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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frendar1

Jarvan IV - Leap down the jungle

Frendar1 Last updated on May 5, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my Jarvan IV guide!
This guide will show you how I build Jarvan as a jungler, and I will try to help you being a successful Jarvan in the jungle.
Please read through the guide and feel free to leave some constructive feedback and please rate :)

Keep in mind this guide is still under construction!

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- A tough damage dealer
- Being from Demacia and screaming DEMACIAAAA with his ultimate is a plus
- Jarvan's passive is AWESOME early/mid game
- Somewhat a great initiator with his E + Q combo (Knock up)
- Works extreamly well with a lot of champions like Katarina

- Unreliable ultimate. You may end up killing yourself/a teamate with it
- Especially frustrating to be versus enemies with flash. Ruins his ultimate, unbreakable terrain my ***, as champions like Renekton and Nidalee (just a few examples) can just jump straight through it.

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Greater Mark of Desolation

Armor Pen to deal as much damage as possible with your skills/ auto attack

Jarvan is very mana dependant and he is very mana hungry so I choose to pick Seal of Clarity for my yellow runes (Seals)

Cooldown Reduction per level is a great chose for the glyphs, as Jarvan is a skill based autoattaker. The reason for going with per level is that I always find myself leveling quite fast as Jarvan in the jungle, which allowes them to scale nicely.

Other choses for the seals are either: or Greater Seal of Resilliance

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I run with the usual 21/0/9 jungling masteries, getting all the sweet masteries for jungler.

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Summoner Spells


Smite + Ghost are great summoner spells. You need smite to be able to jungle and the speed boost from ghost is great for allowing you to gank, chase and escape easly again thanks to your E + Q combo.

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Jungling Route and warding

You will want to start on blue buff, but you need leash to be able to do it. Just as your mid laner to hit your golems a couple of times and then run away while you finish him.

Keep going on after blue with wolfs, wraiths and mini golems. You should be able to do this without using smite (you should save it for after recall when you're going for red buff). After you killed mini golems, recall and buy long sword + some heath potions.

Go straight for red and finish it. You should now be level 4 and should go gank either top, mid or bot, depends on where there is possible to gank the best.

After this just repeat your route, gank and support your lanes.

Where to ward and when to dragon

It is possible to solo dragon at level 6 with Jarvan, but it depends on lucky madred procs, so I wouldn't suggest doing that early with help. I tend to go for dragon at level 8-10.
Because of your Wriggles you will have a free Sight Ward every 3 minutes and I suggest plasing it at Dragon early/mid game and Baron Nashor late game.

As a jungler it is your duty to keep map controll and allow your teamates to lane without the constant threat of being ganked. You should always buy a few wards and place the around the bushes to get some map control.

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You should start with the usual jungle items, and 5 .

Some items for Jarvan may end up being situational, but I usually use the items listed on this build. Even versus heavy ability power teams the items seems to work very good. You may want to switch around when to get the items, like getting Warmog before Frozen Mallet, but it's all situational.

Wriggle's is a great item for Jarvan even when not jungling. It gives you some attack damage, armor, lifesteal and the awesome proc which speeds up your jungling. It also give you a free ward every 3 minutes.

Mercury's Treads are in my opinion the best shoes to get for most champions. It gives you some magic resistance togheter with it's awesome 35% reduced crowd controll on you.

Sunfire cape will give you a great survival boost early/mid game. 45 armor and 450 health is great. As Jarvan you will be standing in the enemies face, having some more magic damage to deal due to Sunfire Capes passive is awesome.

Warmog will grant you a lot of health. Due to Jarvan's passive toughness this allowes him to stay alive even more easly. Capped with creeps killed it grant you more than 1300 HP.

Frozen Mallet's passive is great to stop people from getting away. The 40% slow sure is noticable for the enemy. The health it gives is awesome for survival and to gain more damage when building Atma's Impaler

Atma's Impaler gives you some armor and crit chance, but the reason you really want this is because of all the health you've been building. With Warmog's, Frozen Mallet and Sunfire Cape you will be having more than 80 extra attack damage.

At the end you will be switching our Wriggle's Lantern with a situational item. I prefer building , but if the enemy is extreamly CC heavy you should build