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Janna Build Guide by Valvi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valvi


Valvi Last updated on April 25, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jax Janna is best at keeping melee's from being able to get to your carries.
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Hello guys, this is my 1st guide so I hope nothing bad would happen. Okay, so first of all Janna is a very good support and works well with Graves, very well. Janna's shield + some auto attacks from Graves and the enemy carry is going very very low on health (there are more bellow)

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Marksman Synergy

Caitlyn works great with Janna. As a Marksman with a very high range for poke and 2 abilities which scale on AD, she fits perfectly together with Janna who can give her up to 50 bonus AD. Janna's Q and Caitlyns trap works very well together, which makes ganks also a lot easier. Caitlyn alone has a very strong peel and even a good escape but with Janna in a teamfight, Caitlyn is impossible hard to get killed.
If Caitlyn casts her ultimate on a low health target and a teammate of the enemy team want to block in, you can flash next to him and use your ultimate to throw him out of Caitlyns ultimate so it hits the focused target. If Caitlyn casts her Q or have her passive up and wants to poke an enemy always shield her for the bonus damage.

Vayne will be the strongest Marksman with Janna if she plays well. Her true damage makes her to an awesome lategame Marksman, her invisibility & knock-back/stun makes her not as easy to focus Early is ts the most Marksman, all she needs is an Support who can give her a lot of peel, like Janna. Because of her short range, the enemies will try to poke and engage her on lane, to deny her so she wont be useful later. Try to poke back as good as possible if they focus Vayne and prevent the incoming damage to her with your shield. Vaynes early damage is fine so you can actually fight a 2vs2, the biggest mistake/problem appears, if you go deep with her to attack the enemies, Vayne will stand in the middle of the enemy minions, because of her short range. Try to fight if they engage you or if you made a fast wave clear. Once you win a trade and the enemies bottom are afraid of you you can play passive and farm up, especially if the enemy Marksman is stronger in the early game than in the lategame.

Tristana is one of the best late-game champions, because of her insanely high range & attackspeed with Q, her ultimate which can be used as disengage and her jump, for an easy escape. Tristana got the best self-protection compared to all other Marksman and with a Support like Janna, she is nearly unkillable. The biggest problems will appear on the lane-phase. Although she got high health compared to other Marksmen, her low auto-attack range and low damage will make it hard to win the lane. As always, shield your Marksman from incoming damage and disengage as soon as the enemies engage, so Tristana can farm as good as possible. Once you both reached level 6, you can start to trade and fight against some enemies, but be careful most Marksmen and Supports are stronger on level 6. Ganks are always possible for you, since her jump can use as engage with a strong slow and of course Jannas CC is always useful. After level 6 ganks work even better, since both Ultimates can knock the enemies in every direction you want to. If you both have your ultimate up and are bot on the 2vs2 lane you can try to get behind 1 enemy, knock him/her to your tower and let Tristana jump behind them and use her ultimate to throw the enemy into the tower. In the lategame stick with Tristana but you will soon notice that you wont have a lot of problems to protect her, as long as they don't have very strong gap-closer.