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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sypherdex

Janna: You were killing who?

Sypherdex Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Chapter 1

So, you decided to pick Janna. Well you couldn't have made a better choice, if you want to be able to keep people alive through insurmountable odds, and escape from just about any gank, then Janna, is for you.


Getting started, picking your lane mate can make a huge difference, with this build being able to use clarity and replenish mana for allies, allows you to play along side an AD carry such as Pantheon or even an AP melee such as Irelia. Since these champions can use up their mana quite quickly, you being there with this summoner spell, can not only mean more kills (combined with your shield), but a longer laning phase for your partner (assuming he is a big mana user).

After that is settled lets look at (in order); Items, Skills, and general play.

First for items we are going to want to get a and a .

Make sure you get enough gold for at least and a before your first port back, if you got an assist or 2, you can probably buy your .

I make a point of buying boots fast on support, I know on some characters staying with rank 1 till you complete a secondary is good, but on support I find that movement speed is everything early game, mainly for your survival, but to stay just out of range, but being able to help allies and making you generally untargetable is a really nice thing to have 12-15 minutes into the game when everyone is running around with R1 boots.

After you have boots, stacking HP (since people will like to target you) with CD reduction is great, but you need some AP for those extra shield points, and ult healing ability. This is where comes into play. Amazing HP, some much needed mana, and AP. Nothing much else to say about this.

You should finish RoA 20 minutes in if you are getting a good assist streak going with your lane mate racking up kills. If things are going somewhat slow across the board 25-30 minute mark is around where you should be getting it, any time after this is falling behind somewhat.

Now its time for some cool down reduction, because God knows you can't spam that Q fast enough can you? Well, now we can buy a . Even more HP, but more importantly, CD reduction. For this item start with .

At this point you are sitting at roughly lvl 12-14, and easily at 2.4-2.6k HP, which I feel very comfortable with, not too squishy but not over killing spending on HP items. Now that HP is covered, we can continue with AP items to make us that much more powerful, and our shield absorb that much more damage, making our carry's demolish their team.

Next I like to buy a , It gives AP and CD reduction for a rather small price. Plus later on you can turn this into a , but generally speaking you will never get it, since its the very last item you will buy, and this is a support character, if the game lasts that long something is going wrong.

Once you have codex you will be sitting on 25% CD reduction from items, the last item I get is , it adds AP to allies (support again), and spell vamp. This item is obviously not needed if you have a pure melee carry team, or a team without say an annie/ryze/swain. You could get a to get even more CDr, or a for extra survivability. All are good choices.

Generally speaking the game should be over, you should be sitting on a pretty x/0/2x.


Most Guides make go up as fast as possible, I do believe that it is a valuble spell, but if you are laning with an AD champion, leveling up every time it is available, is imperative. I generally take a EoTS level up whenever possible, and get HG to 3 by 10 for the CD reduction on the skill, the damage to me is somewhat irrelevant, its the CD on the skill you want to lower. you support your carry, hes doing the bulk of the damage, you are there to shield him, and W + Q whoever he gets on to keep them in the kill zone longer.

With that said, shield at rank 5 is a BF sword, we know this, but the damage absorb is also amazing for turret diving come levels 6-8. I love laning with pantheon for this very reason, he gets his shield after 4 hits, you put your EoTS shield on him, he jump stuns someone on the turret, kills them and gets away quite easily since he can absorb 3 full turret hits, plus EoTS will be back up as hes running back, meaning hes unlucky if he takes any damage at all.

Another reason you level up EoTS quickly is because you build RoA so fast, it really helps add that extra absorb. Around the 30 minute mark you have rank 5 EoTS, and RoA which puts your shield at roughly 320 absorb. When everyone is running around with 1200-1500HP. Yes please.

General Play

Playing janna is knowing when to behind their team and throwing them into your tower, and when NOT to. Over extending on her just because you have EoTS and you think you're unkillable because you haven't died in the first 30 minutes of the game, means nothing. I see a lot of Janna's over extend, or try and kill steal and chase enemy carry's into the jungle, just to get bursted down. Why? Because they didnt stay with their team.

Janna is the ultimate baby sitter, to put it lightly, its not glorious, and some people find her quite boring to play. I on the other hand do not. Janna is one of the few champions in LoL that does have a high skill cap, which is what makes her so fun to play. Its not hard to play Janna, but to play Janna well requires good map awareness, quick reactions, and quick thinking (tied to quick reactions :P).

One thing that I will bring up is please remember that you have self target macros, so for me Shift E shields myself without targeting, when I said quick reactions, I meant it. That 0.5 seconds longer it takes to press E and click yourself, could be your death. Also smart targetting is worth looking into.

Awareness of allies is important
Is Pantheon about to ultimate jump across the map onto enemies? Shield him.
Is kogmaw using an AD build and just popped Bio Arcane Barrage as the tank initiated? Shield him.

One thing some people will cry about in games is, "Janna, why didnt you shield me?! I was the other teams focus target!". This is usually from the AP carry.

I will explain why, in a team fight you should always put your EoTS on your highest melee damage dealer at the "opener" of the team fight. That way he has initial burst bonus. I then try to shield the other teams focus target, but its not always in time. Even your ult might not be enough, sometimes people just die. But the key is did you win the team fight? Chances are if you shield spammed your Carry, and ulted at the right time. Yes. People care too much about their scores and not the team, if you win the team fight and win the game who cares if you went 1/7/12 and you died every team fight. YOU WON.

This doesn't always happen, but occasionally I get into this argument with someone.

To sum up my Janna build guide and skill selection. I really find myself unkillable with this, and I can't begin to count the amount of ***es I have saved with EoTS, the extra AP on EoTS even endgame is basically a 550 damage shield on a relatively short CD. As long as you have good map awareness, and dont get caught with your pants down where you shouldn't be on the map, you can easily not die through multiple games. Hopefully keeping the enemy team under 10 kills at the same time by keeping yourself and your allies alive.

All feedback is appreciated.