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Irelia Build Guide by sk0v

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sk0v

Irelia - The Queen of Top

sk0v Last updated on January 26, 2013
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Tanky dps

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At first i want to introduce myself. I'm a guy from Denmark, and i'm kinda experienced with League of Legends. I've been playing this game since season 1, and also i find my self as a pretty good player.

.This is no "In-Depth guide, so i will only be explaining the basics about Irelia, and i will shortly explain my choises of runes,masteries and items aswell, as the reason why i pick my skills, as i do. :)

I will be updating this guide along with nerfs/buffs, new champions and items.

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Pros / Cons


High damage output
Very tanky
Good farming abilities
Hard to counter


Low damage output earlygame
Depends alot on items
Little cc
Depends on CS and kills

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Build 1 under this line

Boots + 3 Pots - I pick boots to have a bigger chance of escaping ganks, without having to waste flash!
Wit's End - Gives alot of extra damage early, and prevent damage against AP Abilities
Triity Force - Adds alot of damage, as this item scales with all of her abilities
Randuin's Omen - Great vs AD Carry's and adds alot of tankyness
Warmog's Armor - Adds alot of tankyness, and adds surstain
Maw of Malmortius - Gives some extra tankyness+damage

I start of with the tier 1 boots and health pots, because the movement speed is very important when getting ganked, as it allows you to back out faster, and get under the tower for cover, when you spot the enemy jungler with your WARDS! Always have a Vision Ward in the bush, as it allows you to avoid enemy ganks, and it makes it easier for your teams jungler to gank the lane, as you obviously can clear the enemy ward. Later you are gonna wanna upgrade these so either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's treads depending on your opponents.

The next item i buy is Wit's End. I realy like this item, because it improves your damage alot, because of the extra magic damage on each hit, and with your Hiten Style active, you will also be dealing more true damage, as you can do basic attacks more often, because of the attack speed, aswell as the enemy. Alot of Top Champions have abilities that scale with AP, and as Wit's End gives you magic resist, you obviously take less damage from the enemy player. If your enemy player does'nt have any AP abilities, you will want to build your Trinity Force to start of with.

Trinity Force is Irelia's core item. This item gives her so much extra damage, with the AS, AP and AD. This is because of Irelia's spells are all scaling with both AP and AD, and the AS is allowing her to hit more times with her Hiten Style active, regenerating health and burning down tanky enemies with true damage. AP Is scaling wer her Q, making it easier to last hit creeps, and AD is scaling with E,R and basic attacks. The unique passive is also very usefull when playing Irelia, as her ult has 4 charges, and you can do a basic attack in between every single one of the charges. Also Irelia can use her Q again if she lasthits an enemy champion or creep.

Next item is Randuin's Omen, which i buy to get a little more tanky, and reduce the damage of enemies, by making them attack more slowly. This is very effective, and will allow you to burn down down the AD Carry faster, as it kinda disables his lifesteal, and this will basicly lower the damage output, from any enemy apart from enemy AP Carry.

The Warmog's Armor basicly improves your "Tankyness" alot, as it will take alot of time to burn you down, because of your health and high amounts of armor and magig resist at this time. With your ultimate and Hiten Style healing you, it will be pretty much impossible to kill you.

Maw of Malmortius is just a super late game item, adding both damage and more magic resist, and gives you a shield when getting low on health. This is very usefull in teamfights, and if you engange the fight, enemy AP Carry will often focus his spells on you, and your team will be able to burn him down fast, and decrease enemy teams damage output.

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Skill Sequence

I start with maxing Hiten Style, as this is your main surstain ability, because of the HP

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Team Work

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Ranked Play