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Jinx General Guide by Ccrash

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ccrash

Jinx The Critical Killer

Ccrash Last updated on October 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey all, this is my first guide here so please don't be to harsh on me for any errors!

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For the runes I max our critical hit damage due to the fact the build relies heavily on critical strikes with the Runaan's Hurricane. You could swap out all the crit runes for general ad then make the quintessences all crit damage or vise versa.

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Basic starting items, boots and four health pots. On your first B you should be able to buy the B. F. Sword unless you are being bullied out of lane, which is almost impossible unless they have the god of all Soraka. The Runaan's Hurricane is in this build for the fact that when your using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and you shoot at a creep wave or cluster of enemy champs or even jungle creeps, all the bolts from the Runaan's Hurricane will explode like a Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher shot dealing massive critical damage. Then the Infinity Edge is there to beef up your AD and crits. Statikk Shiv to make wave clear very easy and to help in team fights. Another Infinity Edge because it will make the damage out put at this point able to 3-5 shot any squishy champion.

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Optional Items

The Guardian Angel is to only be purchased if your getting focused out in team fights. The Thornmail is used just in case they have one champ who just loves to jump on you and say hello. The Bloodthirster is used in case they have a lot of CC or you need just a bit more sustain in team fights. The Phantom Dancer if your team can keep you covered at all times.

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Pros / Cons

- Very high damage
- One of the best turret pushes
- Amazing wave clear
- Ulti can change a whole team fight if timed correctly
- Very high mobility and chase
- Passive enables easy turret dives and escapes

- Talon is your worst nightmare because he can get you from anywhere
- No actual escape skill
- In lane relies heavily on supports with stuns or pulls

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Team Work

Having a support like Zyra, Blitzcrank, or Thresh is optimal. Their knock ups, slows, snares, and pulls will secure you kill after kill after kill during the laning phase. As for Jinx helping the team, her ulti can make or break a team fight. Due to its massive damage a well placed and timed ulti can take 1/4 to half the entire enemy teams health, drastically changing your engages.

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With Jinx you don't have to worry to much about farming for the reason that you can keep the eneimies away from their farm with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher, while you clean up all yours with Pow-Pow. After a Runaan's Hurricane no one and I mean no one can out farm Jinx. Its three AOE high damage crit strike rockets. You can one shot all three caster minions. Just don't only use the rockets to farm unless it's the caster otherwise you will find yourself constantly OOM.

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Overall Jinx is a complete bully in lane and a critical component to team fights. The amount of damage she puts out enables her the best turret push I've ever seen from an ADC. Hear team fight presence is tremendous. As well as her ability to single out one champion and turn that into a Pentakill is ridiculous.

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Personal Experience

As Jinx in the seven back to back games I played as her, I was doing the most damage in the game and had the most kills. I had an average of 13 kills a game. I have gotten two Quardas in seven games without kill stealing or using her ulti to finish of someone else's kill. She is by far my favorite ADC in game and probably will be until they make a champion with a similar kit to hers.


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