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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Nanoburste

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nanoburste


Nanoburste Last updated on October 30, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, my name is nanoburste and I'm in silver IV, even though I know I'm not good, I know for a fact that this guide will help you when learning Cho' Gath. I joined in preseason IV and I was in bronze V in the summer of 2014, you want to know how I got out? One word. Cho' Gath... It took me a while building this from scratch and I'm still perfecting this build so tell me what I can change and I'll look at it. :)

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I won't go in depth with the starting build because the standard starting build for a jungler is a hunters machete with four health pots.

When you back for the first time, we're aiming for the Spirit of the ancient golem here so we're going to prioritize the Quill Coat, one of the ingredients required to get the Spirit of the ancient golem. After getting the Quill Coat, getting a vision ward would be a good choice. Don't be like "It's the supports job to ward" No... It's everyone's job to ward and you're a late game champion, not an early game champion so this is for both your benefit and for your team. Place the ward between mid and bot beside the river bush on the purple side it's right behind the purple side's blue buff. Now if you have excess gold, buy 3-5 health potions since you don't have sustain yet.

Now when you back for the second time, you should have enough money to buy a Spirit of the ancient golem. This item will give you better sustain in the jungle and as you go into late game, it'll give you more health contributing to the most health you have. Now that you have the spirit of the ancient golem, you don't need as many health potions now so you only really need 3 potions max when you back.

Next, you need to isolate yourself in the jungle, do dragon, get as much gold as you can, you're having a race with time, you need to get a rod of ages. Your set time is around 18 minutes in. Once you get the Rod of Ages, you can start ganking again but you should still spend most of the time in the jungle, it's not time to say bye to the jungle yet, you need Rylai's for the slow.

Now that you have Rylai's, you can say bye to your jungle, at this point, your team is probably pissed at you for not giving enough ganks but now is the time to turn it all around, the fact that you have Rylai's, that is the fact that you don't need boots, your Q knocks someone up and then slows them. With Rylai's they get knocked up, slows them and the Rylai's passive will work. you can catch up to them and they can't do anything about it. This is the same for running away, you can Q and they can't catch up after that.

Now that you have enough tankyness, you can move on to building AP all the way from here on out. To get the most out of AP, you should get a Rabadons Deathcap. After the Rabs, you'll get enough damage to do what you need to do. But we buffed all of our skills but our E, so now we need to get you a Nashor's Tooth.

After the Nashor's Tooth, you have all the damage you need, all the sustain you need, and all the tankyness you need. In short, their team will probably focus you first! ^^ So, if you want to get more damage, get a Zhonya's Hourglass but if you want a higher chance of living, get a Guardians Angel.

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Creeping / Jungling

The only sequence I have as a rule when I jungle Cho' Gath is. Blue, wolves, Red, wraiths, golems, back. Otherwise, keep yourself in the jungle until you have your Rod of Ages, you can give small ganks but don't focus on ganking.

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Team Work

In team fights, Cho' Gath is expected to be the one to engage a fight and it really is easy to engage a fight. All you need is to poke with your Q. When you feel like it's a good time to launch a Q, launch a Q on where you think they're going to go, not where they are at the moment.

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This is all I have for you with this build today, I hope you found this helpful and fun to read as this was fun for me to make. If you didn't like this, tell my why and I'll try to improve for later guides and if you liked it, vote it up plz :)

This was my first guide.