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Irelia Build Guide by MikaeraKun

Top Irelia S11 Top/Mid Guide [11.6]

By MikaeraKun | Updated on March 20, 2021
47 Votes
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HallowSss (1) | February 9, 2021 8:36am
about to play my first irelia game, thanks for the guide! i expect to lose but i'm gonna play like i know i can win
HiImIreliaFanGirl | January 13, 2021 6:44pm
This guide is very misleading. Irelia does not have a powerspike mid-late game. Also, building trinity or goredrinker first is terrible. I do not recommend this guide to all Irelia players
SaltCat (17) | December 7, 2020 11:40pm
Not sure about the runes, i mean domination second is a an option, but there are other options as well,also you say take press the attack vs hp stackers and tanks, but the funny thing is you take press the attack only vs squishy champions, and conqueror vs tanks ;D
MikaeraKun (2) | December 8, 2020 5:52am
Conqueror vs tanks go as well, but pta against squishy is same as taking mr against full ad team. I respect your opinion though ;)
SaltCat (17) | December 8, 2020 6:05am
Well thank you but you are completly wrong about pta ;D if every one is saying that pta works only vs squishy comps, why are you coming now and say that it works vs tanks lmao !
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Irelia S11 Top/Mid Guide [11.6]

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