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Irelia Build Guide by GRkiller222

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GRkiller222

Irelia, the unbeatable solo top

GRkiller222 Last updated on October 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So, let's talk about Irelia a little bit. She's an all-around champ with her abilities stacking with AD ratio most of the times. She is one of the best solo top champs with a top-class skill set. Let me tell you now that my english is not very good at all but i believe it's worth spending some time reading my guide ^^.

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You may wonder "is this guy mad or sth ? why use AS runes and even worse gold/sec ?". Well, this build needs gold. Every Irelia needs gold. And she will take this gold from CS (we will talk about this later), gold/sec items/runes and from the many kills and assists you will pick. I hope i responded well about the gold/sec runes. Now i will explain why i chose AS runes. Hiten Style. It is Irelia's strongest skill, even more than her ulti. That's why we upgrade it first and that's why this build focuses more on AS. A well-played Irelia needs to be unleashed by activating her W ( Hiten Style). We need her W to be used as many times as possible within these precious 6 seconds.

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Masteries unlike Runes are simplier. The mostly picked Masteries are in offense with some supportive laning defense Masteries. Life Steal with extra Health and Health Regeneration will keep you strong in the lane giving you the sustain while the Attack Damage Masteries will give you the edge and burst over your opponent. Although, the Armor Penetration won't be needed much due to our W we still need it for some additional dmg since we won't buy neither nor .

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Well we have a lot of things to analyze in this section. First of all, since i mentioned earlier, gold is essential to Irelia because of this particular build. This means that we get gold everywhay possible (even by ksing sometimes :D).
Every minion wave has 3 fighter minions and 3 caster minions. in the beginning, they are almost equal in their stats. Later on caster minions dont build up any armor or MR so they are easier to kill. Forgot to mention 2 things: Every 2 waves (i think) an extra minion stronger than every other minion joins the wave for some extra gold. And no.2 the fighter minions give more gold than the caster minions.
That's everything on minions.
About farming now. Irelia was made to farm, it's her advantage and most precious key she has to succes and be the ruler of the game. Her Bladesurge is to make sure that you get the lasthits you need or can't reach while using your ulti to farm gives you more than you can even imagine. It restores some of your Health, it helps you push the lane faster and gives you, most of the times if used properly, the entire minion wave (approximately 100 gold). Don't hesitate use your ulti on minions. Many people do it and they haven't regreted. Ulti also has a very short CD so don't worry about it. Sth more about your Q. Until you first head back to your base and pick philosopher stone try not to overuse it or you will soon be out of mana. Once you got your philosopher stone let the farming begin.

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We said it before i will however say it again. Irelia NEEDS GOLD. So, more creeps-->more gold-->faster build-->advantage-->kills-->win. Simple, isn't it ? You gotta trust me on this one. ABOUT 20 CS IS A KILL (3-4 minion waves)!!! With exception to your first recall you won't return to base unless you have 50 CS, then 100, and lastly 150. After that comes mid game when you start gathering in mid lane and the actual game starts and bla bla bla (will explain later). If you could achieve more CS than that, DO IT !! It will make you stronger mid game and that's where the game is all about. Let's hope you get a couple of kills or assists as well until mid game so that you are able to finish your Trinity Force. Almost in every game of mine i end with 200-250 minimum. CS are important in ranked games and in classic ones. CS are the kills you may not earn in the beginning so don't forget to farm. We have explained how to farm just above so start farming from the 2nd minute.

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Skill Sequence

I wanted to make a complete guide but this section is almost useless. In many cases you won't need this to play but anywhay i will suggest you a couple of skill sequences.

You first open with Bladesurge and then you follow the combo by slowing/stunning your opponent with Equilibrium Strike. Then if necessary you activate your W and ulti if you are unable to finish the target.

If you are close to your opponent and you possess Frozen Mallet just activate W and start hitting. If not just use your E and keep hitting. If then your opponent uses Flash, use Bladesurge to keep up with him.

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Damage Output

We all like numbers. So i decided to calculate the dmg Irelia deals with this build.
In 6 secs with Hiten Style activated and an opponent with 3000 Health:
Around 9 attacks + Wit's End passive + Madred's Bloodrazor passive (120 dmg) + 75 true dmg from Hiten Style = AMAZING (it depends also from enemy's MR and armor but it is around 3000 dmg!!!) This means an enemy could be dead in 9 seconds !!! EXTRAORDINARY !! Without calculating Bladesurge or Equilibrium Strike or ulti !!!!!

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Summoner Spells

In this build i have chosen and (my favourite ones). Flash is an excellent gap closer or will give you some extra distance when chased. Ignite will give you some additional dmg to finish your opponent while also reducing his regen and healing effects on him. If i was to choose sth else that would be Ghost or Teleport in Flash's place and maybe Exhaust in Ignite's place. No other choice is allowed (well you can choose it but i consider it really unuseful:).

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Unlike most guides there are a few situational items for this guide. The reason is that this build can overcome most counter builds if you know how to play Irelia so 2-3 items can't make the difference. Perhaps not that many items. I believe that with one different choice will give you the edge against that counter build. So the situational items are:

Standard DPS choice which gives more penetration and AD and some AS but that's an all around item. The only item i suggest you replace it with this is wit's end

The highest dmg item in the game which gives you 80 AD and 25% chance. Combined with your trinity force you may reach 40% chance of a critical hit. But since we haven't picked the mastery that gives us 10% more critical dmg it remains a bit of a bad option. You can buy it if you also replace Wit's End with a Phantom Dancer. Then it is fine.

Warmog's: The item that gives you the most Health. It has stacks like Bloodthirster and also gives you health regen making it the no.1 choice for tanks. Replace Frozen Mallet if you want with this.

Apart from these you may have noticed why i put so many items to buy above. I just wanted to make clear which item you should buy first. You also must sell later the two gold/sec items you bought.Total gold cost of the build is 19130 gold. Pretty expensive btw.

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Team Work

Your role in your team is the most essential. You have to kill the enemy's AD carry and AP carry so be careful, eyes open and mind clear. You got to get past opponents and jump onto the 2 carries and kill them on the spot. Immediately !! The less dmg and harm they do to your team the better. If you are succesful at that then you can activate your W to bring the enemy's tanks down as well with pretty much ease. You are also a mobile champ which means that you will have to chase down the enemy's chickens in order to ace or give an even bigger advantage to your team. In ranked games your role becomes more essential and also a basic one. The one that says Great Power brings Great Responsibility comes into effect (Spiderman :P).

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Thanks for reading this guide

Thanks for reading this guide. I hope this makes your games with Irelia easier and more fun to play. Any comments acceptable and don't forget to mention anything i forgot to write about so i can fill it and cover it and even more sections of this great Champ. Thumbs up, share this guide so that more can see and be happy :). ENJOY !!