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Jarvan IV Build Guide by frikie

Tank Jarvan Jungle Guideeee

Tank Jarvan Jungle Guideeee

Updated on February 23, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author frikie Build Guide By frikie 2,551 Views 0 Comments
2,551 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author frikie Jarvan IV Build Guide By frikie Updated on February 23, 2013
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Hello This is my first guide so I hope you will enjoy it.
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Pros / Cons

Great jungler
nice burst
He can make walls

His ult can ruin the teamfight
mana problems in early
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Always take smite you need it.
Flash is good for the flash ult combo.
you can take flash or ghost, just take what you think its the best.
exhaust instead of flash. If you think you need some more slows for ganking you can use exhaust, but I prefer flash
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The items

First you go hunters machete with 5 pots.
in your first recall you buy boots and madrads.
Boots of mobility and wriggles in your second recall.
Then you go for phage. after the phage you go ageas this will give your team and yourself a good buff. Now you make the phage compleet and turn into frozen mallets or trinty i prefer Frozen mallet ,becauce you don't need red anymore. Now you finish your ageas to runic bulwark. Now you will build zephyr for movement speed and tenacity. Now its the moment for warmog,sunfire or banshee's.
And last you replaces wrigles for Blade of the ruined king and your full build.
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go armor pent. marks you need them for more dmg its better then flat ad runbes.
The mr. p lvl you need because you don't need mr in the jungle.
Armor for in the you are the Jungler.
health is my eyes the best but you can use dmg runes too.
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0/21/9 is in my eyes the best.
the 9 points in the Utility tree are necessarily for the runnic affinty.
21 points in defense tree are necessarily for doing the jungle this will help you a lot.
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The Jungle

First do wolves after that go blue.
Then you look on the map and see if you can gank bot. yes you gank
no you go to wraits after the wraigts you do red and gollems.
Now you go gank top or mid get assist and go back for items.
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The role you have in your team

You are the tank you go in first the whole teamfight is in your hands.
try to ult the ad or ap carry and kill them. after that try to protect your caries with e-q combo.

How to start the fight.

look for a chance if you see one go for it e-q in it and then try to ult the ad or ap carry. burst them.
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ganking is the reason you buy boots of mobility.

The lane gank

you go trough the lane be sure the lane is pushed. you wait in the bush and wait for a an opportunity . e-q them and slow them with your w . Always try to give the ad carry,top or mid the kill. you are not the carry you are the tank.

Normal gank. try to pinkward your target when there aren't wards you go.
don't use e-q to engage walk in look where is walking to and make your shot.
slow him and it will be fine.
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You have wrigglers USE IT !
Also buy some wards to ward your enemy jungle.
You will now where he is and you can steel creeps.
Try to ward Baron and Dragon all times its not only the supports job also, its also your job.
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If you gank use you're ping bottom. You have it for a reason.
try to ping if you see something your team can react on this very fast and there is no problem.
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Team play

Always be nice to your team DO NOT RAGE it will not make the game more fun.
Try to talk things out give advice but not on An irritating way.
It will make the game more fun you will get honor for a nice ribbon.
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i hope you enjoyed my Guide please give some advice its my first time and tell if you tried it.

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