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Janna Build Guide by Annabelle

Janna, the supporting sorceress.

Janna, the supporting sorceress.

Updated on July 25, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Annabelle Build Guide By Annabelle 36 7 37,938 Views 42 Comments
36 7 37,938 Views 42 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Annabelle Janna Build Guide By Annabelle Updated on July 25, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Introduction to the guide and playing a support. ♥

Hi, my name is Anna and I would just like to say that I do not in any way, shape or form claim to be the best Janna player in League of Legends. This is simply my interpretation of the character, and how I feel she is best played. Note that This is my first guide here on Mobafire, so i'm sorry if it's not the best, but if it helps you play the character at hand then my goal is accomplished.

Here are some of latest scores I have which prove this build works, and in ranked too; I had a Janna spree in ranked today and in some games I got focused quite badly which is why I have around 5 deaths. Focusing support = bad ;3 But good for my team as the bad team focus from the enemy helped result us in wins.

I hope you enjoy the guide!

Why support?
  • Support is an important role which is often overlooked, regardless of the ELO rating. By it's very name, the role of 'Support' is to in fact support the team by providing a minimum, but useful amount of damage output, and their prime use is CC'n the enemy to help your team execute kills a lot easier.
  • They provide an important amount of lane sustain to ensure the carry of your team gets a good amount of farm, and at times kills which will definitely help them carry the game later on. I think of a support as a carry to the carry (try saying that five times over) because during the early course of the game it is their responsibly to help the carry reach his/her true potential. It requires a lot of teamwork and communication, but it can easily be done! A fed carry is definitely an advantage for your team, and if they do get fed early game a big part of that is thanks to you.

What should I do when playing support?

  • Allow your carry to take all of the farm when you are in lane together. The only exception for you killing minions is when you have been left in the lane by yourself. Only then should you kill minions to prevent your lane getting pushed, but if possible leave any and all minions you think your carry is capable of getting gold from. After-all, more gold = more items for the carry which = stronger carry overall which = easier kills and more assists/gold for you.

  • Ward the map. I cannot stress enough how important wards are. They are one of the best items in the game because they provide map awareness. Map awareness can help your team set-up gank opportunities, but they also take away gank opportunities from the enemy teamif you can see them arranging an ambush as the map awareness should give you enough time to react if your ward placements are done so correctly. Note; They are definitely important within the first 15 minutes of the game because throughout this duration the Jungler will make many attempts to gank you, and early game is when you are most vulnerable.

  • Ward the neutral monsters like the Dragon, Baron, and the enemies red and blue buff, so you are aware of when it has spawned so your team can potentially kill it. Also, to see whether the enemy team are attempting to kill it or not, because if you can get the gold and additional buffs from some of these neutral monsters it will definitely be a big bonus for your team. Warding them whilst the enemy are currently initiated is also important as your team can possibly ambush at the last second and steal the kill.

  • Buy items which provide auras for your team. These will help your team out a lot.
    The bonus armor, magic resistance, attack speed or whatever bonuses the item comes with will hall benefit you and your team in group fights.

  • If nobody else on your team has an oracle, buy one. Destroying the enemy teams wards will definitely be a big advantage for your team, especially your jungler as it will take away their awareness on particular areas on the map so it will be a lot harder for them to gank or watch you're doing. It will also allow you to see invisible items such as Teemo's shrooms which can be a pain if you walk into them, and Vision Ward's which links back to taking away the enemies map awareness on that particular area, leaving them vulnerable to ganks. Destroying these items will provide you with 25g each, so it's definitely worth getting one. Try not to die, or you will lose the oracle.

  • Buy gold per second items. You will be leaving the minions to your team members, so you need all the gold you can get. Hopefully within the first 10-15 minutes you should have your
    philosopher's stone and Heart of Gold which will give you a lot more gold alongside your
    Greater Quintessence of Gold's. These items lead into your end-game items which provide good auras for your team, so it's not like you're buying them just for the sake of gold. They're part of your build to make you an even more useful support.
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The Advantages and Disadvantages to a Support Janna. ♥

+ Advantages
  • High mobility. She has an incredible movement speed compared to most champions which makes initiating and escaping with her so much easier.
  • High amount of CC. By CC, I mean crowd control. She has an amazing knockup which can interrupt an entire team. A slow with a long, and useful duration which makes it hard to outrun Janna, and an ultimate which can scatter, or put the enemy team into an unexpected scenario.
  • 2 AOE CC's. Like I said before, her Howling Gale (Q) can knock up, and interrupt the entire enemy team if used correctly, and her ultimate will effect everyone within the radius.
  • Shield includes an AD boost. Your carry, and other AD reliant characters will love you for this. At level five you will be granted 50 attack damage, which is more or less a free B. F. Sword.
  • Her ultimate heals if further channeled. It isn't the best of heals, and shouldn't really be used for this, but some heal is better than no heal, right?
  • Doesn't rely on items to be useful. By this, I mean Janna is incredibly good at disrupting, and executing enemies with her use of CC without items. Obviously she would be more useful with items, but early-game she is still very useful and helpful to your team.
+ Disadvantages
  • No healing sustain for in-lane phasing. Her ultimate Monsoon can include healing, but it should not be used for this. However, if you're in a situation where you need to heal then do so.
  • The heal on her ultimate scales from AP, and as you're not building AP the heal wont be that effective, but it's still useful.
  • She's not a tanky support like Alistar or Leona. In fact, she's quite squishy, so just be careful when initiating with her.
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Summoner Spells. ♥

When playing Janna, I usually take exhaust as a Summoner Spell about 90% of the time. It provides great utility by slowing down the enemy + reducing their armor and magic resist. You should always apply this to the enemy AD carry unless he is dead, obviously. This will make them a lot more easier, faster and vulnerable to kill, especially early game, and with all the CC you and your team will be applying, it will make it pretty much impossible for them to escape unless they escape with a smart Flash use.

Using Clairvoyance allows you to see a certain area of the map for a small duration. This is mostly used to track down and search for the enemy Jungler to bring awareness for your team, or just to see whether or not the opposing team has set up any potential gank opportunities in an area you have not yet warded. If requested by my team I will take this instead of Exhaust, but with a good use of wards it isn't really necessary.

Heal is good because it gives Janna another skill for in-lane sustain, and compliments her lack of heal, but usually the enemy carry will take this skill anyway and one is all that is necessary. Sometimes the carry will take Exhaust, so if this is the case then you should take heal. However, if you can encourage them to take heal then do so and come to a compromise by taking Exhaust, but if you want two heals then by all means do so. You know your playing style best, and if this is what fits you best then don't let me put you off. It is a useful and beneficial bonus for Janna's lack of healing nonetheless.

I take this on Janna 100% of the time. It is a great escape, and initiating mechanism. I never play a game without taking Flash, because I don't think there has been a single game where flash has not saved my life. It is an amazing spell, and incredibly useful.

Personally my favorite combination to use on Janna is Exhaust, and Flash. I feel this helps my lane reach it's full potential during fights because of the lowered armor and magic resistance on the applied AD Carry (preferably), and the flash can help me escape if need be, or catch up to an enemy that is trying to escape. I recommend you always take flash though. It is vital for escaping, and setting up opportunities for your team which will be further explained in the skills section.

The Summoner Spells that I have not mentioned such as Ignite, Teleport, etc I recommend you never use on a support so there is no need for an explanation as you should not be using these.
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Masteries. ♥

Selecting either Summoner's Wrath , Summoner's Resolve , or Summoner's Insight for your masteries depends on the Summoner Spells you will be taking. Only pick the one which aquires the bonuses to your spells.

I only want to take one skill from the offense tree because as i'm taking Exhaust as a Summoner Spell, I want the bonuses that come with it. This is why the only mastery I am choosing in this section is Summoner's Wrath because I want to lower my targets armor and magic resistance by ten upon use.

I take some masteries in the defense tree because I will be in the lane where the enemies AD carry is, I want Hardiness for the extra armor so his attacks hit me less, the only reason I take Resistance is because I need the four points in that section for Durability , for the extra health per level, but one magic resist is better than 0 I suppose. The reasoning for my selections in the defense tree is for more survivability and in-lane sustain.

The utility tree is important because you need the cooldown reduction, mana, and the mana regeneration. Greed will help you buy more items from the gold per second income, and Scout because you will be using a lot of wards, and the more range for vision the better. The other masteries aren't that useful, but they're still bonuses. Besides, you need them to complete the tree.
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Runes. ♥

This is my first choice, and the Quintessence I recommend you take. You wont be taking kills, or farming, so you need all the gold you can get. 3 gold every ten seconds does not sound like a lot of gold, but it stacks up fast, and you need all the gold you can get to complete your items faster.

I have used this before, and the extra ability power does help. It strengthens your shield, and your ulti will heal more as both scale from AP. Also it's more damage, but hardly noticeable late-game.
This is my first choice, and the Mark I recommend you take. You will not be dealing damage, but some AD carries and supports scale some magic damage in their skills, so taking less damage from them means you wont die as quick, and you wont lose as much health when they harass. Also, in team fights if the AP carry hits you, you will take less damage, and a dead support is a useless support.

greater mark of desolation I have used this before, and it is great for harassing. Remember, you should always focus on harassing the carry. When doing so you should activate your Eye Of The Storm and normal attack the carry, the extra AD damage from the shield and armor penetration can take away good chunks of his/her health. Plus it's always fun to annoy them.
These are the only seals I recommend you take, because you need the armor. After-all, the enemy carry is the main damage dealer within that lane, and usually the prime damage late-game, and the more armor you stack, the less damage he will do. This is important because you do not want to die from the enemy carry, because dying to a carry is what makes him fed, and a fed enemy carry = BAD.
greater glyph of replenishment You need the mana regeneration so that you can stay in lane longer. You will be using your E
( Eye Of The Storm) a lot to shield your carry from enemy the enemy harass to make sure that your shield obtains the damage, and not your carry's health. This is all about timing, and when done correctly this partly makes up for Janna's lack of health sustain within the lane. You also need enough mana to harass the the enemy carry as much as you can, and hopefully you and your carry will be able to fully initiate and get the kill. However, if they get away and both you and your partner have enough health to stay in the lane to push the tower, you want to have enough mana to escape from potential ambushes whilst attempting to doing so. After-all, if both teams return to base because of lack of sustain, then you haven't really gained anything.
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Skills Sequence; Explanations and Combinations. ♥

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Quite possibly the best passive in the game. Everybody on your team receives a 3% movement speed buff whilst you are alive. Note; Once you die, your team will no longer have this movement speed bonus until you respawn.

You create a storm which grows with time. You can activate the skill again (Press Q) to release it early, or let it channel for it's full duration which will then release by itself. The longer it channels the more damage it will do, and the higher+longer it will knock them up for. You can use this to chase down enemies, or as an escape mechanism when being chased because you can interrupt there skills and hit them in the air so you can get away faster. It uses up more mana and does more damage per level, and you do not want either of these so you max this skill last.

Your movement speed is increased when Zephyr is not on cooldown. When used on an enemy it will slow them down. You should use this when chasing down an enemy, or when an enemy is chasing down one of your allies with low health so you can help your team-mate get away. I recommend you don't use this when trying to escape because you will lose the movement speed buff. Per level your movement speed is increased, the slow duration is longer, and the cooldown is reduced.

This is your 'E' ability. You can cast a shield on yourself, or an ally, or one of your turrets to absorb a certain amount of damage. You or your ally will also receive some bonus attack damage upon casting, but you will only have the bonus damage until the shield breaks. Try and use this on your carry before they get hit by skills. For example, if Ashe uses Volley and it looks as if it will hit your carry, quickly try and shield them so that the shield absorbs the damage, and not your carries health. Timing is vital. I recommend you use this on your AD carry during team fights, because at level five it grants 50 AD damage, which is basically a free B. F. Sword for a small duration, but obviously you shouldn't use it on your carry if another team member is dying.

When using your ultimate you will push enemies away from you, and if you continue to channel the skill you will heal everyone inside the zone for a small duration. You can also push enemies over walls and through bushes. You should use this when;
  • Escaping from an enemy, or protecting an ally. Use it to push them away from you, or your team mate to give them more time to escape. Follow it up with a Howling Gale just to disrupt the enemy further.
  • Scatter enemies during team fights to stop them attacking, and allow your team to quickly take down those close. (This depends on how well you position it. Practise makes perfect)
  • Use it to push enemies away from the baron or dragon and over the wall so that you can steal it. (Again positioning is vital)
  • Push away enemy champions who have lethal AOE ultis, for example Kennen and Fiddlesticks. Their ultis can be disastrous to your team in group fights, but if you ulti them away (look for a bush or something to push them through) then you are keeping your team out of harms way.

    I cannot stress enough how important positioning is. When you're not careful your ultimate can actually help out the enemy team, instead of your team.

    /league-of-legends/champion/malphite-35 /league-of-legends/summoner-spell/flash-14
    • Use Zephyr to slow down the enemy, and then use Howling Gale to knock them up. The slow from applied to the enemy from Zephyr will make it a lot harder for them to dodge your howling gale.
    • To stop an enemy from escaping, a basic combo I use is this; If you have Exhaust, use that alongside your Zephyr, then use your Howling Gale to knock them up. If you are fast enough you can then move in front of them to use Monsoon which will push the enemy back, which will give your team more time to kill them. If you cannot get in front of them in time, you can always use Flash to help position your ultimate, but make sure you are definitely in front of them as you do not want to push them further ahead and help them escape.
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Items. ♥

Item Sequence

Health Potion 50
Stealth Ward 0
Nomad's Medallion 850
Heart of Gold 825
Boots 300
Aegis of the Legion 1200
Ionian Boots of Lucidity 950
Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Locket of the Iron Solari 2300
Zeke's Harbinger 2250
Your starting items should be; 1x Faerie Charm, 1x Health Potion, 2x sight ward's and 1x Vision Ward. You start with these because you need the mana regeneration, especially early game. The health pot for some lane stability, and the wards to be aware of potential gank opportunities created by the team (especially the enemy Jungler as he/she usually tends to gank early, and early-game is when your team is most vulnerable.) The sight ward is to counter an enemy ward to make ganking early-game for your Jungler a lot easier.
Item explanation

philosopher's stone These items will provide you with the gold to help you buy wards for your team and finish off your end-game items. The health and mana regeneration provides you with more sustain and will allow you to stay in lane a lot longer. The extra health from Heart of Gold will make you more tankier.

This item provides you with health, armor, and magic resistance which will acquire you with the survivability you need, especially early game. The aura will give +12 armor, +12 magic resistance, and + 8 damage to nearby ally champions which will help them out a lot.

I have used all three boot sets on Janna, and found each to be useful in their own way.
Ionian boots of Lucidity; The cooldown reduction will help you out a lot, and you wont have any until you start building Shurelya's Battlesong. After all, more cooldown reduction = Faster shields, slows, knockups, and heal/push backs from your skills.

Mercury's Treads; If the enemy team has a lot of magic damage, and a lot of CC I find that these boots are best because they provide you with some extra magic resistance + 35 Tenacity.

Boots of mobility; I hardly ever use these, but these boots give Janna amazing mobility. She can initiate a lot faster, which means she can catch up with enemies and slow+ knock them in the air, plus move in front of the enemy to initiate her ultimate which will push them back and towards your team mates for potential kills. It's always fun if they're trying to escape.

This item provides you with health + mana and health regenations, and cooldown reductions. This will make you more tankier and keep you alive longer. Also, the passive is very good for chasing down enemies, and escaping from them.

This locket gives near-by allies +15 health regenation, which synchronizes very well with the aegis of legion. It also provides you with armor and health which again, will increase your survivability. Also, the active is pretty amazing as it shields all allies and absorbs damage, as well as ensure you get assists on all kills throughout that duration.

zeke's herald The chances of your AD carry being primarily targeted during team fights is high, so giving near-by allies +20% attack speed + 12% life steal will restore him/her more health per hit, and help him/her take down enemy champions a lot faster. Also, building this item will give you even more cooldown reduction than you perhaps need, so maybe taking Mercury's Treads will be a more valid choice of boots for the extra magic resistance, but I am a sucker for cooldown reduction, so taking the CDR boots is something I personally prefer. Also, it will give you +250 health, and the more health the better. Some people may argue that I should take Banshee's Veil as a fifth item because the passive can help you block out one negative skill from the enemy champion, but late game this is practically useless because blocking one spell will hardly make any noticeable difference from the many others being used, and in most games the enemy tend to focus mainly on selected targets, so I highly doubt blocking one spell will make much difference, besides you also need to be able to initiate correctly with the shield, as well as worry about using your skills within the team fight, which lets be honest is a little too much for one person to handle during one time. At least with Zeke, the passive is automatically applied to near-by allies, and the carry will love you even more because of the life steal! :)

Extra items
You should buy these whenever you can, because if you know where an enemies ward is, you can plant this ward there and destroy it (taking away their map awareness on that area which creates more opportunities for your team to gank + gaining 25 gold) You should also use this item to ward the Dragon and Baron, because the enemy is likely to ward these monsters at all times close to their respawn, so taking away their map awareness on these monsters will help your team create the perfect opportunity to kill these momsters, and without wards being able to locate you in site due to your Vision Ward, it will be pretty difficult to steal it from you also unless they attack you directly from the entrance.

This item will allow you to see all visible items such as Vision Ward's, sight ward's, and invisible champions such as Twitch, Evelynn, and Teemo + his shrooms, but once you die you will lose the Oracle, so be careful when checking for wards.

Situational items (5th item);

If you have a heavily based AP team, than this item would be more useful than Zeke's. + the extra AP, and spell-vamp is a bonus for you. Buy this before Shurelya's.

If the enemies team have a heavily based AD team, then the reduced attack speed can help out a lot more then you may appreciate. Buy this before Shurelya's.

If the enemy team have a lot of CC, then this item is good and can help restore a team fight. For example, gallio, or amunu. Their ults can be disastrous, but if you use the active and send a Howling Gale at them, then this should disable the skill and help save your team. Also build this before Shurelya's.
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Map Awareness. ♥

  • If you take Clairvoyance as a Summoner Spell, you will be using this to track down missing enemies, and primarily the Jungler early-game.
  • sight ward's to gain map awareness on particular areas of the map which will help arrange and prevent ganks.
  • Vision Ward's to take away enemies map awareness by destroying wards, especially ones planted by the dragon and baron .
  • Oracles to see all invisible objects like previously stated in the 'Items' section.

    Warding the map is essential, especially for top and bottom lane, but usually the top and middle lane will ward their own area, so creating awareness for you and your AD carry is important. You want to ward the bushes nearest to you, and the dragon so you can check for ganks and have time to react. Also, if you have the chance to destroy the opposing teams wards then do, because taking away their map awareness makes ganking for your team a lot easier.

    Another form of map awareness is keeping track of neutral monsters. By monsters I mean the Baron, Dragon, + Red and Blue buffs. The Barons respawn time = 7 minutes. The Dragons respawn time = 6 minutes, and the Red and Blue buffs respawn time = 5 minutes. So, when they die make sure to type in the chat when they will be respawning. For example, if the Dragon dies at 18 minutes, type in the chat Dragon respawn; @ 24 minutes. Or something you and your team can understand.
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Janna + AD Carry combinations. ♥

Personally, the best combination I find is Janna + Ashe. They both have a good use of CC, especially slowing down the enemy as well as Janna's knockup and ultimate, and Ashe's stun.

Other combinations;
Janna + Tristana is good because of Tristana's range. When Janna slows and knocks the enemy up, this gives Tristana more time to attack them, and even when the enemy is running away they are sometimes still in range for her, and she can even use her skill Rocket Jump if she needs to catch up and hopefully get a kill. Also, you can always use your ulti to push them towards the opposite way if you need more time.

Janna + Graves is good because of Grave's high burst damage. If Janna can keep Graves shielded, whilst slowing and knocking up the enemy champion for as long as she can, hopefully Graves can kill them fast with his skills.

Janna + Kog'Maw is good because again, her Q and W ability will keep the enemy at bay with Kog's added slow, and spam of his ulti which will score a high damage output.

Janna + Miss Fortune i've had cases where as Janna i've slowed and disabled the enemy whilst Miss Fortune's added more slow with Make it Rain, and with her Impure Shots she has faster attack speed + the extra AD damage from your Eye Of The Storm skill, so hopefully she can take down enemies fast.

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Credits and Conclusion. ♥

A big thank you to jhoijhoi for her 'Creating a guide' guide. I honestly couldn't of done it without her, and I read that a simple 'thanks' is all that is required when using her dividers, so thank you for those, they're beautiful!

I spent a great number of hours both writing, and formatting this guide to help benefit future or present Janna players, so I honestly do hope you have learned something from this and it will help you with games to come.

Many thanks! <3
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