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Ashe Build Guide by Jarhead212

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jarhead212

Jarheads Beginner Guide to Ashe (For macky :D)

Jarhead212 Last updated on April 5, 2013
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Hi :P If you're reading this, you are probably macky727. I'll try to make this as short and easy to understand as possible ^-^

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The best spells for Ashe out of the ones you have are Heal and Ghost. Activate Heal to restore some health to you and your allies around you. Activate Ghost to run at a high speed for 10 seconds. As you level up, more spells will become available. You should use Flash and Ignite once you've got them.

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Buy your items in the exact order shown above. This combination of items will give you the highest damage possible in most games, while the Guardian Angel at the very end of the build allows you to survive a bit longer. Try to purchase items as quickly as possible. You don't want to sit at your base for too long, because then you'll be way behind in levels and gold, and you'll just do bad in general. Get what you need and get back in the fight! Having good items is one of the most important things in the whole game. Since Ashe is a rather easy character, your performance is mostly dependent on ITEMS.

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Skill Sequence

Put one point into all three abilities at first just so you have them all. Then, put as many points as possible into your W, Volley, until it is full. Each regular skill can be leveled up to five times. Next, level up your Q, Frost Shot. Level your E, Hawkshot, last. Put a point into your R ability, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, whenever you can.

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Skill Explanation

Your Q ability is Frost Shot. You can toggle this ability on or off. It will stay on or off until you activate the skill again. While it is on, each of your attacks slows your target, making them move much slower. Each attack you do with this ability on uses up a bit of your mana, the resource used to cast all of your spells,so try to keep it off until you need it. This skill is maxed second.

Your W ability is Volley. Volley shoots multiple arrows in a cone in front of you. These arrows deal a high amount of damage and automatically apply the slowing affect from Frost Shot. You max this ability first, because it deals a great amount of damage. You should use this skill as often as possible when you are fighting.

Your E ability is Hawkshot. Hawkshot fires a hawk spirit in a straight line over a very long distance. This hawk spirit does not do any damage, but it temporarily allows you to see into the Fog of War where it is flying. It reveals units that it flies over that would otherwise be invisible to you. This ability is useful for scouting and getting an idea of where the enemy is. Hawkshot also has a passive effect that grants you a small bit of extra gold for each unit you kill.

Your R ability is your ultimate skill, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This ability fires a giant arrow in the direction you aim it. The arrow does not stop flying until it hits an enemy champion, meaning you could shoot someone with it from the other side of the map if you aim it well. Upon hitting an enemy champion, the arrow deals a very low amount of damage. But the damage is not what we're after with this spell. Whoever is hit by the arrow will be stunned, meaning they can not move, attack, use abilities or do anything at all. This can last for up to 3.5 seconds, depending on how far the arrow traveled. This may not seem like a lot, but in League of Legends, 3.5s is a huge amount of time to be unable to do anything at all. More than enough time for your team to jump on the target and kill it before it can even try to defend itself. Level this ability every time you can, at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Your Passive ability is Focus. A passive ability is an ability that you do not need to activate. It is automatically working on you at all times. While out of combat, your critical strike chance slowly increases. A critical strike is when your regular attack deals double damage. Your critical strike chance could build all the way up to 100% if this ability charges long enough, ensuring your next attack to deal double damage. Don't wait around for it if you are in a fight though. It's more for dealing a bit of extra damage at the very beginning.

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Masteries are small bonuses you can receive by filling out a mastery page. To level up your masteries, click on your profile button next to the shop on the main menu. Click on the tab that says Masteries. You can have up to 20 different mastery pages. For now, lets just make one. Fill out your mastery page as I showed you above. You wont get anywhere near filling them completely though. Each time your summoner level increases, you gain 1 mastery point. The mastery page I showed you requires you to be level 30. Each time you level up, don't forget to put your next mastery point into your mastery page. Once you have them all, these masteries will make you much more powerful. Don't forget select your mastery page in the champion select screen before battle, so you can have all of those bonuses equipped!

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Runes are items that you buy in the shop with your Influence Points. If you are not aware, Influence Points are the in-game currency in League of Legends. You gain anywhere between 60 and 200+ IP for each game you play in League of Legends. Your IP reward for each game depends on whether you won or lost, and how well you did.

But anyways, back to the runes. To purchase runes, go to the shop and click on the runes tab to the left. There are three tiers of runes. I would recommend buying Tier 3 runes right from the start. Lower tier runes are just a waste of your IP, and tier 3 runes are the most powerful by far. Most runes will be only 205 IP each, except for the quintessences, which are 1025 each. Thankfully, you will be buying the one at a time until you are leve 30. You should have plenty of IP to get these with. Buy the Tier 3 versions of the runes listed above. An easy way to find them is to type the name into the search bar. You can't get all of them right now though. Each time your summoner level increases, you gain another slot to put a rune in.

Just to be absolutely clear, once you are level 30 and have all of the runes you need, you should have:
9 Greater Marks of Attack Damage
9 Greater Seals of Armor
9 Greater Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist
3 Greater Quintessences of Attack Damage

Yes, you do need to have 9 copies of each type of rune, except for the quintessences, which only need 3. One of each rune wont cut it. Once you have 9 (or 3) of each of these runes in your rune page, their combined bonuses will make you extremely strong. Don't forget to select your rune page in the champion select screen before battle, so you can have all of those bonuses equipped!

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Farming is the LoL term for killing minions for their gold. When you kill a minion, it grants you a small amount of gold. This gold can rack up to huge amounts when you kill lots of minions. This makes killing minions the single fastest way to make more money to buy items, and one of the most important things to do in the game.

Most farming occurs early in the game, when you generally don't have tons of items. You should focus on killing as many minions as possible to make more money, because without money, you wont get the items you need, and without those items, you will just suck. So farming is important.

You have to be careful though. Just whacking minions doesn't give you money. You have to land the killing blow to get the gold from a minion. A very easy way to do this is to sit and wait for an enemy minions health to drop. When it's health has gotten low, just right click on it and shoot it down for the kill, and the cash.

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Pushing is another very important part of the game. As Ashe, you are especially important in pushing. Pushing is when you move down a lane towards the enemies base, killing minions and towers. Pushing is pretty much what wins you the game. You push into the enemies base, kill the towers so you can move past them, and destroy their main building, the Nexus. Pushing shouldn't really happen that much until later in the game. There are times you should and shouldn't push. If you're not sure, ask your team mates.

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Team Fighting!

Team fighting happens closer to the end of the game. This is when all five players of each team face each other in a battle. Team fights are thrilling, fast paced, defining moments that can make or break your game. As Ashe, your job in any fight is to deal giant amounts of damage. Remember to attack the squishiest enemies first (the ones with the least defense). Squishy targets are generally the ones who deal the most damage. They also die the fastest. This is why it is extremely important to kill them first. You can get an idea of how much defense an enemy has by looking at the health bar above their head. Champions health bars are divided into sections. Each section of the champions health bar is roughly 100 health. So, this means you should try to attack the enemy champions that have the least amount of sections to their health bar.

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Overall, Ashe is a great champion to start with. She is very dangerous with the right items, runes, masteries and strategies. I hope this guide helps you become better as Ashe ^-^