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League of Legends Build Guide Author miauen

Irelia: The Hybrid Killer

miauen Last updated on March 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first Irelia build, so I am definitely open to critiques (please don't down vote until giving me constructive criticism to make it better.) I focused her as an ability power/attack damage hybrid. I play her hybrid and she is a great asset to her team.

Irelia was the first champion I bought because I just thought she sounded so versatile, and she is. The hybrid build on her takes advantage of this great champions skills and emphasizes them through her runes, masteries, items, and runes.

If there is anything here that you feel could be better if altered, please explain what and why, and I will consider it and change accordingly.

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Runes- For my runes I focused on dodge, health regen, mana regen, and armor/magic pen so she has more survivability as well as a being a bit more offensive. Getting more offensive while having a fair defense makes it easier to take risks and gain money/kills/etc by doing so.

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For masteries, I have 21-9-0 because I want a killer irelia who can sustain a fair amount of damage. As I said, I like playing her more aggressively when I can, and my masteries allow me to do so.

A 9-21-0 option would work fairly well because she would have more survivability, but I build her with enough health in her items and runes that she won't need the 21 in defense, and I just prefer her to be more deadly.

A 9-0-21 or 0-9-21 option is possible, but unnecessary because of her items and runes. She has enough cooldown reduction that she doesn't need more, and she is built better with higher offense/defense.

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Summoner Spells

I choose Ignite because it is good for conservative runners when I know my ult can't do the whole job as well as a first blood.

I use Ghost as well because I do build her to be able to take risks, and this way if it goes bad I have an escape as well as being able to chase down enemies.

Other Summoner Spells to Consider:
I believe Flash will also work, but I choose Ghost over Flash because I don't get my tier 2 boots right away, and if the champion is faster than me and needs more than one hit to finish, flash may not always work. Also, Bladesurge will get me a decent flash in a battle.

You may also consider switching Ghost for Teleport depending on your preference. I find Ghost more effective because it allows you to chase enemy champions down when necessary.

- Irelia's Hiten Style already gives her a heal.

- With her item build, she gets enough mana.

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I built Irelia so that she could have awesome AP/AD, movement, cooldown reduction, and overall be able to take on a good array of champions. I picked them in this order for her to get the mana regen and health she needs to survive early from Meki Pendent and a Health Crystal as well as getting her ability power started quickly. This will make her more of a challenge early/mid game and get a lot of kills and assists early when they can completely change the game. Also, she needs to get the mana regen before having Ionian Boots of Lucidity, so she can have the mana to use her skills more often and survive a fight.

I would also consider switching out Hextech Gunblade and Infinity Edge out late game if there are other items necessary for specific enemy champs, but I would be sure to get something to provide a fair amount of AD, such as a The Bloodthirster or switch in Trinity Force.

You really want the AP for her Equilibrium Strike and her ult, and you want the AD for Bladesurge as well.

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Skill Sequence

I get Equilibrium Strike first because it has a fair damage output so get first blood when your team focuses, but I definitely get Bladesurge second for farming. Standing behind minions keep last hitting with Bladesurge, so you're getting gold for your build (she needs it!) and you get experience. Also this is a great harasser on enemy champs, just Bladesurge up to them, Equilibrium Strike and run. They'll have to use their health potions up and once they do, you and your teammates can kill them quickly. If they're conservative about their health, they'll go heal, but you'll still be leveling giving you an advantage.

I would also consider getting either Equilibrium Strike or Bladesurge at level 1, the other at level 2, then getting Hiten Style at level 3. Then maxing out Equilibrium Strike, Bladesurge, and of course Transcendent Blades as much as possible then maxing Hiten Style afterward. Her Hiten Style gives her more survivability as she can heal when farming, but I find the other 2 moves much more important because she would struggle maxing Hiten Style first.

One this to definitely keep in mind is her great escape. Her ult can shoot based on where your mouse is without having her stop at all. If someone is trying to last hit you, using this can usually scare them in the other direction before they will hurt you. It is also a great combo with Ghost.

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Overall, I feel this Irelia build is great for this hybrid champ. It allows you to play offensively, and you can still defend easily when necessary. She can really give her teammates an edge in fights as well.

Again, please let me know what your opinions on this guide are, and give me advice for any changes.