is a viable AD top laner. ITS FANTASIC
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Hard enemies

Caitlyn - She out ranges you with auto attacks and abilities, nuff said

Maokai - His exploding trees have such a long range and will annoy the **** out of you

Amumu - HE DONT DIE, his AOE damage makes all of your abilities seem bad when you are taking more damge than him

Mundo - He also dont die, and his cleaver is so annoying

Master Yi - His Ult makes him immune to CC, NUFF SAID.

Jax - this Pedo will jump on you out of bushed and will always dodge your first burst

Pantheon - His shield will dodge your first burst and his Ult will always annoy you, and his spears are so annoying.

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Easy enemies

Teemo - His can be the biggest *** but your cc makes sure he will die, and he is so squishy

Volibear - if left alone he can be so hard to kill, however in early game thresh will destroy him

Any ADC and other squishys
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What not to do.

Dont die

Dont feed

Dont roam too much it seems god when you get heaps of kill but when your level 15 and you have 2 souls your screwed. you wont have the first burst you should have.

Dont waste a box, use if you are gonna get a kill or escape certain death.

Dont pull your self towards someone under turret unless you are gonna get the kill

Dont try to be as good as me at AD top thresh.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cyborgsheepy
cyborgsheepy Thresh Guide
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Into the fray - AD Thresh

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