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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pineman

Janna - Command the Tempest.

Pineman Last updated on March 31, 2011
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Hey this is my first guide and its for Janna, my favourite support champion. I've recently started playing Janna and my win rate has gone right up so I thought I would share whats helped me when playing and the things I've learnt.


  • CC - She has alot of cc and can interrupt many champions abilities i.e. Katarina's - Death Lotus and Nunu & Willump's - Absolute Zero
  • Shield - Her shield is just great. When laning with AD carries such as Ashe or Tristana you can really help them farm and control the lane. In teamfight having this on your carry can really help them shine. Also being able to shield turrets can be useful.
  • Kiting/Survivablity - Janna has great survivablity and thanks to Zephyr you can escape the most dire situations. I've been chased by up to 4 champions and gotten away witht he use of Howling Gale - Zephyr and Eye Of The Storm


  • Relies on team - Can't really carry a team like a Kassadin would. If your teammates suck then you can only do so much.
  • Farm - Hard to farm or push a lane quick with this build but you don't really need to. Still it sucks when you're taking years to kill that large wave attacking your turret.

    Not much else to say really. Janna is a really strong support class.

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Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells.



Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Not much else to choose from, gives a good boost to your skills early game to control your lane.


Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration - I find these really good on Janna. Janna with no mana might aswell not be there and there are times when you need to roam and help defend a turret before you can go recall.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - I find these really useful for survivability and is what I personally use as Janna.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - Cooldown is really good but I find I get enough from masteries and items where the magic resist would be of more use. It's all up to how you want to play really.


Greater Quintessence of Health - The early game hp is really nice and help survivability.


For masteries I go 9/0/21 The utility tree has many great masteries for Janna, the reduced cooldown on both skills and summoners really helps and the extra exp mana regeneration are a nice bonus. the 9 points in the offensive tree give your skills abit more damage and some more extra CDR which is always good.

Summoner Spells

- I always take flash on Janna as the passive on Zephyr is basically ghost. A real lifesaver, this summoner has saved me many times. Can also be used offensively to close the gap between you and a champion running away so you can slow and knock them up in the air for your teammates to catch up and get the kill.

- This is usually my second summoners. Having vision is really important especially during times when you don't have wards and have no idea where the enemy may be. You never know when they might try a sneaky baron.

Other Summoners

- If noone on your team has this and they have a really strong carry then this can be a good option over clairvoyance. It will make them alot weaker for 2-3 seconds. Always fun to watch a tryndamere rush in for a kill and get exhausted :D.
- Good if you're up against champions such as Dr. Mundo, Swain or Renekton etc. and your team doesn't have it.
- With the talent can be really usefor for a team who rely on mana.

I find these the most important summoners and are what I use most of the time. Always take the respective mastery point for whichever talent you take apart from the ignite one.

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Here I am going to list all the items which can be useful and what builds I use for different team comps. I will also list core items.

Standard Builds

Balanced Team

Team consists of 2 AD champions, 1 AP carry, 1 tank and enemy team has similar comp.

This build works great because with my masteries and runes you get 39% CDR, you give a speed boost with shurelyas, your ad champs greatly benefit from starks and your tanky with randuins which also has a great active and passive which will slow down their ad champions. This is my normal standard build as I face this team comp the most often.

Caster Team

This team will have alot of casters and most of their damage will come from AP.

Starting Items

x3 x2 OR

Core Items

Item Options

(If 3 or more cc go merc treads, if not go CDR boots. If you go merc treads then get both Soul Shroud and Shurelya's.
(If you're team has alot of ap champs then go soul shroud if not go Shurelya's.)

Other Items Depending on Team/Enemy Team.

Typical Match

I will now say what items I get and in what order for a typical match. I first press tab and look at my team and the enemy team. I usually go 2x Faerie Charm and 3x Health Potion's. I then usually stay in lane until I can go back and upgrade atleast 1 Faerie Charm to a Philosopher's Stone and afford Boots of Speed. On my next trip I will upgrade the other Fairie Charm to a Philosopher's Stone then start buying survivabilty items and building my Aegis of the Legion.

If the enemies AD champs are doing well I then get a Heart of Gold and a Kindlegem if they aren't then I usually rush my Shurelya's Reverie. Once I have built Shurelya's Reverie I will usually get Randuin's Omen and then build Zeke's Harbinger for the AD champs in my team. If my team is stomping them then I usually get Zeke's Harbinger before the Randuins for more fun :D. The match is usually over by this time but if not my last item just depends on the game and how its going. I usually buy a Banshee's Veil but it depends on the team you are facing.

Warding and Oracles.

For high level play or when playing premades warding and buying oracles is very important. Ward the important areas such as buffs, baron and dragon. Having the river warded for your team will mean they are less likely to get ganked. Oracles is great for killing enemy wards and also if facing stealth champions like Teemo, Evelynn, Twitch or revealing Akali's in their shrouds.

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Tips, Skills and General Play.



It's an OK passive. Gives 3% extra movement speed to allies making them move that little bit faster.

Howling Gale

Great skill and will frustrate the enemy team. Press Q and aim then press Q again to release when you want. The longer it charges for is how far it will go. Interrupts alot of ultimates and is great for both chasing and escaping. Get this at lvl 1 and only max it after you have maxed both the Shield and Zephyr as levelling this skill only increases its damage which you are not in the team for.


Allows you to move faster and go through minions, however this passive is disabled if you use the skill. I max this 2nd after shield because it's passive is great and it does good damage and the slow will help teammates get the kills they want.

Eye of the Storm

AD Carries love this skill but it's also good on every other char. Provides a shield that soaks damage and gives bonus AD to whoever the shield is casted on. At Rank 5 it gives +50AD, thats a free BF sword! Put it on whoever needs it and prioritise AD champs when possible.


A really fun ultimate. It knockbacks surrounding enemies and heals teammates in the area. Has multiple uses which I will explain in more detail at the general play section.

Tips and General Play

Howling Gale tips and tricks

  • Suprise gale - Try using this in bushes or out of sight to surpise enemies. Using it behind a wall can get a few easy kills because enemy champions don't expect it.
  • Prioritise who you aim for - Don't just aim at that useless Garen doing no damage, look at whose doing most damage and try interrupt them, take note of enemy champions whose ultimate you can interrupt such as Nunu & Willump and Katarina.
  • Time it with other champions abilities - If alistar knocks someup dont use it right away, wait till they are about to land then use it so they are disabled for longer.
  • Random Gales - In the laning phase be random with your gales, do some to the left to the right and keep your enemies guessing.
  • Towerdive Fake - Sometimes you get the feeling that the enemy is setting up a dive for you. Try aiming your gale so it hits behind. Enemies usually think its going forward and you can kite them and kill them with the damage of the turret. Doing this combined with your ulti can really make you're enemies look silly.

How to use your ultimate

Using Janna's ultimate correctly is one of key things to being a successful Janna. Overtime you will have a feel for when to use it but for people just reading this guide I will give a few tips.
  • Scattering enemy team - Monsoon is great for scaterring enemy teams allowing you to pick them off one by one. If an enemy gets seperated try running infront with your fast movement speed and blow them back to their death. If your team isn't aoe oriented its a good idea to send the enemy team in all different directions to help your team win teamfights.
  • Pushing enemies into turrets - When defeding a tower if a champions is overconfident and meleeing you can blow them back so they take lots of damage from the turret.
  • Protecting your carry - Most good teams will focus your carry, your main job is to protect the carry so they can do lots of damage to the enemy team. If your carry gets caught and is taking alot of damage you can simply push back the enemies to give them some breathing space. Also good if say your ashe gets ulted by Jarvan, you can simply push jarvan back so your ashe has time to escape.
  • Healing - Simply put you can use it to heal, sometimes your team will just need that bit of healing to help them survive.

    Overall when playing Janna I found just playing really helped me with my ult and now I just have a feeling when the correct time to use it is.

Being a Support

  • Dont steal kills - Perfect scenario as Janna is that you have 0 kills and a ton of assists. This is because other champions rely on the gold from gaining a kill more than you.
  • Don't take last hits from your lane mate - If you are laning with an ad carry which is what you should be doing don't take their last hits. For the same reason as not stealing kills they rely on the gold alot more. This is why in my build I get alot of gold/5 items. Obviously you need some farm too so last hit a little but only try do it if your partner get it. Janna is an amazing support cos she doesn't rely on items at all to be useful.
  • Always protect your carry - you should always be keeping an eye on your carry and keeping them safe if possible in team fights. Enemy teams will always go for these champions so be wary and do your best in allowing them to do as much damage as possible.
  • Stay with your team in teamfights - Unlike on a carry when sometimes its better to go top and farm as Janna you should stick around and defend. If the enemy team is pushing always stay with your team and don't go off to farm, let another member of your team do that.

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I hope whoever reads the guide can find some help from it. In the future when I have abit more time I will add an indepth item section where I will discuss the items I use and why. This build is what works for me, other Jannas will use other items and be successful. Remember the main thing to being successful is using your skills at the right time and positioning yourself correctly, once you can do this you can use any champion. Builds will only do so much.

If you enjoyed the guide then rate it and comment and if you tried my build and was successful post a screeny and I will put them in this section. Thanks for reading my first guide and have fun with Janna!

- Pineman.