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Jarvan IV Build Guide by DrQue

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrQue

Jarvan - The Exemplar

DrQue Last updated on May 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide. Jarvan is my favorite champion i started playin him in a free week i found out that he deals alot of damage while he can take some punches. I started to change my build everytime and managed to find this build it makes sure to deal at low lvl high dmg against low armor champions. and at high lvl you can even with the right play kill 1-3 enemies at once i will explain more in this guide.

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Get 9 marks of attack damage 9 seals of defence and 9 glyphs of Magic resistance.

The mark of attack damage you need to bash faces with your Dragon lance (Q) to deal lots of dmg on low lvls and because your hybrid AD/Offtank

The 9 Seal of defence you need because you are supposed to be the >OFFTANK< and at your lane (top) Most of the time there are AD champions so you will need this to get reduced dmg while you bash faces with your AD marks

The Seal of Magic resistance you need man its important even if it gives you a little bit because this build doesnt really focus on AP champions so get it it could safe your life

You also may consider to pick scaling runes since it become after lvl 6 better then these.

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I know what your thinking right now: "Hey isn't this Jarvan's build supposed to be a offtank so why focus offence masteries?" well its because your an OFFTANK in your build itself you'll get alot of armor, enough to survive a good teamfight and well you need kills and deal dmg because you are an hybrid with this build

ive chosen one from utility: wanderer even if you dont use this one much i really like it it increases your movement speed a little so you dont need to use your (E) and (Q) combo that much because it uses a lot of mana.

You may consider to pick something else then wanderer like health regen in defence.

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Pros / Cons


Easy to play
Nice escapes
Devastating ult
Shield + CC
Not easily focused in teamfights
low CD on ult
has a nice knockup combo
Passive is huge help


Mana hungry
his Q has long CD
when killed may impact team

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Skill Sequence

you got 5 skills and a passive just like everyone else ingame. lets start with the passive

Martial Cadence every first attack of jarvan deals 4/8/10% of targets current health after 6 seconds this will happen again so try to hit the target once in a time to deal some huge dmg

Dragon strike (Q) has low CD so harras people with this, it has some range and can be seen as a skillshot
but it cost a lot of mana when used many times so try to use it only on champions to minimize your mana use but maximize your dmg. I finish this first

Golden Aegis (W) gives you a shield and slows all surrounding enemies, your shield increases with 20/30/40/50/60 per enemy around you. I finish this last

Damacian standard (E) places a banner which can be used as a very short ward (like normal wards but then for some seconds)so use it when you think someone is about to gank you. It deals a bit dmg on impact a tip: place the banner behind enemy champion use your Q on the banner so you will be pulled towards the banner through the champion and knock him/her up you will also deal a lot of dmg and land behind him then smack him with your passive!! This banner increases your Attack damage and attack speed for you and all allies around it (for some seconds).Works over walls with your (Q). I finish this second

cataclysm (R) Jarvan's ult a very strong and helpful ult with a low CD on later lvls whenever someone wants to escape use your (R) on him (only if you are sure you can kill him or if you are in a teamfight) Watch out with enemys who have escapes or flashes like (Kassadin, Tristana, Nidalee and Zac) this ult deals a lot of dmg so use it to change the tide of your 1v1 battle when hes low hp. Always finish first Tip: use your (Q) (E) combo to get near the enemy then press (R) and lock him in

My combo of skills i use + explaination:

I start with placing a banner (E) behind or on a enemy then instantly use (Q) i will knock him up and land behind him i will smack him wih my passive then let auto attack do some dmg, when the enemy tries to escape i use my (R) then use my banner (E) inside the crater to increase dmg and attack speed or use (Q) if your (e) hasn't cooled down yet (short combo of jarvan for ownage)

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Team Work

Jarvan is one of the best teamworking champions in league of legends, but can also be seen as one of the most annoying one to have on your team if you fail your ult (R) alot. The teamwork part is whenever you guys have a teamfight you just come in attacking the (ADC, APC, or low health champions) while slowing them with your (W) your allies can attack them too and because your builded tanky you wont be targeted fast but you still deal a lot of dmg. Whenever a guy managed to escape out of teamfight use your (E) (Q) combo to get close then use your (R) to stop him/her from escaping while your teammates atack him. Your banner (E) can save lifes too whenever your teammate is in fight just drop the banner on the enemy or near your teammate, it gives her/him a AD and AS boost

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Start with Doran's shield it'll be really helpful since it blocks 10 dmg of the enemies total dmg this tiny bit can save your life + it gives health and armour then after your first time back buy 2 Longswords if possible buy the brutalizer (whenever you bought the brutalizer on first back u have a huge advantage of your enemy top lane) you want these to deal damage since your AD offtank, after your second back buy another longsword and buy a Ruby cristal for your first health item (if possible buy a phage) the small percent of slow chance is very useful with running enemies and it gives you a small startin health boost. Then on your third back buy shoes and again if possible ninja tabi already from now on you wont die anymore 1v1 against most champions except (tryndamere, Zed, and kassadin) those can still deal alot of dmg and kill you. After you bought the Ninja tabi buy another Ruby cristal or instantly the Black cleaver this will give you a boost of health aswell as dmg then get Giant's belt for more health. If you have those items then buy the Frozen Mallet YOU will need the slow for your teammates and yourself and ofc the health helps alot!! Only if you got those items buy Atma's impaler since you got already pretty much health its passive makes you only stronger because you will gain 1.5% of your maximum health as Attack Damage + 45 armour and a nice crit 15% chance and then ofc to make your atma's passive even stronger buy Warmog's armor. And after you got that its time to get yourself some lifesteal and even more AD to even maximize your Damage output. But whenever you have to play against some high AP champs (Kassadin or Fizz) buy Maw of Malmortius you'll get AD and a nice Magic resistance to keep you alive a little longer to bash even more faces!

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Just farm your to lane creeps but dont push make sure you last hit (wih your passive its easy) just make your minion deal 80% of dmg to enemy minions then smack 'em your (E) (Q) combo is a great farming tool too if enemy minions are stacked up

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Just like every champion Jarvan has his counters and best to play against. Here are some:

The numbers will indicate if its hard to play against
1. very easy
2. easy
3. normal
4. tricky
5. hard
6. impossible

4. Tryndamere
He is tricky to kill after he reaches lvl 6, but before hes kinda easy if you how to outplay him. try to poke him with your Q and keep distance. Once he gets low hp attack him with full force (under lvl 6) when he reached lvl 6 just poke him and wait untill hes low health then attack him, but when he uses his ult use your R to cage him and get the kill.

2. Renekton
Even though i said hes 2 he can still be tricky if he is played well, but dont worry too much about that just poke him and make sure you dont get stunned then kill him within your ult. Watch out for his ult which gives him an health boost.

2. Rumble
Hes easy to kill but watch out for him overheating and dealing alot of damage to you. just poke him and use your E,Q combo to get behind him.

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Jarvan is an tanky AD champion who is preferly played solo top. And this is why i use Jarvan because i do alot of damage while protecting my team as a offtank.