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Gangplank Build Guide by Cowboykenny

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cowboykenny

It's a pirates life in the top lane for me!

Cowboykenny Last updated on November 8, 2013
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Gangplank Build

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Hiya. My name is Kenneth, you may know me as Cowboy, Courier or some other name. Gangplank has fallen out of favor, I can not deny it. But as one of my favorite champions, I feel obligated to try and revive him.
This guide will show you how I play Tankplank and Critplank including items, masteries and of course, runes.

This IS my first guide, so I'd love some critique.
Enjoy the guide, yo.

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Pros / Cons

Great poke (Even better after items)
Can farm from range when pushed back
Farming with Q gives extra cash
Great team fight presence
Can give the edge in a fight
Global ult
Ult is on a low cooldown
Chest hair

Can run out of mana early with harass
Inconsistent ult
No damage if you build tank
Die quickly if you build crit

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I run a bit of a wonky set of runes, I will admit. Explanations at the bottom!

+ 12.7

Armor Pen.
+ 5.1
+ 12.5
Magic Resist
+ 4

These are my jungling runes, actually. I find them to be universal for how I play. Yes, even with Critplank.

Reasons for the runes on Critplank:
Early on, you have no crits. I find it's not worth it to have a full page of crits, starting off. Many people would disagree. These keep you slightly tanky, while doing more damage with your Parrrlay. The meta is dominated by people like Renekton and Riven, who are absolute bullies. So if you can poke them hard, all the better. Once you have your shiv and other items, these just keep you from being melted so quickly.

Reasons for the runs on Tankplank:
Well, the armor and magic resist should be self explanatory. The armor pen because I don't build much damage and that helps to what little I have.

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I feel like I shouldn't tell you what to take.
Honestly, you could go utility gangplank, full offense(30/0/0)
Try mixing and matching.

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I WILL go back and review this if I get some suggestions, but this is what I rock in summoners rift.

Explanations for Critplank

Statikk Shiv: Rush this! Your main item, due to the insane poke it gives you. Helps for fights, allows you to split push because of speed and farm.

Ravenous Hydra: Should be your second item to be finished. (Buy boots of speed before this!) Gives you life steal for more sustain and dueling potential. Combined with the Shiv, you should be doing major damage and farming like Macdonald!
Ninja Tabi: I'm going to be honest. You should be taking these or Mercury treads only because none of the others are worth it. Consider mobi boots for split pushing!
Infinity Edge: Essential to any crit relying person. Use this to win your games with insane damage. At this point, two shotting an ADC and laughing isn't out of your potential.
Black Clever: A bit of a controversial pick for critplank. You could build a phantom dancer, but this is my preference. Use your passive and melee them, and penetrate the armor. Then crit them with a shot and BOOM ENEMY HAS BEEN SLAIN.
Guardian Angel: You see, this gives you a bit of an advantage. Since most carries melt they pick this up. But because runes, mysteries and tabi and of course this; you will not be melted!
And if you are focused (likely) this will keep you going for a bit.

Onto the next part.

Tankplank, the carry scourge!

You should rush a Iceborn Gauntlet. I personally pick up the glacial shroud part first, because of the cooldowns and mana regen. Once you have it, the slowing effect is perfect. You shoot a carry, do AOE damage and slow them. Helps with heals and ultimate too.
After this, this is a judgment call. If they have alot of AP, grab a spirit visage. You should get it anyway, because of the insane passive on it.
Your choice in boots should reflect on their team comp. More AD? Tabi. More AP plus alot of stuns? Merc treds.
I find myself running into close combat situations as tankplank, and sunfire cape steps up here. If you have your passive on them, they will be getting ALOT of damage from you and the cape.
One of my final items is Randuin's omen. It's perfect for slowing them down so you can properly hunt the ADC or mid laner.
Trinity force for the passive and a little damage.

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Skill Sequence

Max your Q, always.
Then your E, it will save you late game.
W last.

Then put a point in your ult whenever you can, like anyone else, silly!

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Team Work

If you are Critplank, your job is quite different from tankplanks.
You should be turtling behind your front liners.
When you get someone with good engage (Jarvan, Sona) put your ult down onto an area where the fight is happening. Raise everyone's morale and start to fight the carries. I personally prefer to kill the mid laner first because they raise hell with burst.

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Ranked Play

IF you put time into GP, he will pay you back. Critplank will put everyone in his sails and carry.

Tankplank is great for hunting fed people, and charging through cc. Don't go into a game trying to play as one or the other. See how the game goes.

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Unique Skills

If you're playing top a lot, you'll know the horrors of Jax, Yorick, Riven and so on.

Gangplank can farm under tower if he is pushed out and is a ***** and a half to dive due to his passive and basically everything else in his kit.
You can stalemate the lane quite easily with a bit of skill, luck and ganks.

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A very minisection right here. Just want to make this clear.
Farm with your q if you need. The extra gold is great, but you WILL become oom very quickly.

k? k.

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Overall I find Gangplank to be a great champion who offers many opportunity's to carry and win games. Picking him up as a joke turned out to be one of the greatest things i've ever done in league.
I have alot of fun with the champ, either playing him top, jungle or even tankplank support!
Let me know how the builds work for you (BUT BUILD WHAT IS NEEDED PLS)

This was my first guide so if somethings wonky, let me know. I'll be glad to revise somethings.

Enjoy being a pirate, me mateys!