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Jax Build Guide by ForestWhispers

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ForestWhispers

Jax Solo Top guide

ForestWhispers Last updated on December 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey dudes.Pretty much this is my jax build and guide.Of course it's not always exactly the same but with small variations this would be a very viable build for jax to carry.About abilities i don't think i have anything to say it's pretty obvious and standard to max w first for good exchange and leap for better damage and easier to escape(ward+leap helps a lot).

Summoner Spells:why ghost and not flash?well even if everybody says flash it's OP i don't really agree with that.Why?Let's take a case: enemy champhion has low life you leap on him he flashes then you can easy catch him with ghost,kill him and even run away.Ghost is kind of a secure kill for jax.I agree from one perspective that flash is good it is good for escaping i mean better then ghost.But not for jax becouse he can ward leap like anytime and im start anyway ghost will help better agaisnt ganking since you have your counterstrike.For example a champhion like Lee Sin can easy catch you if you just flash with ghost you just run the hell out of there.Anyway enough of this.

Items & Runes(since they go hand in hand):Doran Blade + Pot is best start against everything.Well maybe it wouldn't be like that but since you have atack speed passive and 2 life steal quints and a bit of extra atack speed from marks your sustain is enourmous if you play well and exchange smart your opponent will be forced to back sonner of later and not only that but you will be most of the time with full life even if the jungler comes.You simply can't be throwed out of the lane.Not to mention extra damage and extra life...that's why a second doran it's very good too.For more sustain and slow for ultimate and hitting opponent bilgewater is great.Then bots for mobility yeah boots are very important for jax so he gets hes stun run away from ganks etc.I reccomend Botkr as first item through trinity is not that bad either with 2 dorans and some extra atack speed is pretty good this depends what you feel is better for you and judging by your opponent.After if it's an ad opponent you go for armor if ap go for spirit or if you feel your opponent doesn't do too much damage and he's for example an ap and from enemy team let's say adc gets feed you should go for armor first.Warmong it's not really a must since jax is natural tanky that would be for a chill play if you want to be more agressive go for a more agressive item like zephyr(really good for hes tenacity), guinsoo's rageblade maybe guardian angel or hextech this depends on what you feel to get as first item.Depends a lot of style of play.I preffer warmong usually becouse of the enourmous extra life.Ohh i forgot frozen mallet is pretty viable too for jax even very good becouse of the slow.You shouldn't forget about black cleaver if they stack too much armor.This will be at a big scale everything you should know.Ohh don't forget Jax it's not a initiator even tanky if you initiate first you will usually end up dying.I will make this guide nicer when i have more time that's for sure.

Until then GL guys and hope you like Jax he's a champhion with no actual counter(first counter Malphite is such a bull**** he doesnt has good sustain at all).