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Jax Build Guide by Ortaloo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ortaloo

Jax - The "we got this lategame"-guy

Ortaloo Last updated on January 6, 2014
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Whatever happens: NEVER FLAME, NEVER!

Try not to be toxic, if you feel like blaming your teammates, do it, but only in your head, or speak it out loud, but not in chat, don't let them notice it unless it's constructive critisism. Seriously, don't flame, ever!

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About me.

Hey there, I'm a european Gold 1 player who's having fun making guides.
My win-rate with Jax in ranked is 63% atm. I play him top or jungle if I have to and consider him a pretty safe pick.

Like I said, I am only Gold 1, but still on my way up. I'll try to help other players, but don't expect too much;)

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Explaining Jax.

Jay is a lategame hypercarry. That means: Nobody (!) ****s with Jax in lategame.
- Jax is melee ranged
- Jax is an assassin
- Jax is a high mobilitychamp
- Jax gets pretty tanky mid- to lategame
- Jax is a very strong duelist

Jax' skills:

Passive: Every Autoattack gives Jax extra Attackspeed for a few seconds, this stacks 6 times.

Q: Jax jumps to an minion, monster, ally, enemy, ward, Jarvans standard, Zac's blobbs, threshs lantern... and stuff like that. Deals Dmg, stacks with AD + AP.

W: The next Autoattack deals bonus dmg, stacks with AP. This skill resets your Autoattacktimer. That means that you can do a normal attack and immediatly press W to attack again.

E: Jax becomes a Helicopter for 2 seconds. While spinning he can't be damaged by Autoattacks. After 2 seconds, or at second activation, Jax deals DMG in an area around him and stuns all enemies in the same area.

R Passive: Every third attack against any enemy deals bonus DMG, a lot of bonus DMG. After your passive is gone (because you didn't attack anybody) your Ult-counter will be gone too.

R Active: Jax gains Armor for his Bonus AD and Mageres for his AP,

Try to time your third attack. Attack a creep twice and punish the enemy with your third hit. If you follow your third hit directly with a W, you'll have maximum DMG in about no time.

I recommend playing Jax with all skills on smartcast. If you start playing Jax, use your Q without smartcast to get a feeling for the range.

This is your job as Jax in short terms:
Splitpush lanes, get turrets, kill squishies, GET INTO LATEGAME

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Laning as Jax

At lvl 1, start pushing your lane. Your E is actually pretty strong against nearly all meleeranged toplaner. fight and trade them and try to reach lvl 2 first.
Kill the whole first wave and make sure you get one creep out of the second wave before your enemy does. This gives you a lvl advantage. Skill your Q and if the enemy is lower than you, FIGHT HIM! This is your chance to decide your lane pretty early.
If you get the kill, you will own your lane most likely.
If you fail and die, it will most likely not matter much, because until you get Triforce and Botrk, you'll be pretty useless anyway.
Give it a try.

From lvl 3 to 9 I would play very defensive, try to farm, don't get greedy and make sure you survive.

As Jax, it might not be a good idea to ward the river or tribush.
Try to keep at least one ward in your inventory to make a wardjump, it basically gives you a second flash.

If you fear following your laneenemy when he leaves, try to push instead. Sometimes it's worth to trade a kill if you get a turret for it. Always remember that turrets give global gold and mapadvantage!
Your strength lies in pushing and teamfight till you reach lategame. In lategame you haven't got any real weaknesses.

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Teamfighting as Jax

You need two items to start teamfighting:
Triforce + Botrk

Without these two items, you'll lack damage and should NOT try to force fights.

Once a teamfight starts, you jump onto the enemy backline and try to kill as many of them as possible. If you can, keep your Q ready, so you'll be able to follow up on a flash or something like that.
Time your E right to ignore incoming damage or to stun the enemy at the right time.

If you got Randuins and Spirit Visage (or even Guardian Angel) you'll turn into a fulltank after activating your Ultimate. This + your high damage gives you the ability to swipe out the whole enemy backline.

If you can't manage to reach their backline, you kind of failed.
You are not really good in protecting your carries, so don't mind them, try to kill their frontlane instead. But seriously, only do that if you really can't reach their carries.

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General Stuff

Bluebuff (5 min respawn) = Normally not for u, give it to someone who can actually use it!
Redbuff (5 min respawn)= Might be usefull, but I'm sure somebody else might have more use of it.
Wraiths (50 sec respawn)= Quick money for you, if you got nothing else to do.
Wolfs (50 sec respawn)= Takes you a bit longer than Wraiths, might be worth it.
Golems (50 sec respawn)= Nearly never worth it, costs too much time.
Big Ghost/Wight (50 sec respawn)= Not worth it, doesn't deal dmg to you, but it takes you ages to do it.
Drake (6 min respawn) - ALWAYS time the Dragon-respawntimer
Baron (7 min respawn) - ALWAYS time the Baron-respawntimer

Try to time your buffs too, it's easy to do and helps your whole team. Just activate timestamps and everytime you do a buff, write the respawntimer real quick. Just do it!

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Explanations for Dummies

DMG = Damage
AR = Armor (more armor lets you take less physical dmg.)
MR = Magical resistance (more MR lets you take less magical dmg.)
ADC = Attack Damage Carry (Vayne, Graves, Ezreal,...)
APC = Ability Power Caster/Carry (Brand, Xerath, LeBlanc,...)
DD = Damage Dealer (ADCs + APCs)
Tank = The one that tries to take the dmg instead of the DDs.
Offtank = Offensive Tank, a Champion that tries to play hybrid.
CS = Creepscore (Your lasthits on Creeps/Monsters)
CC = Crowdcontrol (Things you can do to enemys: Stun, Slow, Silence, Snare, Root, Knockup/Airborne, aaaaaahm....I guess some more, stuff like that)
AA = Autoattack (Normal Attack every champion can do without any cost)
Crit = Critical strike (An Autoattack that deals double dmg(or more in some cases))
Tribush = The bush with the triangular shape that can be entered from the top/botlane, the river and the jungle(there is only one Bush like that, go find it yourself!)
BT = Bloodthirster
IE = Infinity Edge
LW = Last Whisper
GA = Guardian Angel