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Nasus Humor Guide by JPlayah

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JPlayah

Jazz Nasus: How to Farm in Style

JPlayah Last updated on February 26, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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What is Jazz Nasus?

Do you enjoy top lane? Do you go to the top lane so that you can have a relaxing laning phase? Would you like to enhance your top lane experience? If so, Jazz Nasus is the perfect Nasus play style for you.

Welcome to

The Jazz Nasus Guide

Jazz Nasus improves upon the existing Nasus farming experience by adding a whole new layer of depth to your build: Music. Adding jazz and swing music transforms the action of repetitive farming into a relaxing and enjoyable experience. With my guide, you'll be last-hitting minions in style, Critplank will be jealous of your skills, and your fellow divine beings Kayle and Morgana will roam top just to ask you out.

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Pros / Cons


:: Is a real badass late game.
:: Cool passive gives free lifesteal.
:: Stylish.
:: Helps you carry yourself out of bronze.
:: Has a pimp cane which doubles as an axe.


:: Can't dunk scrublords in the early game.
:: Requires patience.
:: Struggles against opponents that deal magic damage.

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The Basics

Your goal as Jazz Nasus, like any other Nasus, is to farm and build up your Siphoning Strike. Unlike the traditional Nasus, you will look cool doing it. In order to optimize your farming experience and make sure that you achieve the maximum number of Q stacks possible, follow these guidelines.

Don't use your Siphoning Strike to do anything other than last-hit minions during the laning phase, unless someone is trying to mess with you.
When you see an enemy minion at low health, always try and use your Siphoning Strike to last-hit it.
Don't attack minions repeatedly with your basic attacks unless you're trying to push the lane. By ensuring that you only damage minions by last-hitting them, you can stop the minions from getting past the river until you are ready. This keeps you safe during the laning phase.
Don't waste your time attacking your opponent if it can be avoided. Focus on the minions and think about your Q stacks so that you don't get distracted. You don't want to miss the opportunity to stack up your Siphoning Strike.
Try not to use your other abilities too much. If you do, you'll run out of mana and then you'll have to go back to base for more. Make your mana last as long as possible.
The addition of jazz and swing music is what makes Jazz Nasus unique, and lets you unlock your true potential. To take full advantage of this, go on YouTube and find long playlists of jazz and/or swing music to listen to during your games.

Remember, your goal is to farm your Siphoning Strike up, not to fight your lane opponent. As long as you aren't being attacked, just ignore the enemy. They aren't worth your time. Aim for the goal of 300 Q stacks at 20 minutes. If you can do that, you'll be fine. If you aren't harassed in lane, you can easily achieve 400 stacks or more by 20 minutes. It all comes down to how well you can focus on farming.

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The Laning Phase

During the loading screen, start up a playlist of jazz and swing music. At the beginning of the game, grab a Sapphire Crystal and a Refillable Potion and head to the top lane. Don't forget to leash for your jungler if needed.

Once you get to your lane and minions appear, refrain from attacking them until one of them gets to low health. At this point, walk forward, activate your Siphoning Strike, last hit it, and walk back behind your minions. This gives your opponent the minimum amount of time in which to attack you. This is the standard procedure for farming.

Because of your runes, you start the game with 15% cooldown reduction. This means that your Siphoning Strike will be available as often as possible. It still has a moderate cooldown at the beginning of the game, however, so don't waste it.

If you are facing an aggressive opponent like Teemo or Riven, stay out of the opponent's range so that they are not tempted to attack you. Don't be afraid to retreat to the safety of your tower if needed. There's no point in taking damage if you can't get anything out of it. By farming passively, you will trick the enemy into thinking that you aren't a threat. This will come back to haunt them 15 minutes later when you go full attack dog on them and bring their health to zero in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes the lane will get pushed towards your tower. When this happens, keep calm and continue last-hitting minions. You may miss some or even most of them while they are under your tower, and that's okay. This is the perfect time to call for a gank from your jungler. If your jungler comes and you have the enemy flanked, here is what you should do.

1. Walk towards the enemy and use your Wither on them to slow them down. Hit them with an attack or two as they begin to run. Feel free to use your Siphoning Strike for this.
2. Activate your Ghost so you can catch up.
3. When you catch the enemy or if your jungler holds them in place, put your Spirit Fire down on them to destroy their armor.
4. Hit the enemy until they are dead or they escape.
If your jungler shows up to gank and you find yourself far away from the enemy, don't bother intervening unless your jungler is in trouble. Instead, allow your jungler to chase the enemy away while you farm minions.

A great time to recall is when your minion wave starts pushing towards the enemy tower, since it wouldn't be safe to follow up in the early game. Getting ganked early on would be stupid, so either wait on your side of the lane or recall instead. Aim for at least 1000 gold before your first recall so you can grab your Sheen and buy Boots of Speed. If you are against an AP opponent like Rumble or Teemo, get a Null-Magic Mantle instead. At this point, you will have 25% cooldown reduction. If the lane is still pushed towards your opponent's tower, feel free to walk back to lane, as you won't be missing much of anything. If the enemy minions are getting close to your tower again, use your Teleport so that you don't miss anything.

If you continue farming well, you should reach 70-90 Q stacks by 10 minutes. Finish up your Frozen Heart and Ninja Tabi before starting on Trinity Force, Sheen first. When you get Sheen, you should experience a noticeable increase in the damage output of your Q, allowing you to kill caster minions in a single hit. Once you finish Trinity Force, your core build is done. Move onto Spirit Visage at this point, or rush it right after Sheen if you're having trouble dealing with enemy magic damage.

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The Second Laning Phase

For most champions, this part of the game is known as the mid game. Nasus, on the other hand, just gets a second laning phase.

Around the time that you finish your Trinity Force, feel free to begin attacking your lane opponent. Don't neglect your farming, but know that now is the time to strike back at the uncultured swine who's been trying to ruin your life for the past 20 minutes. This is especially fun when the opponent has been poking damage at you at every opportunity, because the next time they try it, you are going to react very differently from before. When the enemy attacks you, start retreating towards your tower as usual, then turn around and execute the Get WREQed combo, which goes like this.


Activate your Wither to slow the enemy. Run into melee range and get an attack or two on them.
If needed, activate your Fury of the Sands to boost up your health and give you an edge.
Lay your Spirit Fire down on the enemy to reduce their armor.
Use your Siphoning Strike and basic attacks until the enemy dies.
To summarize: After 15-20 minutes of nothing but farming and staying clear of your opponent, you turn around and demolish them in a matter of seconds... all while listening to classy jazz music.

At this point, your opponent will definitely know that something is up. Continue farming as you begin to push the lane. Once you have killed your opponent once or twice and taken the first tower, be prepared for aggressive ganks from the enemy team. Keep the area around you warded while you farm, and retreat if you see a fed enemy or multiple opponents coming your way. If your tower is still up, you can use the area as a staging ground. Call for backup if you need it and try to only pick fights that you can win. Against many opponents, a single blow from your Siphoning Strike will convince your attackers to back off.

If your opponents are being especially vicious about denying you farm, head out of top lane and help your team. You don't want to push very far alone unless you know the enemy is elsewhere. During this stage of the game, fun activities include ganking enemies that are separated from their team, stealing enemy jungle camps, and grabbing unprotected minion waves.

Keep an eye on your teammates, but don't neglect your Q stacks. Your default activity should still be farming. In fact, feel free to ignore enemy champs that are near you unless your teammates are trying to kill them or they attack you. If a team fight breaks out, teleport in and execute the Get WREQed combo on whichever enemy looks like the biggest threat. If an enemy is escaping with a tiny sliver of health, you can often finish them off by dropping your Spirit Fire on them.

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The Late Game

If the enemy hasn't surrendered at this point, farm until your team is ready to fight, then join them and steamroll down the mid lane, using your abilities to annihilate anything in your path. Drop Spirit Fire on clustered opponents, use Wither to stop enemies from escaping or reaching your allies, and use your Siphoning Strike whenever it is available.

Casual jazz music will continue playing as you tear apart the enemy inhibitors, kill the remaining defenders, and smash the nexus to pieces. For added effect, activate Fury of the Sands as you start attacking the enemy nexus, and finish it off with Siphoning Strike.

If the enemy team breaks into your base, remain calm as you recall, put your Spirit Fire down on them, and use your Siphoning Strike until they all panic and run away.

Have lots of fun.


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