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Janna Build Guide by Chillekinden

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chillekinden

Janna, the annoying support!

Chillekinden Last updated on November 1, 2013
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Alright this is my very first guide on mobafire or about LoL so please leave any thoughts you have in a comment so I may improve and might add/change info if anything would be incorrect/outdated.

Anyways,the reason I like to play Janna the way I do is due to her wide choice of options, you'll understand further down ;)

The way I normally play her, and the way I will explain in this guide is a tanky version with GREAT crowd controls, extremly mobile and quite the threat 1v1 or even 2v1 since you can barely outrun her and you can barely catch up to her once she gets going!

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Pros / Cons


+ Several crowd controls
+ Good for escaping
+ Hard to outrun
+ Very hard to kill late game
+ Fun to play, annoys enemy team


- Mana problems early game
- Hard to hit skills good
- Can't do much when skills are on CD
- Are better supports as tanky
- Might not be very strong until late game

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Alright, these are the runes I would be using with this build.

The main reason you want Scaling Magic Resist and not flat, as I see alot of players using, is the simple reason that you'll be in the bot-lane. That means in most scenarios you're up against an AD-damage dealer with a support, and we all know, supports normally don't deal tons of damage. Obvious choice here really in my opinion.

Scaling Ability Power, why? Well, flat AP runes could be better early game since it buffs your damage output and increases your shield capacity, which would increase your chance of early kills. Although they only grant 0.59 AP each, which means at lvl 6 scaling AP is higher, however, the reason we want scaling is also to increase our healing value with the ultimate, even if it only increases slightly.

Here I would use flat armor, due to the reason you're mostly up against AD-damage dealers and that way flat is more usefull than scaling since we will be building a bit of armor mid-game.

Same as for marks. We want to get higher AP for increased shield capacity and healing value with our ultimate.

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These are the ones I play with normally as any support, and it just suits my way of playing. I strongly recommend playing with what you prefer or what you feel safer with.

The reason I'm using these masteries is quite reasonable, we want that point in Summoner's Wrath to reduce their reductions to further increase our damage output.

The points into the defensive tree is for the trades, increases our sustain and saves you from having to return to base due to taking too much damage.

Our points in utility increases our sustain a bit further, reduces our cooldowns on items (which we will be using quite alot since we're support), it also increases our gold/s which is really good since we shouldn't farm or kill (assist grant a bit of gold but still not enough). Pickpocket helps us even more with gold, hehe greedy arn't we :$ The extra ward and cookie keeps you from returning to base a little longer early on which could be cruical!

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Skill Sequence

I don't really think this need that much of explaining, quite logic acctually.

Eye Of The Storm this is what you want to start with, ALWAYS! You are support and there for you should want to keep your ADC alive, this is exactly for that and it's really strong early on, sort of falls of late game but still very usefull.

Howling Gale it's a knockup with quite good damage and a very good poke, why wouldn't we want this early?

Zephyr (sorry for not linking the ability, the item links instead -.-) it's a slow when used and otherwise it buffs your movement speed. I max this second after Eye Of The Storm cause it increases the debuff/buff of movement speed even further, making those kills/saves so much easier. This will keep us from needing Boots of Speed early/mid-game ;)

Monsoon ofcourse you grab your ultimate whenever you can, its a knockback on use and then a channel heal, very good if used correctly, tricky to master though so it will need practice.

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Spells tips and tricks

Alright so there are several ways of using abilities. I'll explain some few tricks I've picked up while playing Janna.

Let's start with the ultimate Monsoon, just as anyother knockback, this could be used to zone out your enemies. So in a teamfight it can be usefull to Flash straight into the enemy team and fire it off. If done correctly this could make one of them fly into your team while the remaing are pushed away from your team, granting your team a free kill most of the time and providing you with a 4v5 situation.

Other ways to use Monsoon is to push enemies into your towers or even away from them or inhibitors, perhaps saving them from being destroyed. You can also stand in a bush while they're coming towards you, unknown about you being there, to fire it off and spread their team and create confusion amongst them.

Eye Of The Storm can be used on towers, so when you're defending a lane alone vs. someone who without any problems would kill you in a 1v1, you should suggest shielding your tower. As a few of the players I've met doesn't realize is that it increases the towers AD aswell.

Howling Gale can be used to check brushes by charging one before entering and just as you enter you fire it. If an enemy would be there, stunning you or not, will be knocked up giving you a bit of time to react back. Early game most tend to run away from it leaving the brush, so with this in mind you could aim it towards the mid of your lane. Most of the time they walk straight into it and gives you time to hit them once or twice with basics, meaning you win those trades most of the time.

Eye Of The Storm is great to use for trades. Simply go forward for basics and shield yourself, or your partner, to prevent them from dealing damage and you will deal more.

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The way I build Janna is to make her a very tanky, mobile and really important support who easily can outrun most champions, even Hecarim or Udyr.

Iceborn Gauntlet will be our core item in the build, rest sort of depends on what you're up against and how well the game goes. The main reason we want this item is for its passive, an AoE slow, which also by the way deals a bit of damage. This will allow you to shield your ally and basic attack an enemy and still get the slow (keeping your W ready if needed, also saves you from losing that extra movement speed) which could be used in different ways as explained in the Spells section of the guide.

We don't need boots early/mid-game mostly due to our skill sequence, so this will allow us to get these really good items before having to spend gold on boots like most other champions have to, hopefully, and mostly as far as I've experienced, the advantage which is the key to winning your lane.

Spirit Visage is another item I strongly prefer to play with, it gives us that tanky stats we're after and also increases our healing recieved, both from health regen and Monsoon. That slight extra healing could be what makes you win the teamfight.

Rod of Ages gives us most of the stats we need, so this is also an item worth building, unless its really bad vs. your matchup. Increases our health, this will make us tankier and get us more sustain. Mana increase to provide our spells from harassing our enemies. AP as I've said a couple of times now, increases our sustain and damage output.

Guardian Angel this is also an item I build every now and then, if you need that extra tankiness I'd grab it, also its passive could do wonders if you're being focused and dies really early. It will allow us to keep providing support after just a few seconds of being incapitated.

Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on enemies damage output. I recommend using the Enchantment: Captain for the support it provides.

Mikael's Crucible provides us with additonal sustain and magic resist and since it's build out of philosopher's stone it's something we should build as late as possible due to the loss of 5gold/10s when built. Although the main reason we want this item is for its active, it will remove all Crowd Controls and also heals your target with a small amount, very strong buff if used correctly and with good timing.

Well easily said, you want to go after items that will enhance your teams life while debuffing your enemies, with these items listed you will have a very strong CC aswell as an anti-CC. You'll also be hard to kill which means you can keep supporting your team all game!

TIP! Iceborn Gauntlet is great for farming aswell early on ;)

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Ranked Play

I havn't played alot of ranked yet, and just made it out of provisional so I can't really say as much about it, havn't tried this build in ranked either, and I guess it's not the most suitable build either since you could easily be countered while draft picking.

This build is what I play in normals and only normals so far, might try ranked later. If I do I will update this guide and give my thoughts about it in ranked.

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I guess thats about all, just think about getting her tanky and items that increase CCs, sustain and mobility for your team.

I'll try update later to add more pictures and maybe a few clips with gameplay, skilltricks etc.