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Corki Build Guide by Themasterdor

Is that a rocket in your pocket -tristana (Low Elo corki bu

Is that a rocket in your pocket -tristana (Low Elo corki bu

Updated on February 2, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Themasterdor Build Guide By Themasterdor 13,136 Views 4 Comments
13,136 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Themasterdor Corki Build Guide By Themasterdor Updated on February 2, 2014
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About the author

Hi! My name is Brendon, I've been playing corki since july of season 3, and since the first time i played him and **** on a caitlyn blitz i've been in love


I'm a relatively good Corki (have way more wins with him than losses)

I hope you enjoy this guide and if you have any feed back about the masteries or runes, keep in mind this is what I bring, and I choose to use, and it works pretty well with me.

don't knock it before you try it.
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Corki's pro's and cons!

1.) VERY bursty
2.) Has an amazing armor shredding
skill (his E)so he's a tank destroyer
3.) Great poke with his Q
4.) Decent health for an ADC, not very squishy
but still is very strong
5.) Good escape with his W
6.) Strong early game presence (can out damage most carries at 3, and then at 6)
7.) passive gives him true damage

1.) Very low early game movement speed
2.) Lowish attack range (requires good positioning)
3.) Mana hungry
4.) high skill champion (but worth learning how to play!)
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Why I take and build what i build

flash and barrier are just... you just take these with any adc really.

Why rush berserkers instead of longsword

Considering corki's low movement speed and lowish attack speed he gets a really nice boost once he gets this. It doesn't make him super fast, but it helps.

Why Tri force?

Tri force is good because of the spell proc, it gives you a lot of extra damage.
Also, considering corki's low movement speed, the tri force helps that out considerably
Some extra hp (makes him less squishy)

also his Q scales off Ability power, and tri force gives him some, The triforce is cool, okay?

Why Blood thirster instead of Blade of the ruined king?

So I think corki works really well with each item, but i have to fall with BT because of his passive (more damage = more true damage), and the fact that his attack speed isn't that terrible once you get something like a shiv.

Why Shiv

I don't know. First time I built Corki i had no idea what to buy after the BT, so I build a shiv. worked pretty well. Good damage throughout multiple people and also nice movement speed and attack speed. "why not phantom dancer"

I don't know I just like shiv more than a phantom dancer and it works really well with corki in my opinion.

Why Black cleaver?

So black cleaver gives you a lot of extra damage and and hp. It works really really well with corki's E because of corki's armour shredding.

"Why not last whisper"

**** last whisper man, that item is stupid as **** and no one needs to buy one. Black cleaver army

So whisper is good, but i like having corki be a bit less squishy. Thats why i like cleaver on him. I think it's just better than a whisper for corki in this situation. Also the cool down reduction helps him a lot because his W has very high cool downs, and his abilities in general benefit a lot off of the Cdr.

Why wait till the end for the infinity edge?

So i think that the infinity edge could be built earlier, maybe right after your shiv actually. It would probably work better then, to maximize your crit damage. But honestly corki does a lot of damage without crit, so it's not really necessary right away (like with a lot of other adc's)

So you could honestly get away without building and IE, and maybe building something like a Guardian angel (i wouldn't buy a G.A unless you're carrying and/or your team relies on you to be alive)
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Why the sheen is SOOOO amazing

Everytime i buy a sheen on corki, i'm immediately tell my support we can go in.

"but... senpai that caitlyn has a bf sword!"


so the sheen gives you a giant boost of damage. It works really well with your ultimate (because your ulti is spammable)

For you lower elo guys who don't know what the sheen is, the sheen is an item that proc's every time you use an ability, and when it's proc'd, your next auto attack will do the base damage + extra magic damage.

So early game (assuming you didn't feed the **** out of your lane opponent) it makes you pretty much 10x more dominant, even if they have a BF sword. If you have their turret down expect to be able to get a bunch of free kills because most adc's wont be able to escape you with your long ranged rockets and your W

TL;DR it (in my opinion) equates to an item that is better than a BF sword for corki because of his abilities
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What champs are difficult to lane against?


Caitlyn is one of your main counters, but I've never lost to one. You out damage caitlyn most of the game, the only thing that caitlyn has on you is like 100 more range making it easy to poke you down. But if you stay out of her range (I'm a very avid caitlyn player as well, so i know what her range looks like) and you just stay away from her when she has her passive up, and you don't go in on her when her passive is up, you should be able to beat her.

Just farm from your max distance, she won't try to go in, and if she does, drop your Q, and if she's taking minion agro fly in and kill her. Make sure you dodge her Q's, they're pretty easy and predictable.


Jinx is pretty simple. You out damage her pretty hard, and scale much better than her into every portion of the game. Wait until her W is down to go in, and poke her with your Q when she isn't using her rockets to farm.

I'd go in if she's low on mana, and she isn't excited. If she's using her rockets and she's out of position go in on her. It's easier to fight her with her rockets out because she has low attack speed, and it drains her mana, so if she has to switch between her rockets and machine gun you're going to be able to get like 2 AA's on her.

Ezreal is kind of an annoying guy to lane against, but can easily be beaten.

throughout most of the game you should out damage him. Ezreal isn't really that great anymore, and he's not good in low elo's at all.

If you go in on him when he has no mana you could easily beat him with little problems. Ezreal can't afford to be super aggressive early game because he doesn't have that great of an early game damage. It's not until he gets his sheen that he becomes pretty strong.

Everybody dies, Lucian just needs a little help.

corki can shred lucian, the main problem is his passive and his Q. His q is kind of awkward to dodge (because it goes through minions and the hitbox on it is pretty big) and his passive lets him throw off two AA (one is half as powerful as the first)

Lucian is pretty mana hungry. It's easy to go in on him once his mana is down. Also don't tank the culling (his ulti) it's not really helpful. The fact is, with lucians ulti he can't turn, but you can, so you can get to the side of him and basic attack him you're easily out trading him.


Graves is pretty simple. You counter graves's passive with your passive and E. You out damage him. Graves honestly just isn't that great anymore, and requires someone highly skilled to play him.


Twitch relies on his support to carry him out of the early game. You can out damage him, but make sure you don't die to him. Twitch gets super ****ing strong. His ulti can melt everyone in like 5 attacks if he's positioned correctly. Don't let him poke you down, and if he goes in on you fight back. I'd recommend buying a pink ward and warding the lane so you can see him when he's invisible.


Vayne's pretty easy. you out damage her early game and can shut her down super easily. don't let her get fed. She's a late game hyper carry and you don't want to half to deal with her. She's going to rely a bit on her support. If she ulti's i'd kind of back up. it becomes a bit more difficult to fight her, but overall she's a pretty easy lane for corki to stomp.


Draven is kind of hard. He out damages you before you get your sheen. I'd just try to farm this lane up. Thats about all i have to say about that.


so the problem with sivir is her spell shield. If you can bait it out of her before she uses it then you can easily kill her.

that being said corki out ranges sivir so you can really do good things against her. Just hitting her is really easy just poke her down. you can honestly beat her really simply. (played a ranked game the other day as corki against a sivir, went like 14-0 )

I dont really know about this one, i've never had this matchup. Assuming her passive is down you can take her, You can dodge her ulti with your W, her W is decent pokeage, but you should be able to win this fight.

Not a bad matchup. Assuming this isn't ap tristana (holy **** do i have a story about that!) you can beat her. Yes, this is a rocket in my pocket. Yes it will hit you across the face and probably kill you.

Not too bad of a lane. He has poor range (i think its 500 like sivir) but he does have an ability that boosts it, and his ulti has a really nice range on it too. you should be able to beat this lane though. Kogmaw is a hyper carry so just be careful of this lane.

Mrs Fortune

When you fight her she can trap you in her raining bullet thing, and her ability that bounces between multiple people does a lot of damage so i think right away she can beat you but once you get your sheen you should be able to fight her. Just farm until then and poke, I wouldn't fight her when she has full hp.

Dont sit in her ulti, thats not okay.


Quinn can blind you in a fight one on one but the thing is your E and Q aren't affected by blinds, so you're still going to be ****ing her up big time. The only thing that she may block is your sheen proc. which would be kinda bad if she has a lot of extra items over you. But if you have a phage and a sheen you should be able to still beat her even if she has a Bf sword and a vamp scepter.


Varus can be kind of tricky, if you can dodge his Q and just wait until its down to go in you can out damage him because he's going to rely on hitting you when his W is proc'd. But be careful of him still because his passive gives him attack speed every time he kills a minion.

don't sit in his E either, thats DOT and its a lot of it for the early game.

Thats all of the adc's. Not including urgot. You probably won't fight an urgot. If you do you probably won't beat him.
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Good supports!

Taric Great support, extra sustain, gives you some tankyness with his W's passive, nice and scary CC, also his burst at 6 is actually pretty convenient.

Soraka Soraka is good because she is pretty much ultra sustain. No hard CC, but can really help in fights because of her two heals and can silence an enemy support or just the enemy carry if they rely on abilities for bursty damage

Thresh Thresh is good. I'm not putting blitz in this list because of thresh. Thresh is 10x better than blitz. He has much more to his kit than blitz does (a pull, a shield, his lantern that pulls you to him, a slow that is unnavoidable if they're trapped inside, a knock back, he's just a really good support in general. Much more useful in a team comp than blitz.

Nunu Nunu's W gives you bonus attack speed which is convenient for taking down turrets, also his E does a nice chunk of damage and can help you zone out your enemy carry and support, and his ulti

sona sona is good because she has really good zone potential with her Q and passive. Also she has titties.

honestly thats it. Thats my prefered list of supports.
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Early game

Early game corki is really strong. Once corki gets his W, he can just go in and out whenever he pleases. Assuming the support is willing to help.

Start Dorans sword and a pot, try to farm up to 1500 (as corki im almost always getting atleast 1 kill before i head back, also its usually pre 6 minutes) Killing is easy as corki. Just go in and roll on your keyboard and you win.

once you get back to lane you want to pretty much wait till you have 1500 again, but don't back just because you have 1500 this time. I've sat in lane with up to 4k gold. Your job at this point is to destroy the enemy carry. Most carries rely heavily on doing well in their early game to be able to do well later game. You leaving the lane is

A.) Giving the enemy carry more gold
B.) Giving the enemy carry more EXP
C.) Giving the enemy carry the opportunity to destroy your turret. Because corki is slow until he gets his triforce, every time you back you're losing about 30-45 seconds of farm.


assuming that you don't randomly get ganked by the jungler, you should be fine doing this.

Once you hit 6 and have your sheen you're really unstoppable. Even if you haven't been getting kills in your lane, as long as your enemy carry hasn't been feeding off you you should be able to fight him/her really easily.

Once you take the first tower, head over to mid and help your mid lane take their turret. Or take dragon. Corki can easily take dragon with just the support and yourself.
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Mid game - late game

once you have your triforce is usually when mid game starts. You should immediately start working on your BT (i usually buy the items in the build as i can afford them)

Once team fights start you need to position yourself in a way where

1.) You won't be hurt yourself
2.) You can still do damage to the enemy
3.) your E will hit people.

The thing with corki is in lower elo's people underestimate him. I was in a ranked game the other day where everyone ignored me while i sat in the back with my E on the whole enemy time while they all piled onto my tank and jungler.

But people will still try to go after you, especially if they know you're fed. spamming your R, then your proc, then your Q, then your rockets again and continue. thats pretty much the easiest way to participate in fights with corki. His whole kit is just a **** ton of AOE.

Corki has a lot of wave clear, and decent escapage. so if you were to try to go around splitting a lane (like say your team didn't need you that much, or you weren't doing very well in fights) as long as you have ward coverage its pretty easy to escape any on coming ganks.
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The end?

This is the end for now! Hopefully this helps all you aspiring corki players out there!
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