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League of Legends Build Guide Author AllOriginalNicknamesTaken

Janna-.The Sexy Support

AllOriginalNicknamesTaken Last updated on October 3, 2012
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Janna,Fury of The Storm (The Copy-Paste Chapter)

There are those sorcerers who give themselves over to the primal powers of nature, forgoing the learned practice of magic. Such a sorceress is Janna, who first learned magic as an orphan growing up admist the chaos that is the city-state of Zaun. Janna eked out what living she could on the streets. Life was tough and dangerous for the beautiful young girl, and she survived by her wits, and by stealing when wits weren't enough. The rampant magic that characterizes Zaun was the first and most alluring tool which Janna realized could both protect and elevate her. Janna discovered that she had an affinity for a particular type of magic - the elemental magic of air. She mastered her studies of air magic in a matter of months, almost as if she was born of it. Janna went from a street vagrant to an avatar of the air virtually overnight, stunning and surpassing those who taught her. Such a rapid ascension also changed her physical appearance, giving her an otherworldly look.

Seeking to right the injustice in the world (particularly the insanity that has become the city of Zaun), Janna has brought her talents to the League. She is a voice for the regulation of magical experimentation and a supporter of the development of techmaturgy, making her an indirect ally of the city-state of Piltover and the amazing techmaturgical minds that live there. Janna is also a new favorite of the League's many fans. She is often the center of attention at functions, fan appreciation days, and other celebratory events. There is something untouchable about Janna, however, and her affections can change as quickly as the wind.

Do not be captivated by Janna's beauty. Like the wind, she is too sexy to be handled

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Pros And Cons

-High Crowd Control
-Very fast and mobile
-Dominant but Safe
-Powerful In Teamfights
-High posibility to escape any chasing *****
-Has alot of fun and sexy tricks
-Not Lane partner based as long as its an AD Carry

-Squishy with all cooldowns popped
-No Early game heals

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Hollowing Gale

By creating a localized change in pressure and temperature, Janna is able to create a small storm that grows in size with time. She can active the spell again to release the storm. On release this storm will fly towards the direction it was cast in, dealing damage and knocking away any enemies in its path.

Spell Summary
Janna summons a mighty whirlwind, which she can release to deal (60/85/110/135/160) (+(0.75 per ability power point)) + (25/33.75/42.5/51.25/60) (for each second it charges) magic damage to all targets in its path, in addition to knocking them into the air. The distance traveled by the whirlwind increases for each second it channels.

Tips on how to use this spell:

Hollowing Gale is a really useful and powerful disable spell at early and high levels.One rank in it will do for an entire game until you actually want to max it for just some extra damage and less cooldown (When your all other abilities are maxed).You should only use its knockback but at 2-4 levels its a incredibly powerful harass tool.This ability should be maxed by level 18 and first rank took at level 2.

Here are some more colorful ways to use her Q:

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Zephyr - Janna summons an air elemental that passively increases her Movement Speed and enables her to pass through units. She may also activate this ability to deal damage and slow an enemy's Movement Speed.
Passive: Increases Movement Speed by 4/7/10/13/16% and ignores unit collision.

Active: Deals 60/115/170/225/280 (+0.6) magic damage to an enemy and slows their Movement Speed by 24/30/36/42/48% for 3 seconds. Passive benefit is lost while Zephyr is on cooldown.

Tips on how to use her W:
Zephyr is a very fun but short ranged ability that can either give you passive speed or give someone a few seconds of walking slow like hell.The tricky part is do you want to slow someone or give yourself extra passive movement.If you are fighting againist someone that has no slowing abilities like for example Xerath you should use the passive to move away from the enemy.But if you are fighting againist someone with a slow like Tryndamere you should use it right at the moment they use their slow to make you equally slow giving you both your "normal" speed once it comes to comparison.
And ofcourse here is a more colorful way to use this ability:

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Eye of the Storm

Janna shields her target, absorbing 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+90% of ability power) damage and buffs them, increasing their attack damage by 14 / 23 / 32 / 41 / 50 for 5 seconds (can target Turrets) or until the shield is broken.

Tips on how to use this spell:
This spell is Janna's main support ability and thats why it should be maxed first.This ability can match AD of a BF Sword aka. Can give an ally 50 attack damage which is truely powerful and some noos would say "OP" Havent heard that too oftenly but it bothers me in a way.However....This ability gives Janna a con:


Her shield must be used to save allies and to give allies AD.Giving a shield to an ally that isnt AD will help that ally but if its not AD Carry the extra AD Buff will be unbelivably useless.But if not given to the ally to trouble the ally might die...But your AD Carry will get extra AD!But the other ally will die....Yeah that hardly made any sence...:)
More colorful way of using her E:

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Moonson (Or as i call it *****slapidity Circle)

Janna knocks surrounding enemies back 875 units and channels healing winds, restoring 70 / 110 / 150 (+35% of ability power) health to nearby allies each second for 4 seconds.

I Really cant say anything about this ability more then this Youtube video can:

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Babysitting your Carry (Ignore this if you know what Babysitting is...)

Ok first of all-For those who dont know what is babysitting i will quickly explain it to you

Babysitting is a support tactic that helps your AD Carries farm.Giving them minion last hits for greater items.But why would you want to give all the gold to your Carry?Carries are usually very item dependant while you are more dependant on your reflexes and tools.

But however all of us need gold.So its good to invest in items like Heart of Gold
Kage's Lucky PickKage's Lucky Pick and Philosophers stonePhilosopher's stone for some direct gold advantage to keep up,but lets return to the topic.

Janna's can give alot of AD to your AD Carry allowing it to farm easier early game and harass.Using it frequently will take away your mana but not using it will bring you to a level where you are not using your most useful ability and letting farming be a simple experience that ****py champions like Soraka can offer.But no!You are Janna here:)

All in all you should offer alot with your E and allow your carry to farm and harass easier but overspamming it will cause you to quickly run out of mana,So you should use it when your carry has gained some advantage and dominance in the lane so he is prepared to strike hard when your enemies want to make a move while also giving it a more free space to farm...

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My Item choices

Ok lets be quick here.
I usually dont when people start when Faerie Charm and 3 Sight wardssight ward and stuff.It gives you some cheap mana regeneration,More wards then nessesary for a quick laning phase which you want.
So this is a build that personally i use each game as Janna and its explanations
Opening items:
Boots of Speed Sight ward Health Potion
Boots of speed will allow you to abuse your mobility and run quickly.Sight ward like as any other should be used to a location where you need the most vision and Health Potion will allow you to stay in lane longer.

First Recall Items:
Cloth Armor Ruby Crystal
Second Recall Items:
Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal
Whenever you get the ****ing money
Boots of Swiftness

Since then the upgrading starts
First Ruby Crystal becomes Heart of Gold
Second Ruby Crystal becomes Catalyst The Protector
Third Ruby Crystal and Aegis of the Legion

By the time you get all the items the late game begins where you will want to upgrade:
Catalyst The Protector to Rod of Ages
Build a Shurleya's Reverie
Heart of Gold to Locket of Iron Solari

After that you will have your 5 item slots taken and 1 free giving you enough space to continiously buy wards.

All in all this build covers any counter,can help 99% of your team and give you alot of CDR,Sustain and mobility.

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Lane Partners

OK...Lets be realistic......Janna can support any AD Carry.
All AD Carries can have benefits from her abilities and especially her R.I will name you some of the most frequent AD Carry choices and why can Janna lane good with them
Miss Fortune Impure Shots and Eye Of The Storm ldcan make an amazing combo covering both Attack damage and Attack speed in one giving an amazing damage output
Tristana Just like with Miss Fortune.Using your Eye Of The Storm with Rapid Shot is insane.
Caitlyn Using Janna's Eye Of The Storm when Caitlyn has her passive activated does wild harassment.Also can give her somme extra damage while she is firing Ace in the Hole ensuring enough damage for the kill
Ashe Combinizing Ashes high damage especially when she has her fully stacked Focus can make a wild damage combo with once again your Eye Of The Storm

Also,Each champion can benefit from your Hollowing Gale and Zephyr and ofcourse Moonson but it wasnt worth specificly mentioning

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I am not sure am i allowed to do this.
But i would suggest you to watch this warding guide.It will help you alot more then i could ever do

Guide Top


To be honest.I will just say this.I dont even know why am i or anyone else doing this section.Im sure noone would ever buy runes for a random guide instead of the ones they already have.But for those that are interested in which and why do i use should see this

Greater Mark of Magic Resist
To be honest...I only take this mark becouse there are no better or so-be-called "Interesting" choices

Greater Seal of Vitality
Janna has always been an easy focus without her cooldowns especially at late game.These runes will help her get some late game sustain giving her a decent advantage over her enemies fairly.Also i use these becouse they are cheap and can be used in alot of rune pages:D...Just being honest...And very cheap :)

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
As i earlier mentioned.Janna is WEAK with all her cooldowns active.Having some cooldown reduction will sure help

Greater Quintessence of Replenishemnt
Simple:You just dont want to get OOM while spamming those shields in lane and seriously-Something has to give you somemore mana regen if your using MY build.

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And now...

Ok first.I have seen this on many guides and i dont want to see this on first of mine...Please?In the comments i HATE when people simply come and write:I dont like this guide and i use it diffriendly and i find my better.BEECOUSE this is my way of doing it and i have found it very decent and i hope it helps other people.For those that have any method of helping me improve this guide are surely welcome <3