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Syndra Build Guide by clipman34

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author clipman34

Jealous fools... They're not ready for Syndra...

clipman34 Last updated on March 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, my name is KRITHOR I've been playing League of Legends for about three or so years. I was present when Ezreal had his heal on his W and when it was taken away, I was there when Urgot came out and when people stopped playing him, Pre-Season through Season 3. I was 1600 ELO in Season 2 and got my gold border, I'm now aiming for platinum in Season 3, I now run a good 2025 Wins and about 1624 Losses (No this isn't all 100% accurate. But most of that isn't important to most of you but I figured it important to know where your sources and builds are actually coming from so most of the information is meaningful. Lets get on with teaching the lowbies or probies how to play Syndra in a more dominating style.

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Syndra's Pro's and Con's

- Good Farming
- Amazing burst damage
- VERY high mobility for a Mage
- Two CrowdControl's
- If played well is impossible to catch even with CC's
- Heavy mana problems early game and mana dependant
- Requires a lot of positioning
- High priority target for enemy team if doing well
- No built in escapes
- Depends on blue buff for continued spell casts late and early game

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Syndra's early game and farming


Now the way I play Syndra in my "Child's play ELO" is very aggressive but with a collected forever ready defensive under taste that is destined to leave a bitter sweet bloody taste in the enemies mouthes once they're respawning at the fountain. In terms of farming with Syndra's intense mana dependance I go for a auto-attack only kinda gameplay, rolling like an ADC and just picking up the minions I can get. IF the enemy mage decides their early game damage is better then Syndra's they're probably right cause her early game blows in terms of the real nuke damage Syndra players crave. Now the trick to Syndra's real gameplay is working with the mana regen displayed above in the mastery tree and getting the early Tear of the Goddess after the tear you can spam to your hearts delight but remeber its not the vastness of your mana pool that lets you spam it's the regen fueling you slowly through out the laning phase, patience and mana control through small bursts that make her strong.

Advanced Strategy

Number One

Syndra's most prized power is her W's ability to allow her not to miss a single minion, (Exaggerated)
it grabs an enemy minion and makes it INVULNERABLE allowing you to use it for extra magic damage and dealing magic damage to itself. (So you can use it to both kill the enemy minions you throw it at and to kill it) For those who don't understand, if you see a low HP enemy minion and there is a group of low HP minions you pick up one and throw it at the others. To expand on this, if you use the tactic displayed above on full HP minions combo it with her Q for maximum damage and farming power, I recommend this ONLY if there is a group of minions pushing your turret or you're trying to push your lane while the enemy AP Carry is doing whatever... I would really only recommend this after you get your needlessly as then you basicly have an assured insta-gib, but you will probably only get your needlessly around level 6 or 7 depending if you're getting stomped or not.


Now when I said aggressive I ment aggressive, play her like a ranged Akali always throwing spells (Once you have gotten over your mana dependency or your damage has become enough for you to not care)and comboing and chaining your abilities. Both know and acknowledge that if you play correctly and combo your abilities with grace and abusing her immense range and mobility you will find Syndra both pleasing to play and refreshing to completely "Pwn some of dem nuubzorz for shizzle". Now this all leads me to my next point of what I ment by "Comboing", now when you cast one ability if you don't follow it up with another spell you have wasted it because Syndra is a combo champion at heart. In short terms for harass you cast Q-W and Auto-Attack.