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Jax Build Guide by Frosty114

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frosty114

Jax with a

Frosty114 Last updated on April 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone, This is a guide to making a battle hungry AP Jax. Once you get Jax rolling with this build he is pretty much unstoppable and can wipe out an entire team in the blink of an eye. He can be built this way as a top or mid lane. I hope you guys try this when you have a chance.

Edit - This is a Disclaimer to all who try this build - taken from Science of the Build

Dont ever stop fighting. Use the force and magic will happen. If you are not CCd you need to be killing things. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT TANKY! you are alive because you will have 10% or 20% Lifesteal and Spell Vamp.

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The Main Idea

Main Idea of this build is to create a Jax with over 2.00 attacks per second at full passive stacks and have the burst to kill any squish champion in under 4 seconds as well as the endurance to take out a larger tank in 1v1 scenario. A side effect was found that Jax is the best split pusher in the game with this build due to his mobility and ability to kill any single defender.

- Ultimate passive gets to be obnoxious
- Wrecks towers
- Mobile assasin that can get kills under tower and walk out
- Can solo a weakened team much like Fiora but multiple buttons need to be pressed

- CC against Jax hurts... Alot
- Abilities against Jax also hurt but not as bad

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Runes and Masteries

Ok so Runes and masteries are really where I got the Idea for this build so listen up. Make sure you have everything on here or this build is completely flawed.

Runes - Attack speed is your best friend. Epecially when you hit 6. CDR / MP are your second best friends.

If you are going to go full AP Max out your MP in runes to get 20 MP and 9 Armor with seals
Those are your rune pages for Jax.

Why? - Jax ultimate passive will give you alot of extra kick in any scenario. The more you can get that passive to hit the more damage you will do.

Masteries - When I saw arcane blade I thought of the Nashors tooth and how overpowered both would be on Jax. And then the build happened.

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The core of this build revolves around burst. After you get a Sheen and your Ultimate count out the number of hits on a minon while laning. 1, 2, q, w, 3. q and w refer to an enemy champion. Most likely they will be scared back to thier turret because you will take a solid chunk of thier health each time you execute that maneuver. If they decide to attack you after you execute, then E and stun them as you run as fast as possible for your cooldowns to reset then burst again and ignite. Make sure you get the kill.

If you push them back to turret - Find a lane where an enemy is under turret with low health or just out in the open. Out in the Open - E, Q, basic, basic, W. If they are under a turret, Use your judgement and plan it out. Ususally I will execute the same attack as regular laning. Except after killing them I flash out to safety.

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Mastering Jax

This Standard Scenario that any good Jax will attest to.

1.) Split pushing and getting caught by 2 or more enemies.

Step 1. Panic.... only a little. Judge their abilities against your own.
Step 2. If you are not built yet, RUN! Use Q to jump to the furthest minion possible and every wave coming toward you jump to the first one you see. Then when safe, B. If you are built and they dare challenge you, mash it in thier faces and laugh while you take the tower down after. Proceede to Step 3.
Step 3. Find the Squishiest of the attackers and jump / Flash to them. Use E while doing this and stun them upon reaching. 2 hits and W. Most likely they are dead by now or close to it so finish off with 3 more basics if needed. Then focus the tankier, E will help alot while they try to basic you along with matching up your w and 3rd hits.

2.) Team fights - Repeat steps above. Avoid all CC. flash if needed. The less Champions there are the more effective Jax is so go for the squishies first.

3.) Teamwork - This is big. Because you will have a target on your back by the end of the game. Use their cc to your advantage and burst anyone caught in it.

4.) If you go Full AP - not for the faint of heart... - become like Katarina in fights - swoop in mid / late fight and blow everyone up. If not you will get CCd and die very fast.

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The Science of the Build

So again going back to the idea of the build. There are alot of things that will proc when using this build.

see this page for reference numbers

I am assuming final build and level 18. 200 ish AD 700 ish AP

1 - Nashors tooth + arcane blade = 20% AP damage on basic attacks + 220 + 70% AP on 3rd attack = 90% AP on 3rd attack. + 220 magic damage. Final Build this is 670 damage. Then add w = 180 + 60% AP = 480 damage = 1150 Magic damage + (200 AD x 3 from triforce) = 1750 total damage - after defenses it is usually around 1200 for squishies. 600 for tanks. If you crit - its usually around 1500 damage for squishies and 800 for tanks.

Also note - basic attacks will deal 20% AP = 100 extra damage + 200 AD = 300 total damage.

2 - 2 attacks + per sec with 40% crit chance. = 600 damage per second (not including crits) in a fight with no abilities.

3 - 500 AP and 20% spell vamp with Gunblade. OR go HAM with a Rageblade and when you are below 40% health use your R and E to go hard, you will not die 2 v 1 unless you are CCd.

4 - Dont ever stop fighting. Use the force and magic will happen. If you are not CCd you need to be killing things. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT TANKY! you are alive because you will have 10% or 20% Lifesteal and Spell Vamp. a 3rd hit w will heal you ALOT, use your skills and most likely you will E mid team fight to avoid all of the basic attacks and heal from hitting enemies.

5- What if they build Magic resist? - it wont matter. keep your build. They need to have over 150 MR to make this build hard to pull off and only tanks can make it worth buying that much MR. Thats why we save them for last in team fights.

- will update this part later 4/29/15