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Jinx Build Guide by Milan_euw

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Milan_euw

Jinxerino no feederino

Milan_euw Last updated on June 19, 2014
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About me

Hey whatsup.

My name is Milan and i am a platinum adc maining Jinx "The Loose Cannon" on EUW.
The reason i choose to make a guide is that i think i know the champion good enough to make a really good guide for her.

My goal with this guide is giving you an idea on how to play Jinx. Players from Bronze/Platinum might find this guide usefull.

How commen am i with Jinx:
I played over a 100 games in normal this season and 65 ranked matches in and around platinum elo.
My win ratio on ranked with Jinx is: 41 : 24 which is roughly a win ratio of 63.1%.
I think with a win ratio of 60% i play Jinx well enough to make a legit guide for you guys.

If you see any mistakes in my guide please let me know, My main language is not english.

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Pros and Cons


+ Good wave clear.
+ great poke with Rocketlouncher.
+ Attack speed bonus with Minigun.
+ Global ultimate with a lot of damage.
+ Great stun with her Flamechompers.
+ Great pushing champion.


- Hard to play really well.
- Short minigun range.
- No direct escape spell.
- Mana issues.

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About Jinx

Jinx is an adc (Marksman) who provides damage trough autoattacks, skillshot and a great global ultimate.
Jinx damage comes from her q which boost her autoattack with extra attack speed. The attack speed bonus on max level from her Q is 130%. Don't you think thats a little strong?.
Also her ultimate is insane. A global ultimate which does damage in an area and has a bonus damage based on how low the enemy is.

And dont Forget Jinx stands for Jinx
Btw Jinx is Gasai Yuno (Mirai Nikki). Here is a hint.

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Her passive is called: Get Excited!
Whenever you kill or assist on an enemy champion or turret within 3 seconds of destroying it you gain a 175% movement speed bonus that decays over 4 seconds.
Basically you kill and run, Note that sometimes being offensive is the best defence, but dont go all in when you can escape by just walking away.
This video show excellent usage of the passive.

Her q is called: Switcheroo!
Whenever you press Q you switch guns.
Gun-1: Minigun. Boosts it's attacks speed with every stack up to 3 times. the stacks decay over time and every stack last for 2.5 second when not attacking with her minigun. This effect does not give gun-2 a bonus.
Gun-2: Rocket louncher. Gives your basic attack more range and does splash damage. This attack deals 10% bonus ad. This attack cost mana to cast.

You should use your minigun most of the times and the only reason for switching to rockets will be: Clearing waves, You are out of range with minigun and grouped enemy minions. If this is not the case use your minigun.

Her W is called: Zap!
Zap! is a long range skillshot that damages and slows the first target it hits for 2 seconds. It also grants vision on the target for 2 seconds.

Really a basic spell. Use it when the enemy isnt able to dodge is and use it to catch up to enemies or to slow their chase.
Do not spam this in lane since your mana pool is not to high.
On moments when enemy champions casts a spell like Caitlyn's Q feel free to blast away with a W. They wont be able to dodge it and it does nice damage.

Her E is called: Flame chompers!
Flame Chompers! is a line of 3 chompers that will stun targets walking over them after they are armed (0.7 seconds). When walking over it the chomper wil disappear and deal the explosion damage over 1.5 damage to people in 50 range of the chomper. Remaining chompers wil explode after 5 Seconds dealing the same damage. A champion can not trigger more then one chomper.

Whenever people chase you you just press e to your desired location and they wont be able to chase. They need to flash over it or run around it.
Same works with chasing somebody, Wenn you place the chompers in the enemies desired location you can stun somebody when they walk over it but keep in mind that chompers have to set up first.

Her R is called: Super Mega Death Rocket!
Super Mega Death Rocket! is a global skillshot that hits the first target damaging it for 100% and his serounding area for 80% of the damage. The damage increases how fast the rocket is going. The rocket reaches max speed after 1 second of traveling. It does extra damage based on the missing hp of the enemy.

Use this spell when an enemy champion is low to boost its damage. Make sure that people can stand in front of the low enemy so time it well. This spell is really good for bursting people. A simple combo: W-E-Auto's-R can insta kill an enemy squishy champion. With a support it makes it even less hard to do it.