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Taric Build Guide by mejtra

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mejtra

IRF - Insane Rainbow Fighter

mejtra Last updated on August 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello LoL Players !

At Begining I would like to say sorry for my English. I tried to wrote my best grammar ;)

I would like to share with You my IRF Taric idea. Taric is my main since i started playing LoL so I think that I know him pretty well. Guide that I wrote below is for people who are bored tanking or healing/supporting Your team. I know Taric is a support champion but when You play solo people don't appreciate Your role. Change it !

/ EDIT /

Changed few items

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Pros / Cons


- Very good survivability
- Damage,mana and cooldown reduction aura
- Good mid and late game fighter
- Fast and big critical hits ( for an off- tank)
- Chaser


- Mana hungry early game
- Selfish healer
- Can't do much without tank and teamplay
- Lackin of dmg till obtain phantom dancer
- Hard to play early game
- Designed for 5 v 5
- Even if You will have 30/0/60 someone will call You Gyric, GLord etc

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- Primary choice, more attack speed, more mana from Gemcraft and easier last hits, +15 % attack speed
- Secondary choice, Taric really needs Magic Res, thoose runes will give You 10 res at 10 level, 16 res at 18 level
- Primary choice, this runes will boost Your MR, 15 res at 10 level, 24 res at 18 level
- Nice crits gives nice mana, nice dmg and sometimes can give You early game fatality hit, 5.6% crit chance

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Summoner Spells

Clarity - You will be mana hungry always. Pop up this after Radiance attacks or in team fights.
Exhaust - Very good for disabling enemy champion from teamfight or not allowing him to flee from battlefield
Ignite - Better than Exhoust when fighting against self healing champions or to get KS

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Masteries explanation

0/21/9 very boring build, at all u don't get as much profit as 8/22/0 has. The point is that You are not a Tank. Remember that this build won't work without good Tank (taunt).



+ 2 % crit , very big profit with our 5,6% from Quintessences


Improve Your summoner spell, 10 Magic res and 10 Armor + 0.5 sec on target - hit, hit, hit, kill, kill, kill


4 % attack speed nice profit with Your alacrity marks



More magic res and armor n/c


2 % of dodge without runes?! Someone can say thats a waste, well this 2 % can sometimes rescue You or when You chase enemy can boost up Your speed for 10 % ( 385 * 10 % = 424). In my opinion a waste is to put Your points into : STRENGTH OF SPIRIT and DEFENSIVE MASTERY At 18 u will get max 1600 mana do You really need 0.3 % as HP regen or 2 dmg less from minons?


With Alacrity skill and Marks this skill will give You nice mana regen and faster last hitting


More HP and 4 % of DMG reduction n/c


It's a waste to pick this tree. Only 1 thing from this tree is usefull ( for your team OFC) it's improved clarity. But I really can't sacrafice myself (crit and speed) for mana...I will give them 3 auras, I think it's enough ;)

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Starting item.

I never start with a Dorans shield or a Dorans ring etc. I think thats a waste of money.

Zeal Attack speed and movement speed - start farming faster !

Mercury's Treads - Magic resist and very usefull passive, pick them and gankin You will be more difficult CORE

Phantom Dancer - This is item which make this bulid so deadly, with all marks, skills and lil bit skill ofc. 38% (total) critical chance give You about 180 - 300 dmg per crit hit with 1.3 attack speed. Turn on Radiance to get more rainbow power! CORE

Zhonya's Hourglass Some AP for healing and armor for better survivability + godmode for few seconds each 90 sec VERY usefull

Aegis of the Legion - Armor, magic res, health and aura for Your minions and mates. This item gives you awesome dmg reduction. With radiance "on", Your minions can smash opponents turrets.

Warmog's Armor With this u will get around 4 k hp :) + good health regen

Banshee's Veil Next anti gank item with some health,mana, magic res and super hiper rainbow usefull passive.

Two last items could be replaced. I leave it upon to You because every game has wide champion match. I encounter 80 % attack dmg squad and Banshee was useless - i picked SunFire cape.

Remember to fullfill Your role as a killer in teamfights You have to max your Health as first and armor/ magic resist as second.

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Try to play defensive as long as You can. You are really squishy against ranged so keep You pink ss near turret. Try to farm as many creeps as You can.

If You lane with dps stun champion and You fight against melee ( melee + support, melee + melee ) You could try to play aggresive by getting close to minions and hitting enemy champion by Your hammer. If You lower his HP to 50 - 60 % You could try to kill him by double stun + Exhaust.

It's very hard to lane with tank because till Phantom dancer You have only shatter as a dmg. So better is to lane with morghana, anivia, ryze etc


You should now to start a ganks. I supppose that You already have at least Zeal so go to mid, hide in bushes and gank mid champion. If You fail move to next lane try to gank top/bot if fail return to Your lane and farm more creeps to obtain Phantom dancer and then start to gank from begining. You should be quick because it's a time when teamfight are getting started and if You won't have Phantom You will be useless.


No running and killing creeps solo! You are IRF but not against 3 or 4 champions. You should keep close to Your team and support them with Your auras. When You get into fight always pop up radiance and pick squishy champion and autoattack him. Many Tarics made a mistake by shattering at the begining of fight. Your shatter is weak 400 dmg max - armor reduction. So use shatter when You see that somebody has very low hp or when all of the opposite champions are enough close to You to hit them all.

Keep an eye on Your mana because 10 sec of fight can burn out Your mana. Use clarity if so (ofc close to Your team).

Never flee, if You run You will die. When fight is in progress You stand and autoattack + dazzle targets. If Your allys flee pick squishy champion and hit him. You will die but at least one enemy will come with You. There is also a possibility that cowards from Your team will be back when they see that You killed 1. Generally when Your team run out a fight with 50 % hp it's a 70 % chance that match is lost. Ofc sometime You have to flee 15 % - 25 % hp ( enemy on 50 %) but stiupid is to flee when everybody has the same amount of hp. Remember that You hit very fast for 120/ 240 without radiance (180 / 300).

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Team Work and solo advices

Never lane with Renekton - hes late game champion as You

Pick a lane with stunner, tell Your partner that u will stun enemy first to get him disabled for maximum period of time.

Buy sometime wards and put them in bushes on mid, near nashor and dragon.

In team fights dont run, focus squishy champion.

In team fight try to keep Radiance on.

In team fight try to ping squishy champion ( some people get brain freez and they hit only tank, maybe this will help?)

Don't play solo ( don't farm alone creeps when Your teammates are all on mid)

Flaming won't skill You up

Don't be afraid of getting Kill shots.

Buy pink skin to be a real Insane Rainbow Fighter

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I hope that this build will give You some more fun with old good Taric. I think this bulid could be outstanding in Dominion. Try it !

Regards for all non em0-rage-leaver Players
Thanks for all advices, comments and also voting