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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jayce Build Guide by giannithebest1

AD Carry Jayce E Q Combo To The Face!

AD Carry Jayce E Q Combo To The Face!

Updated on April 10, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author giannithebest1 Build Guide By giannithebest1 1 7 25,919 Views 13 Comments
1 7 25,919 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author giannithebest1 Jayce Build Guide By giannithebest1 Updated on April 10, 2013
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Jayce is a melee/ranged character. Both stances (melee/ranged) have their own 4 abilities. Jayce has these abilities while in a certain stance:

When in melee stance
    To The Skies!
    Lightning Field
    Thundering Blow
    Mercury Cannon

When in ranged stance
    Shock Blast
    Hyper Charge
    Acceleration Gate
    Mercury Hammer

We will go more into detail on stances, abilities, items, and much more in the upcoming chapters for this guide. For more information and for visual instruction, please use the video section at the bottom of this guide.
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Combos And Tips

All champions have their own combos which many summoners like to use to gain an edge on their opponents. While in a ranged stance, Jayce can use his E to open up an Acceleration Gate. After the Acceleration Gate is opened, Jayce will need to fire a Shock Blast through the gate. This combo allows the Shock Blast to travel farther than its maximum range, and gives the Shock Blast an additional 40% damage.

Jayce is very good at getting to, and from places very fast. To gain speed, Jayce can use Acceleration Gate anywhere, this allows Jayce, or any teammate that touches it, to get a small speed boost. Another method to gain a speed boost, is to spam Jayce's ultimate. When Jayce activates his ultimate, he gains a very short speed boost, which lasts about one second. Jayce can continue to spam his ultimate, as it does not use mana to activate, and the cool down (depending on how much cooldown reduction is being used) is about 5 seconds long. Jayce's ultimate increases his movement speed by exactly 40.

If Jayce were to initiate a fight from a bush, the best possible combo to make would be to E/Q combo while in ranged stance, then ult, then Q/W combo and E when the enemy is in the direction of the friendly turret.
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First Buy

Jayce requires lots of mana and health at the beginning of the game. To gain health, a Crystalline Flask and a health potion are used. To gain mana, two mana potions are used.

What each specific item does:
    Crystalline Flask: This item replenishes 120 health and 60 mana over 12 seconds. Crystalline Flask comes with three charges which are replenished every time the champion visits the shop.
    Health Potion: Restores 150 health over 15 seconds.
    Mana Potion: Restores 100 mana over 15 seconds.

When starting a game, Jayce should try to stay in-lane for as long as possible. Jayce should only recall when all potions are used, and there are no more Crystalline Flask's to use either. Once no more potions are available, Jayce should recall immediately to replenish his Crystalline Flask (which will give him three more charges of it).
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Second Buy

For your second recall, we will be buying Tear Of The Goddess and if you have enough money, Manamune. If you do not have enough money for the Manamune, go back into lane until you have enough gold, then recall for the item.

We get the Tear Of The Goddess to allow Jayce to stay in lane longer due to his extra mana regeneration and maximum mana. Tear Of The Goddess allows Jayce to increase his total mana up to 750 bonus mana (at max level). Jayce's gains mana from this item can only once every 3 seconds (the cool down is activated when an ability is used).

We then upgrade Tear Of The Goddess to Manamune. We use this upgrade to allow Jayce to gain lots of attack damage. Manamune comes with a base of 20 attack damage, and has a passive named "Awe" which allows Jayce to gain more attack damage equal to 2% of his maximum mana.

Since Jayce starts with 240 mana, and gains 40 per level, he will have a total of 960 mana at level 18. 2% of 960 is 19.2. So this means that Jayce will gain an additional 19.2 attack damage from Manamune's passive. This passive nearly doubles the amount of attack damage Manamune gives Jayce. (This will be improved even more as Manamune is upgraded to Muramana).

Once Manamune is upgraded to Muramana, Jayce gains additional mana and attack damage. Jayce gains an additional 250 mana (1000 for item's total). This brings his maximum mana to a total of 1960. 2% of 1960 is 39.2. This means that Muramana will increase Jayce's attack damage by 20 from the base item, and 39.2 from the "Awe" passive. This means that Jayce gains an additional 59.2 attack damage from Muramana. This means that Muramana nearly triples the attack damage from the base item.
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Life Steal (Video Will Soon Come Out)

This guide primarily uses life steal to keep Jayce alive. Two items in this guide use life steal. The first bought item that includes life steal is the Ravenous Hydra.

The Ravenous Hydra has 12 life steal, and has two unique attributes. The first unique is a passive and is called "Cleave". Cleave allows your attacks to deal physical damage up to 60% of your attack damage to units around Jayce, decaying down to 20% near the edge. The other unique is and active which is called "Crescent". Crescent deals physical damage up to 100% of your attack damage to units around you, decaying down to 60% near the edge. This unique active has a 10 second cooldown.

The next item which features life steal is The Bloodthirster. This item gives has 12 life steal, just like the Ravenous Hydra. The passive on this item allows Jayce to gain +1 attack damage and +0.2% life steal per kill. This item maxes out at +30 damage and +6% life steal, which stats are cut in half when slain.
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Attack Speed (Chapter Not Yet Completed)

To benefit attack speed and life steal, Jayce will use the Phantom Dancer. The Phantom Dancer will give Jayce 50 attack speed, 30 crit chance, and a 5 movement speed multiplier. The Phantom Dancer has a unique passive which allows Jayce to move through units. This is useful in that Jayce can now move faster towards enemies when using an E/Q combo for a gank because Jayce will not need to move around minions.

We will talk more about the Phantom Dancer soon.
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Boots (Video Will Soon Come Out)

The boots used on this guide are the Berserker's Greaves. These boots allow Jayce to gain 20 attack speed and have a unique passive which gives Jayce an additional 45 movement speed. Both of these stats are necessary to Jayce. The attack speed allows Jayce to hit enemies more, allowing Jayce more life to steal from opponents. The enhanced movement speed allows Jayce to quickly E/Q combo from a bush then ult through the Acceleration Gate which will allow Jayce to quickly get in, and out of combat very easily.

The Berserker's Greaves should have the Alacrity upgrade so that Jayce can gank or run away at a faster pace. This upgrade is recommended, but not required, if you like to build boots another way, you may do so.
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Youtube Videos

This chapter will feature gameplay showing Jayce in different situations.

E Q Combo Escape

Getting To Lane Fast

Q Over Walls

Jayce In A Nutshell
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I Will Add More Information Soon! :)

I will try to add more information to this guide as soon as I can. :)

Chapters That Will Be Added Soon
    Attack Speed
    Attack Damage
    Final Build Outline
    Specific Tips On Attacking Each Champion
    Youtube Videos
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Thanks For Checking Out The Guide! :)

Thank you so much for checking out this guide! :)

I have worked so much on it, and will continue to do so with your support! :)
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