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Shyvana Build Guide by Wollie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wollie

Shyvana - Oh Mah Gawd Those Procs (jungle)

Wollie Last updated on December 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Herro I'm Wollie and I've played shyvana for quite a bit now.
The reason I've made this guide is because I have absolutely nothing to do and I haven't seen one build I like on mobafire yet. The build that I use looks alot like procwicks because that's where the inspiration for this build came from.

Please read or try out shyvana with this build before you vote and/or comment.

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Pros / Cons

-High mid to endgame damage
-Fast jungler
-Good aoe damage with ultimate
-Very good 1v1 damage with this build
-Fast farmer because of her W and her Q with wriggles
-Tanky because of her ulti and this build
-No need to go back to base because of her lack of mana and great sustainability after wriggle's
-This build kinda counters the warmogs+atma's metagame that's going on atm
-Insainly cheap build
-Most awesome looking ultimate in game
-Very, very fun to play with

-No real gap closer
-No CC
-Very weak early game
-One of the worst gankers in game because of the lack of real gap closing and CC
-Needs good CC on team to shine
-You need good placement for her ganks to work

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Wriggle's Lantern, Bilgewater Cutlass and Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads

Even though this is the core I always get all the items in the build, I may get the items in a different order, but that's all.

Item explanation:

Wriggle's Lantern:

A must for an AD-jungler, simple as that. This item is so much more for Shyvana though, since her Q can proc this item too, your farming ability will go through the roof. The lifesteal, armour, damage and the free ward completes it for a very low price.

Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads:

Sorcerer's Shoes:

People unfamiliar with procwicks build will probably think that I'm crazy for using Sorcerer's Shoes but Wit's End, Malady and Madred's Bloodrazor all do magic damage and so does her W. So remember, your damage will increase alot from sorcerer's shoes. Only buy this if your enemys don't have that much cc.

Mercury's Treads:

Shoes to take when the enemy team has alot of cc. The extra magic resist is not too shabby either.

Bilgewater Cutlass:

You need have some form of cc and since Phage just isn't that reliable I suggest you take Bilgewater Cutlass for it's active. I suggest that you use your W to close the gap and/or ghost and when you're out of range for your auto-attacks you use the active. Also it gives extra damage and some good lifesteal. Builds into a Hextech Gunblade. I know that using an active item is had in the midst of combat, but if you can learn it, it's going to be a free kill everytime you can slow an enemy champion.

Wit's End:

Gives attack speed to speed up the CD on your Q and refreshes your ultimate faster. Some magic resistence which is nice against that insane damage casters deal early game. But at the pillar of it all stand it's passive. It gives you magic resist when you hit, with an auto-attack and Q that's a near instand 15 magic resist. But we do it for the extra damage, 42 bonus magic damage on each auto-attack, that's 126 extra!!! damage with an auto-attack Q combo, I call that insane for something that you can do in less then a second. Very cheap item too.


Attackspeed, some AP for your E and ultimate and a really good passive. 20 bonus damage per strike and it reduces their magic resist by 6 per strike(24 max). Ok, so with the bonus magic damage u could deal 60 magic damage in less then a second, ok I'd call that a succes, but now the mothership comes in. It reduces the enemy's magic damage alot, this synergises godly with the extra magic damage you deal and your W, E, ultimate and other procs. Great item, and yet again very cheap.

Madred's Bloodrazor:

Again attackspeed, some damage, some armour and an awesome passive. 4% of the total HP of a champion, can you see those 12% knock-off of them from an auto-attack Q combo? I can, and I have lot's of times. I just love it when I see people stack hp and think they can't be stopped.

Hextech Gunblade:

This just complete's the build really well. All of that extra magic damage just loves some spellvamp and so do your W, E, and ultimate. The active workes with spellvamp too, remember that when your in dire straits.

Bonus damage:
be aware of lot's of math, if you just want to know the bonus damage skip to the orange text

Here's the real reason for chosing this build. The bonus damage you deal with wit's end, malady and madred's bloodrazor is good on it's own. Shyvana makes this damage epic with her Q, let's do a little math.

Let's say your facing a carry and with the combonation of your sorcerer's shoes and malady's magic penetration their magic resistence is 0. You're fighting them 1v1. The bonus damage you deal from your items is:
20(malady) + 42(wit's end) + 4%hp(madreds)=62+4%hp bonus magic damage per auto-attack.
Now where having an attack speed of about 2, a bit higher but let's be nice to the enemy carry, that's 124+8%hp bonus magic damage a second. Add the 2 attacks you gain from Q every 3 seconds(6s CD - (0,5s * 2 + 6/2) = 3s) that's (124+8%hp * 3) + 124+8%hp = 496+32%hp bonus magic damage per 3 seconds. The average has about 2k hp so 1% would be 20hp, adding that in the calculations that would make 496+32*20= 1136 hp.
That's 1136hp bonus magic damage per 3 seconds that you're doing. On this damage you're going to receive spell vamp. Add this with the normal damage you do with auto-attacks and abilty's you do and you've got yourself a dead carry.

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Jungling(aka how to play)

Shyvana is one of those easy to learn hard to master champions. This is because of her lack of CC, this makes you depended on great positioning. Her ultimate requires quite some skill too. But that will be covered later, first her jungling!


Buy a vamperic scepter, go to the wolves and ask your teammates to defend the jungle.
Focus on the large wolves and kill the other after him. Then run to the wraiths.
Smite the big one and clear the rest with W and Q. Remember to use Q directly after an auto-attack to maximize damage. Run to the golems and rape them. Go back and buy a cloth armour.
Now you can gank if a teammates asks and is certain you can get the kill, if you're not at least 75% certain then don't gank, just go on with jungling. Go to the blue buff golem or red buff if your teammates have some nice CC and clear your jungle again except for red buff or blue buff. Go back and buy what you can to complete wriggle's. Clear jungle after that and just go and gank where possible and jungle like a boss. when you have wriggle's you farm like an idiot, the speed of it just doesn't make sense. W + Q just completely rape minion waves and neutral monsters.

The rest of the game your job is to farm in the jungle, gank and decemate the enemy's in team fights. Remember to always face as much people as possible and try not to follow running champions, you do alot more for your team if you stay until the end of the teamfight.

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Skills and Skill Sequence

Fury of the Dragonborn:

Read the description and read it well.

Twin Bite:

Your bread and butter from when you have wriggle's and onwards. Always use this ability after an auto-attack to maximize your damage. Also the reason why we start with a vamperic scepter. The reason why we don't level this first but second is because is better in early game and all twin bite gains is a little bit of damage but a nice cooldown for when u have your procs(which is going to be mid game).


Your jack of all trades ability. Use it to chase, run, kill and farm. If you use it before going into dragon mode it works like Corki's Valkyrie and sets a buring trail. When the chance is there use W, then ulti over every enemy champion, this will decimate every enemy champion in a team fight. We level this first for it's speedbuff and farming use.

Flame Breath:

Nothing special, take one point in lvl 4 because it gives you a small ranged nuke you can spam. But most importantly is the debuff, it just synergizes really well with other AD-champions, which is a big plus when ganking. The debuff is also 15% at all ranks, so why waste more points? In dragon form it's an AoE debuff, you just have to love that.

Dragon's Descent:

Dragon-mode, well I'm just going to say it, most awesome looking ultimate in game. It starts in a dash which will make you look like moltres and does a small knockback and a little damage. When u are next to an enemy champion and your thinking "Well gee Macy, let's push this little bandit into our team and rape him." don't use the full range of it. The knockback is very small and all your giant epic jump will do is get you out of range from your targed. The ultimate will also give you AoE damage on all of your ability's. It does not give you more damage. If you find yourself in a 1v1 and you're on the losing side, pop your ultimate for the damage from the jump and the extra armour and magic resist you gain in dragon form.

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3 x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

6 x Greater Mark of Attack Speed

9 x Greater Seal of Armor

9 x Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

3 x Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

Somewhat standerd runes for a jungler.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for the huge amounts of magic damage you'll be pouring out.
Greater Mark of Attack Speed to get your jungling going and the attackspeed works well with nearly every ability.
Greater Seal of Armor so you can make it out of your jungle in the early levels.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction cooldown reduction is pretty much all you want on a non-mana champion, we'll be taking the reduction per level runes because you just want all the reduction you can get end game.
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration again for the huge amounts of magic damage you're going to deal. I personally don't have these, I use Greater Quintessence of Desolation because I just can't afford 3 Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration at the moment.

You can use your own runes to suit your own taste but if you're going to jungle, which is what you want to do with Shyvana, always take Greater Seal of Armor or else your jungle will inevitably fail. These runes just seem to complement this build greatly.

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I use 1/20/9 for the best jungle and survivability throughout the game.
Short and simple, I have tried out other masteries but it just didn't work for me.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is a must for every jungler, don't go into the jungle without it.(unless you're a shaca but then why would you read this guide?)

Ghost because we're going to need a gap closer that takes just a second or two longer then flash. Gap-closer of choice for me on Shyvana.

Flash, I guess you could, if you're a flash addict like 90% of the players on LoL and you need it to breathe, then yes, If you dare to sail over the seven seas to find a magical unicorn which will lead you to victorty, then for the love of god, don't take flash.

Exhaust This is a valid summoner spell if you don't like ghost. but if you do it for the slow, then why can't you just wait untill you have the bilgewater cutlass? The equation for me on this matter is: Ghost> Exhaust.

When you go jungle Shyvana, then don't even think about getting any other summoner spell. If you are a solo top addict and want to try Shyvana out on solo top, then I suggest you take Ghost and Cleanse.

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When to play shyvana

This is something special that Shyvana just cannot go around, who to play with.
Shyvana is a great champion, she really is, but don't play her on solo queue, just don't.
I have good scores on Shyvana, but only when I play with premades. Shyvana is the type of champion that needs that extra bit of teamplay, that extra bit of right timing and the right teamcomposition to shine. Try to let your teammates pick champions that have hard CC, like stuns, then all you need to do is what you're good at with Shyvana, which is doing some real damage.

My advice, play with mates, or don't pick shyvana.

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This is the end of the guide, congratulations, YOU HAVE MADE IT!!!
...Ok, back to normal.
I hope you like what I wrote, if not then give me some constructive criticism, not just ranting about how Reginald playes Shyvana and I'm an idiot for not playing her like he does. (Yes I pretty much had somebody saying that to me once for not playing a champion like him.) This is my way of playing her, but any tips and tricks are always welcome. For all of the spelling checkers out there, I just want to say that if you see a mistake, pls PM me. Special thanks to Stonewall, I kinda took his jungle route. I'll be making the guide prettier if the rating goes above 75%.


14/11/11: just finished a guide to an awesome champion.
11/12/11L: changed masteries to new masteries and made "When to play Shyvana