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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author imark

Jax - the dodging Tank

imark Last updated on May 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome summoners,

This build we let you slain 2 enemy champs solo up to 4 รก 5 in a team fight.
Don't expect to much if you don't have the runes.

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The runes are very imported to let it be as it should be, we want you to go tank a bit. We want you to tank on the minions. See the section Farming.

Jax is a dodging champ so we want it to be as high as possible. so we take all the places where i can to obtain some dodge percentage. First all the Runes the Runes will at a total of 11.25%

As told we want jax to tank into the minions, so we want the damage to be low. We use armor runes for that making him to get an extra amount of 14.49 armor. especially in the begin this will help a-lot, meaning you can get First Blood an scare the enemy off. In the section Team Work you will read more about it.

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The masteries can build in two different ways, you can go for Utility or for Defensive.
I choosed for Utility. This because mana is otherwise a major problem to get your kills.

Notice if you choose just like me for Utility, the select defensive masteries showing in this build are i must. in combination with the runes you get a lot of advantage from those masteries.

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Well the items need a bit of explanation so read this carefully.
Lets begin by the begin.

On summoner spawning we buy cloth armor, increase your armor in the begin gives the most advantage.

After a while you should get around 1350 - 1400 coin. meaning you should go as soon as possible back to your base finishing the shoes (ninja tabi) and buying kage lucky pick. We dont need ability power but the build is kindly expansive and a little ability power helps in the begin.

Well we do have ninja tabi and kage lucky pick. meaning we will be around level 6 and have our ulti, which increase the attack speed. but not high enough to be impressive fast. we buy guinsoo's rageblade to make it faster and pantom dancer to finish it. As soon as you have around 2200 Coin you get back to buy guinsoo's rageblade. if you have being slained in the mean-while, want we dont expect of course buy first the ability power part, the attack damage dont helps very good in that chapter of the game. after you have the guinsoo's rageblade you buy pantom dancer increasing your attack speed very much meaning that your able to get almost 2.500 attack speed (2.5 attacks in 1 second) some extra attack damage and making you critical chance up to around 50%.

We want to Critical chance to be in our advantage. So we buy ifinity edge, notice if your late on your build you should buy some lifesteal first, either if your not late it might helps alot. meaning you have ifinity edge you get around 71 critical chance, and high attack damage and critical damage is increased to 250%. you might like to increase the critical damage using runes instead having armor runes but that's to you.

You probebly wont reach this but we hold on long, you still have 2 spots able to full, cause kage lucky pick can be saled. buy b.f. sword and finish it with bloodclusthirster and when you have that you can sale your kage lucky pick to make room for the black cleaver. Sale your kage lucky pick only when you have enough coin to buy b.f. sword again.

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Summoner Spells

Your summoners spells should be chosen very wisely
- Exhaust, prevent enemy for escaping. you can save friendly team mates.
- Ghost, keep up with an escaping enemy. run easily away from ganks. saves only yourself.
- Heal, makes you survive much longer.
- Cleanse, when your not able to attack, your dead.
- Revive, your have being slained?
- Smite, you aren't going to jungle early game are you?
- Rally, come 10-35 extra attack damage, thats nothing.
Other those spells are up to you, i wont say there good but either they bad.
- Teleport, get quick back to the frontline
- Fortify, makes turrets attack faster. nice when you stunned a enemy. protect your turrets
- Clarity, many might be a problem. depends if go defensive or utility on your runes.
- Ignite, exhaust or ghost does more damage but it might help in close turret fights.
- Clairvoyance, make you if enemy is where you dont want them to be, baron for example.
- Flash, get fast away are by the enemy

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During your high armor you get impressive and able to let the enemy be scared of you. use this as advantage go stand behind the minion line, on enemy side. meaning the enemy doesnt want to come close cause he is scared to get slained and your able to stay there while the enemy is not attacking you and preventing him from leveling, meaning your able to get him on low level while your on high level so you can easily slain him.

Another way is to stay defensive at your turret. meaning you get the enemy away from his turret and can turn from defensive to aggressive in a few seconds and he doesn't have the chance to run away to his turret.

As told this build is very expansive meaning you want to earn at lot as money as you can, try to have as many minion slain on your name. a mid lane can be the solution but thats your choice. i wouldn't do it. If you going arranged ask one of your friends to go Twisted Fate, cause this will increase the money you earn either.

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Team Work

Team work is neccesary to let this work. ask a team mate to go a tank like Olaf or Dr. Mundo if you go bot or top lane, which i advise. ask him to go with you. meaning the lane is filled with two pushing armor tanks. scary them of even more and let them slow or either not leveling.

on later game its up to you, your have become a great pusher so its to you, do you want to turret push stay in your lain and focus the turrets. or do you want to finish your build quick and do you want to assist your team in team fights. notice that team fights will be most likely won if you there but also you gain alot cash then. while staying in your lane means you level easily and your able to gain much money. that's up to you