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Janna Build Guide by Sawy

Janna - Carry your carry!

Janna - Carry your carry!

Updated on September 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sawy Build Guide By Sawy 12 3 26,574 Views 11 Comments
12 3 26,574 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sawy Janna Build Guide By Sawy Updated on September 9, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



This guide will not be aimed to those who are new in the support genre or Janna overall. There are other guides out there if you want to study the arts of supporting and also the very basics of Janna, and i suggest you take a look at those guides before reading any futher in this one.

This is my first guide ever made on this site however - so bare with me.

- So what is this guide for then? You might ask.
And my answer is: It's a guide ment to improve Janna's early game situation where she normaly falls behind due to her lack of healing and/or heavy harras.
- Wait...Is Janna weak early game?!! Yes, she is at higher ELO, and i'm now going to share what i'm doing in order to work around this ''flaw'' of hers.

Before i go into detail of what Runes, Masteries, Items and skill order i choose (and why) - i just wanted to say that this is mainly a description of a ''style'' rather then a guide.
A style that I use when I play Janna and what benefits i've discoverd using just this style rather the more common ones.

This way of playing her, however, will take quite alot of mana and thus i got forced to adjust my build around it.
It's based on playing agressive - using your Zephyr as a trading tool to deal dmg while blocking dmg you might take with your Eye Of The Storm.

A more detailed explenation will take place after the build explenation.
You can jump to ''Take control!'' if you want to skip the Rune/Mastery and Item part.

Lets begin.

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Runes & Masteries

It's always been my opinion that the runes one use should reflect on how you play the game.

Since my ''style'' is an agressive style based on trading dmg on bot lane. Meaning that i deal dmg while also taking some myself. I noticed that magic pen and armor was quite handy in order adjust the trading amounts to my favour. I will now deal more dmg while taking less.
But since i will use Zephyr rapidly in order to deal dmg and Eye Of The Storm to block incoming dmg - i will also need quite alot of mana to make sure i dont go oom to fast - and due to this i took all the mana regen i could get without sacrificing my armor/mpen.

Magic pen in order to deal more dmg.
Armor in order to take less dmg .
Mana regen in order to use spells more rapidly (It's what this build is all about).

It's quite a basic support setup with 9 in defense for the extra hp and armor aswell as the 21 utility in order to get the 15% cdr on summoner spells aswell to gain all the other awesome perks the utility tree has to offer.
This suits our style perfectly since we get basicly all we need in order to trade dmg with the enemy bot lane setup.
Not alot more to add here since it's not, i repeat, a guide ment for new Janna players.

9 points in defense in order to take less dmg
21 points in utility in order to get CDR for spells and abilities, Mana regen and movementspeed.

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I repeat:
This guide is not ment for ''new'' Janna players.
This means that i will not write a detailed explenation around the build.
If you want a more detailed version of a proper Janna support build - then try this guide.

For items it's more or less like any mainstream Janna guide/build.
Why the standard items? Cause we're still focusing on supporting! This aint some AP style...

Get the standard Faerie Charm and wards with your starting gold and after that rush the Philosopher's Stone, Boots and Heart of Gold while still having enough wards to keep your bot lane safe from ganks.
Once you have your two gold over time items it's time to focus on the CDR and HP that will be needed for this style - and what item is better suited for this then Shurelya's Battlesong!
Keep in mind that it's wise to try and delay the finnished Shurelias atleast a minute or two in order to get out some extra gold from that Philosopher's Stone. Do not delay it to long however since that movementspeed will be needed for teamfights mid/late game.

The build is more or less the same for almost any match - the major change is the second aura item and what T2 shoes you choose to take.


I'm a huge fan of Mobility Boots and i normaly get those shoes for both normal and ranked games (dont you judge my taste!). The extra movementspeed comes in handy when we wanna go in and poke - since we will slow the enemy after the poke it does not matter that we loose the +5 effect since they wont catch up anyhow!

But the Mercury's Treads will be so much more important when you face an CC heavy team. There is no point having movementspeed if you end up getting permastunned. Having some Tenacity can be all you need to find that lil gap when you can pop your Howling Gale and/or Monsoon in order to escape.
But then again - this ''style'' is mainly aimed to the early game and thus it might not always be wise to use this mid/late game (though it's still rather fancy/effective even then).

You always have the option to take the Ionian Boots of Lucidity in order to get closer to that 40% CDR cap that will work well with your harras style. But there are other items to get close to 40% cdr and due to that i normaly prefer the other two shoes mentioned above since getting the CDR on boots feels a little bit wasted to me.
Still a great pick but i prefer getting other items for the extra CDR.

The second major choise as i mentioned is the second Aura item!

The most common item that i buy here is the Aegis of the Legion - Ofc this heavily rely on the situation of the current match - but i can ensure that Ageis is almost always one of the best choises when it comes to your second aura item. The extra defense will be quite handy for this style since you will take some dmg now and then when you poke (even though most dmg can be avoided).

There are other aura items that is more the good when it comes to a support Janna and this ''style'' included. But in my eyes it's all a matter of taste and/or situation of the current match.
But as i said - there are other guides out there who describes this more detailed.

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Summoner Spells

Once again we follow the mainstream choise with Exhaust + Flash.
I choose those summoners for basicly the same reason anyone else choose them. They suit the current meta perfectly and grants that lil cherry on top when it comes to bot lane supporting.

For just this style the Exhaust can come in handy if you have mannaged to get an oppertunity where you have the chanse to get a kill, mainly due to the slow.
But other then that it's mainly used for safety reason - to deny an enemy champ his dmg outcome for 2.5 seconds can be a life saver if you mess up and/or get ganked etc.

For the mid/late game you can combine the Shurelya's Battlesong with your Exhaust + normal abilities in order to engage an enemy champ who is in a bad spot - thus granting your team a free kill.
And if you've choosen the Mobility boots mentioned above - this will be like stealing candy from a Teemo.

Flash do kinda speaks for itself..But what i can mention is that a Flash + Monsoon combo is also a great way of getting that perfect pushback in order to control the fight to your favour.
Flash + Zephyr is also a strong chase tool.

Alternetive spells you could use is always the classic ones
Heal for the simple fact that heal dominates - Mainly used when your AD carry choose not to take it - But even then Exhaust can be the better option..I really depends on your own playstyle and ways.

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Take control!

Carry your carry early game so that he may carry you late game.
That's how i think when i support with Janna.

Lane control is the key to win any lane and thus botlane is no exception. Lane control can be achived in many ways but might be a lil more tricky on botlane since it's a 2v2 rather then a 1v1.

Janna is known for having ''bad lane control'' and most Janna's adjust to this by basicly going passive and wait for the mid/late game where Janna is consider to be ''effective'' once more.
The bad part of this is that the enemy team will get quite alot of free farm and chanses are great that the enemy AD will be nothing less then a nightmare during the mid/late game while your own will fall behind.
So the big question is really: How do you take control of your lane as Janna ?
I've tried many thing in order to answer this question - and the best answer i've found so far is kinda simple..The answer is Zephyr!

This is why:

The classic bot lane control is based on who can control the dmg trade most effectivly. No matter what combo you have it almost always comes down on who have the best dmg trade.

If you have a healer but trade bad - you're forced to spam heal and thus run out of mana.
If you have a strong cc but fail to trade dmg - you will still fall behind and be forced to go passive.
If you're without mana and/or have to sit afk under your tower - you've lost lane control.

So the main goal we have to focus on here is simple - trading dmg effectivly!
Do this and the lane is yours.

The more classic way of trading dmg at bot lane is put into the hands of the AD carry - but more skilled supports should have realised that they are also a huge part of this trade. Buff, Shield or CC at the right time effects the dmg trade ALOT. But during this trade you also have to keep track on your creep scrore and thus alot of AD players prefer to avoid trading unless they have to. This leaves the trading job in your hands!

Since it's the lane control we want - and the best way to get it is to trade dmg effectivly while not loosing creep score. The best option is nothing advanced!
We simply have let our AD carry go afk farming while we carry them during the early game by handling the dmg trading so that they may focus on farming.
We handle the dmg trading while he/she can farm up and then later on carry us during the late game. If we do our job flawless we should end up with a well farmed AD carry who can dominate the late game granting our team a victory.

Now only one major question remains: How do I, as Janna, trade dmg effectivly?
As i said before! The answer is Zephyr!

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How to carry your carry!

This is prolly the hardest part to descirbe on paper since it really depends on how the other 3 players act on your lane (Your carry and the enemy support + Carry)
But i will go down to the basics of it.

The major goal of the Dmg trading is to make sure that you deal dmg while avoiding taking dmg from the enemy team - harras you might call it.
Since we lvl up Zephyr first we will gain quite alot of movementspeed and since we can walk trhough creeps - this will be our key to sucessfull dmg trade.

What we do is simple: We walk in, shoot them with Zephyr, shield ourself if needed and then walk out. We repeat this over and over till we achive what we want: Lane control.

Our Zephyr hits rather hard due to the Mpen and lvl up prio - it will also slow the enemy so that they will only be abel to hit you 1-2 times with their auto attacks while you walk out of there. During your way out you always have Eye of the storm in order to absorb most of that dmg. This is a trade where you gave away more then 150 dmg while youself took less then 100 (Most of the time you wont take any dmg at all).

Well it's not always this simple - but this is the major idea non the less.

You should not start playing ''agressive'' before you hit lvl 4. It will be a waste of mana and effort since your dmg wont be high enough to make the trade effective.

Depending on who you face - you always have to adjust how and when you go in to hit them with Zephyr.

If you face a healing support - you can just blindly spam your Zephyr once it's off cd in order to dish out the dmg. You do this in order to foce the enemy support to heal and thus using his mana. Since we have the heavy mana regen build like we do - they will run oom before we do and thus they will not be abel to heal. Once the healing support is oom it's more or a less a ''free win'' lane since you can take almost 100% control by just keep dmg trading while they cant heal up and/or use other spells.

If you face a strong CC support - like Blitz and/or Leona - then it's very important that you dont go in while they have their main cc's ready. If you go in to dmg trade with a Blitz while his CC is ready, you will loose.
What to do here is to abuse the movementspeed from your zephyr in order to ''bait'' the enemy to use his cc and hopefully miss you - once his cc's are on cd - it's just to go in and harras since they wont be abel to do much about it.
Always keep in mind to not take huge riskes versus supports like this but you cant go to passive either. Normaly you will get an oppertunity where you can harras atleast one of them without any major risk (This is normaly the enemy AD).

If you face a support who can only self heal - Like Nunu - I recomend that you focus almost ALL of your harras in order to take his AD carry to low hp. An AD carry with low hp wont be to willing to go in and take a fight when it's needed and thus you've gained the lane control you wanted.

This is far from a complete list but it covers the main thinking behind it. The most imporant part is to try and analyze when it's safe to go in or not.
This style is a high risk high reward that might end up with you dead on the ground - but if you do it correctly i can ensure you that you will increese your odds by winning quite alot.

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Lane control - The key to win the lane
Dmg trade - The key to get lane control
Zephyr - The tool to Deal dmg
Eye of the storm - The tool to block incoming dmg
Together: - The key to dmg trade.

Do not start to play agressive before you hit lvl 4
Be carefull, yet agressive.
Carry your carry and win your game!

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If you have any question - feel free to post them in a comment below and i shall do my best to grant an answer.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm Sawy - A player from EuW who is rather dedicated towards Janna

Q: Why lvl Zephyr before Eye of the storm
A: As i wrote in the guide - to take lane control

Q: Is it always ''better'' to prio Zephyr above Eye of the storm?
A: No. When you get high enough in ranked - or when you face a tricky combo - it will be to risky to go with a zephyr prio and thus you're forced to prio Eye of the storm.

Q: Why do you not improve Moonsoon at lvl 11.
A: Because i prio the shield absorbing+the dmg buff higher then the healing gain on Moonsoon.

Q: Should i not start with a pink ward aswell?
A: You can if you want to - But this question is more related to a ''For new Janna players'' guide.

Q: How do i Jungle with Rammus
A: Ehm..With armor + hp pots i guess ?

Q: Does this work in ranked?`
A: So far it have worked great for me in ranked - 81% win rate at 1780 ELO

Q: Who is the best AD at bot with Janna?
A: I do not think there is any ''Bad'' AD for Janna. But it feels like Janna+Graves have a great combo while using this style of mine.

Q: Do you have any video of you playing with this style of yours?
A: I've posted a video or two on Youtube - none of them really hosted this style though.

Q: Do you have any video you can share on Janna at all?
A: Well i did make a Janna spotlight - but it's not Zephyr based either. I will link it below.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sawy
Sawy Janna Guide
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Janna - Carry your carry!

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