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Jarvan IV Build Guide by DecodeHoss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DecodeHoss

Jungle Jarvan, Decode Style

DecodeHoss Last updated on February 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Heyy guys, this is Decode Hoss of TeamDecode. This is my first guide ever so i would just like to say:

Welcome to the Decode way of jungling as the Demacian Prince himself, Jarvan IV. Jarvan is a brilliant champion for versatile play. He can be built full tank, AD-Off tank or pure damage. In this build i will Build jarvan full tank, with very little AD, but it enough. I will look at Jungling, skill choice, item builds and more importantly your role as a jungler.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great tank (under-estimated these days)
+ Very nice CC when ganking (knock-up, slow)
+ Very nice ult if used correctly
+ Has a mini ward (standard) that can give sight and be teleported to
+ Reduce armor of champions hit with Q by a quarter at lvl 5
+ Jump over terrain using +Q, great for escapes and initiating


- Relies on team to deal most damage
- Can get quite low in the jungle towards the end
- Clears jungle rather slow if denied first blue by an invasion
- Ult can hinder rather than help own team

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Your job as a jungler

a jungler has more jobs then just ganking.

1) Control your own buffs and also the enemy ones if you can.
2) Ensure that you help your lanes which are failing
3) Note down timers of dragon and baron as these can win or lose games.
4) WARDS! it is not just the job of the support to ward. Everyone on the team should warding
5) Gank lanes that need ganks.
6) Gank lanes that do not need ganks. It is always good to have the upper hand in a lane. even more so if the enemy champion is killed or forced to base by a jungler.

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For Jarvan, i chose a more tankier set up. For Marks, i chose flat MR as i feel that ganking early on AP lanes, you need this to make sure you will survive. For Seals, i go flat armor as most junglers do in order to fend off jungle creeps. For glyphs i go MR per Lvl as it ensures that your MR carries you through into the later stages of the game. Finally, for quits i use flat health as it means you will survive the jungle with greater health, meaning to can gank easier first time round.

instead, you could use AD or armor pen marks, and MS glyphs, but i prefer to start of tanky and continue that trend throughout.

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Summoner Spells

You have to take as a jungler. many people think it is only for buffs, but it helps secure baron, dragon and helps you push minion waves. it is much easier pushing a tower if the enemy doesnt have a siege minion to defend with.

is also needed as it will help you get out of nasty situations.

instead of flash, you could take to reduce damage dealt or to finish those off who may get away.

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i use 9|21|0 as it gives you nice early armor pen with tankiness involved. if you want to go more damage dealer, then take 21|9|0.

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Skill Sequence

On Jarvan, i max first as it gives very nice AS and Armor early game for pushing towers and clearing the jungle.

I max

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The item set up above is a strong late game tank build which your team can rely on you to take the damage from the enemy. The Regrowth Pendant at the beginning allows you to build an early philo stone which helps you to recover health back as you are walking from camp to camp. The Gold Per 10 items such as philo stone and HoG are essential as the only farm you get is from jungle creeps and gold means everything. The HoG gives you a nice amount of health early game, and the philo stone gives you health and mana regen for when you dont have that blue buff. I've been in many situations where i have only just had enough mana to pull of a successful with a philo stone.

For boots, there is only one choice as a tank, and that is Mercury Treads

The sooner you buy and farm up your 'Mogs, the quicker you become unkill-able. Warmogs is THE tank item to buy on Jarvan. There is no substitute.

The Atma's gives you all the AD you will need as well as a nice touch armor. at theend of the game, you gain about 80AD from the Atma's alone

The frozen mallet is purely there for the health and the slow on auto attacks to add to yours already brilliant CC. As a tank, your job is to sponge damage and hand out CC, this is a perfect item to grab on Jarvan.
The FoN is more situational, but the added move speed is nice as well as the health regen. Instead of the FoN, you could get a banshee's.

Finally, the Randuin's is also to add you your cc as a tank, but also the health regen again meansyou can dive in, sponge damage, come out, and go back in to the fight in am matter of seconds.

Core Items:


If AP team-

If AD team-

If Balanced-

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First, start with wolves. hit them yourself, and then get mid to deal some damage to help you. after that move on to blue buff with mid pulling it for you. Use your E whenever you can you gain the attack speed and armor buff. See if you can gank a lane, if not, move on to wraiths. take these using E+Q. move on to red buff, popping the health pop here to help you. again, see if you can gank, if not, move on to golems.

Base now, buy the items you need and go back to jungling and ganking.

Blue should re-spawn at around 7:05. you should offer it up to your AP carry. if they dont need it, take it for yourself. it isn't essential, but will always help.

to gank, initiate using +Q combo to knock them up, W to slow and if you need to, use your ult to keep them placed. Try not to harm your own team by trapping them somewhere they dont want to be.

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Jarvan has many sneaky tricks he can pull of and fits in nicely to many team comps.

Firstly, if his standard can drop there, you can jump to it. Most importantly for walls such as baron and dragon for smite steals.

His ult works very well with champions such as Leona, Amumu, Brand and other with have heavy AOE as it keeps enemies in a compact space long enough to burst them down.

Its best to save your shield until there are more enemies in the fight as it lets you gain a greater shield.