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Jinx Build Guide by aspartame17

AD Carry Jinx - the Mayhem queen!

AD Carry Jinx - the Mayhem queen!

Updated on October 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author aspartame17 Build Guide By aspartame17 2,214 Views 0 Comments
2,214 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author aspartame17 Jinx Build Guide By aspartame17 Updated on October 12, 2013
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-realy good mobility after a kill/tower for hit and run
-nice poke with zap!
-can easily bully an opponent
-good wave clear with switcheroo!
-have trouble finishing a kill? her ultimate does puns of damage!
-she's mad!!!!!

-lack of escape
-can go OOM fast if you miss some zap! or use switcheroo too much
-zap can be dodged with keen reflexes
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RUNES and masteries

Good defence seals and glyphs to resist the early poke from the other ad carry and support will help. Flat AD runes on marks and quints to realy bully the opponent with a few zap, you can with good aim quickly force the other carry out of lane.

I go 21-9-0 for the masteries. taking the butcher mastery and the one that gives more damage dealt on tower. since she's already a great turret pusher with her minigun, adding that little bit of extra damage realy help tearing the s*** out of those turrets.
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for summonners try flashand barrier. you NEED flashfor that extra bit of survivability, since the lack of escape in lane. Barriercan just always help you out in small skirmishes and trades and help secure/bait a kill. An alternative to barrierwould be cleanseif laning against an heavy CC support like leona or tresh.
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For my abilities i like starting with switcheroo! for the early auto-harass, but starting off with Zap! would be fine too. I max Zap! first for it is her most useful spell in my opinion. it can easily chunk and opponent down quite fast. i take her bomb third so i can snare opponent and add that little bit of cc to secure a kill.
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in the early stages of the game you can farm realy easily with her minigun, gaining attack speed every attack you land. auto-attacking the ennemy carry in between minions will help you keep her buff up and harras at the same time. in the later stage of the game fishbones will help you wave clear realy well and push you lane/farm monster waves quickly. That makes her a great split pusher in my opinion.
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First build

This is my first guide i craft for mobafire, please leave me comments and critics so i can improve my work
League of Legends Build Guide Author aspartame17
aspartame17 Jinx Guide
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Jinx - the Mayhem queen!

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