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Jax Build Guide by trisscar1212

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author trisscar1212

Jax AP Spell Vamp

trisscar1212 Last updated on June 22, 2011
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This is the build I have been doing on Jax lately. Keep in mind, I play Jax on Twisted Treeline and am not a pro player, but I am doing this to help me keep track of my build. All the runes/masteries are just my current ones, let me know what you think.

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The items is really what I am messing with here, see what you like! I give my reasons, but I am always happy to hear yours.

These are your beginning items. The health pot helps make sure you can stay in the lane a little longer. The Amplifying Tome is there for a few reasons.
1: It gives you a little extra bite on your leap jump.
2: It gives you health because of your passive.
3. It builds in to later items.
This combination causes me to go with this instead of a Doran's item. While Doran's have good stats, because of your passive the Amplifying Tome becomes similar, except that it makes the jump to that first Revolver cheaper!

Your boots. For those that have played Jax before, this is pretty self explanatory. FOr others, here is a quick reason you want this. Your E gives you passive dodge, but only procs when you actually dodge something. Increasing your dodge chances with Tabi greatly increases your chances of dodging and getting the necessary proc.

This is your spellvamp item. An AP boost always comes in handy, as it gives you health and more punch on your skills. The spell vamp is the big reason for getting this item though. With it, your survivability jumps, especially when you hit level 6, as your ult proc will trigger spell vamp as well! This makes this item awesome.

I will be honest, this is one that many people might disagree with me on. Here is the reason I get Spellblade. Tenacity is one of those things that you really do not notice all that much, but just think of it all those times you get out without dying after a cc. That tenacity was there, helping you out. If you disagree, grab a different item and let me know how it works. Oh, and it also has AP. Surely by now you know AP is good on Jax, right? :D

The quick reason why I get this item, even after the change, is because it still couples with your ult. While speeding up your attacks, you are actually becoming harder to kill for all of the casters out there. Goodness knows, they will try and attack you too. It is a good item, plus the AS is really really useful.

These are perfect on Jax. Spell vamp, lifesteal, AD and AP. What more could you ask for? To get the most out of this, upgrade your first revolver before getting another, as Gunblade's do stack, but revolvers do not.

Wow, you made it this far? I hope if you are this far in the build, you are winning, as you definitely should be. This is your capstone item. With all of the extra health you have gained from the previous items, this makes your auto attack extremely deadly and caps you off. Ace in the hole.

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Early Game

Once you spawn, grab your Amplifying Tome and health pot as fast as possible, and get ready to go down to bottom lane to help your teammates with an early game gank. Keep this in mind: If you are about to die alongside an enemy, your cooldown of your q will most likely be done, it almost always is (assuming you leapt in with it at the start). Use it to finish of your opponent, even if you die afterwards. THis is because first blood gives you more gold, and therefore is worth more than the kill they will take. You may die, but will most likely be back in lane before the creeps arrive.

Will you can lane, and Jax is pretty good at it, the thing you really need to be doing is always ganking with your teammates. Once you get your tabi (which you may have shortly after the beginning if you got first blood), your E will do wonders for you early, as most people will be auto attacking no matter who they are. You can leap in, dodge, and stun them as they leave. SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND your E has a little more range than it may seem. While you won't get everyone, you can snag someone running away even if they are a tad in front of you. Keep this in mind as you keep ganking working your way to level 6.

Level 6
This is where you will be doing something all the time, and have a lot more options about what to do. Start grabbing buffs, make sure you have your revolver. your ult's proc will keep you alive, just keep ganking, and while you are not ganking, move in position for another gank and get buffs and minions along the way. If you do this right, you will become a terror for the other team. At this point, if you are doing well, you may very well have the game won. Just keep it up and you will do just fine. Lastly, make sure to start grabbing Dragon. You can scare the other team away by running in to them while they are trying to take it and steal it away. The Dragon will be a final nail that will keep your team ahead of your opponents.

Tower Time
If you have your Wit's End, your attack speed is now a lot better. Now you need to pay deep attention to the other team, as if you weren't already ;P but now, if the other team moves and your team is in a relatively safe position, take down a tower! Or, even better, shut them down coming behind them as they engage your team for an ace. They will think they have 3v2, seeing you in another lane, and all you have to do is sneak around and surprise them for a nice kill. One thing to really watch out for when doing this is not to fall in to a trap they lay for you. Make sure they are going for your team and then go and join in the fight. Before long, you will have a couple towers down and all you need to do is persevere until the end.

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Jax is a fantastic 3v3 tanky dps, and with the change to Wit's End and the addition of tenacity, he can maintain DPS levels while becoming very difficult to kill. If you play him well, a 3v3 with an at least decent team is a blast to play.

This is my first guide, so please, if you are reading it over and you try it out and find something else out that is interesting, by all means leave a comment and let me know! I would love to get better at this, especially with one of my favorite champions in the League.

Leave me a comment, a vote, and enjoy playing Jax!