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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wollie

Janna, the most annoying pusher of all time

Wollie Last updated on May 20, 2011
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This is my version of Janna with creds to pete101011 as he made it clear for me how to play with Janna in his build and thus laid the base for my playstyle.

This Janna looks a little more out for herself which makes her a better pusher.
Added some more hp, mana and AP for her to shine out just a little more.
In order for her to still support her team you will have to be a little more alert and active but that is mandatory for being a good player.
This build even makes it possible for Janna to make some kills, yes, that too can happen.(I had a triple kill with her once trololol.)
A good Janna will mean a win or a lose, not like Anivia who can gank the sh*t out of everybody, but more in a "the team will die during teamfights if Janna sucks during teamfights", or in the way of, Janna pushed the enemy's lane so hard they can't keep up mid/late game.
You will lose if your team sucks though, you are not Master Yi who can win the game on it's own.(AP Yi ftw? trololol, no he sucks endgame(HARD)) But by playing well you can even make a sucky team win, just don't count on it, feeders are still among us friend.

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Pros / Cons

-Can push hard
-Good support
-Extreem range
-Very strong early game
-Good harraser
-Buffy with this build
-Great runner(especially with shurelya's reverie)
-Croud control makes her great during the whole game
-Great chaser
-Her ulti is crowd control+heal, which is great during teamfights
-Not played by many so you can almost always pick her
-Lot's of mana and health regen
-Funny joke ;P

-Squishy early game
-Mid/late game mediocre damage
-Not the best native skill
-Very hard to play for most people
-No hard burst damage, don't count on alot of kills or pentakills
-Long CD even with CD reduction
-Doesn't generate alot of money because she's not a killer

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Skill Sequence

Let's take a look on her skills and how they work.

Howling Gale: This is THE skill that makes or breaks Janna.
By creating a localized change in pressure and temperature, Janna is able to create a small storm that grows in size with time. She can active the spell again to release the storm. On release this storm will fly towards the direction it was cast in, dealing damage and knocking away any enemies in its path.

This ability works by pressing q and letting it load and it will release on it's own.
You can let it go earlier which is the reason why it makes or breakes.
Normally, just let it go and release by it's own, but when your escaping you will need to plant it in direction of the chasing enemy's and release it instantanously to whip them up in the air and run off. But more on escaping later on.(This tactic can also be used to chase ofcourse) This ability is mainly used to hit entire minion waves, not and will say it again NOT to hit champions. If you hit a champ, ok nice nice, but don't focus on them. Your ability's will do them severe damage early game but getting money and pushing is your main duty. To get to the full range of the ability you need to laod it fully. Can go through everything! Level this skill when you can.

Zephyr: This skill is nice for chasing, but mainly for running.
Janna summons an air elemental that passively increases her movement speed and enables her to pass through units. She may also activate this ability to deal damage and slow an enemy's movement speed.

This ability is easy to use if you know how. Never touch the ability unless you are chasing an enemy(alone or with a teammate/teammates) and know that you can kill them or if it can save your ***.
In every other ocasion DO NOT use this ability. If you do, it will just slow you down and will unable you to walk through minions, which you need to escape from possible ganking. If your being chased by just 1 enemy you can use it to hit the enemy to slow him down and run. Level this at level 4, this is about when you need, after that leave it for the end.

Eye Of The Storm: Use this to prevent damage and to buff a melee dps'er.
Janna conjures a defensive gale that shields her target from incoming damage and buffs them to increase their physical damage.

Do you remember that one time where you nearly survived, yeah it happens ALL THE TIME.
This skill makes you and most of the time your allies surive just that blow. It will also help a melee dps'er like Master Yi have that extra bit of life, do just that extra little damage, which in my knowledge stacks with lifesteal, too survive and make a pentakill or two. I always use this skill to make my allies do just that little more damage to destroy a tower and get out unscathed. Level this before Zephyr, you may have some ability power later on, but shielding enemy's better than doing damage. Remember no matter how you build Janna, you will always stay a support

MonsoonMainly used for escaping, but has many other uses.
Janna knocks surrounding enemies back and channels healing winds, restoring health to nearby allies each second for 4 seconds.

This ulti will make all the difference for you. As I said this is mainly used for escaping, but not only for you. You can also use it when for example your team loses a teamfight and is being chased. Just use this ability to send the enemy's away and run on using howling gale to slow the enemy team constantly. You can also use this skill good during teamfights when your team needs the extra health and/or time to fend of the heavy dps'ers of the enemy team. Another use of this skill is to use it after a teamfight and your team is low on health. Use it then and your team can go on pushing and they are near full health for the next teamfight. This skill used to be able to slow champions when they enter your circle again but this isn't the case anymore. This makes the usefullness in teamfight ALOT less and it will require you to watch your own health more during the ulti. Don't be afraid of running away during your ulti, the crowdcontrol effect is much more important than the heal/u]

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Skill Sequence

I put it here for the ones wandering, but there is no true skill sequence.
Use what you think is right for the moment. You are a support and don't have any combo's with your skills.

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Gameplay top/bottom

Now let's get to business, here I will show you how to play Janna on top/bottom lane.

Early game

Buy a Meki Pendant and a health potion or two, it doesn't really matter since if you play good you won't take any (significant)damage. Go to your lane and follow what your lanemate is doing, just protect him/her. When the minions come you can shine, throw Howling Gale at the minion waves every time one comes up and stay behind your minions. Help your lanemate in his every step, you are his source of pwnage. Go on and do this, you will know fast enough if you can play aggressive or not. When you have enough money, go back and buy a catalyst the protector and teleport back, Thats done in 20 seconds so don't worry about your tower or anything. If all goes well mid will help you sometimes and the enemy tower will be done in no-time. When this has happend you are probably in mid-game and people will start ganking, if the answer is yes then help your teammates in other lanes. If not then you can start mid-game with your lanemate or push to destroy the second tower, both are good.

Mid to late-game

Get your gear ready! With Janna it doesn't really matter if your not getting your items as fast as you did last game, but it does help, especially with your survivability. For this section of the game just mind about what I said at the skill section on how to use your skils and help your teammates. Did you notice how many times I said your .... in this guide? I did, that's because you always need to help help help YOUR teammates, that's your goal. especially in this section of the game. On another notice use teleport to get back and forth to get the items and to jump to towers to save them, that's all.

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Mid/solo lane

OMG everybody is locked in and there are no mid-champs!!

No need to worry, you are a perfectly good mid with Janna.
True you will do better in bot and top lane but I have been in mid lane often enough and you can pwn there too. Just use your Howling Gale all the same as in top/bot lane and before you know it their mid tower is gone. Enemy's are often stupid enough to go and walk in your Howling Gale trying to avoid it and when they go back to replenish their health thier turret is going down. Don't try and gank, you will fail almost every time because you are not made for that.
Playing mid with Janna is alot more relaxing than playing in top/bot lane, just play, watch top and bot lane now and then to be prepared for ganking and F*CK MID UP!. When you notice midgame has started just go on and do your thing in mid and help people just like you would when you started in bot/top lane. Thanks to shurelya's reverie and your skills there is no need to worry when getting ganked, so no need to worry ever with her.

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The items are self-explanatory, made for survivability and a boost to make your spells worthwhile.
Funny is that enemy champs will often attack you, but thanks to your build they are wasting their time because you are quite tanky during mid-game already.
I will update this section when I feel like and when I have the time.

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Truly, honestly, they don't really matter for Janna.
I myself have runes for mana regen, which will help particularly early game.
Beside from that, there really is no real need for runes, just go with what you like.
The beaty of this is that you don't have to buy extreemly expensive runes for her that you don't already have and it doesn't really matter if you aren't lvl 30 yet and that you barely have enough IP for a champion.

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Summoner Spells

I take Clarity and Teleport myself, just for when I and mainly my teammate needs mana and so that I can teleport when I need to.
clarity isn't a neccesity so you can take another summoner spell for that one.
I reccomend that you that Fortify or another support spell, your prefference truly.

I will expand this section further when I have the time and willing.

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Build Changelog

20 may 2011: Improved spelling. (You're is not your, Wollie YOU ARE such a dumb sh*t.)