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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Rimpact

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rimpact

Jungle Kha'Zix - Alien Ambush

Rimpact Last updated on October 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Guys,
This is my first Guide on Mobafire, so if you have critisism that will help me do better guides, just tell me in the comments.

Kha'Zix is a melee assasins with a high burst damage. I use to play him as a jungler for quick and effective ganks.

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Pros / Cons


+ Insanely high and quick damage
+ Good ganks even without his full combo
+ Variety of ways to use his skills
+ If you win the Rengar-Kha'Zix quest in a game, you get to evolve all 4 Skills!

- Squishy before Giant's Belt
- His passive is good, but hard to use
- Gets focused easily
- His skills are hard to master
- Early Mana problems

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Summoner Spells

This is a Jungle guide. Never jungle without [Smite]

I recommend Smite and Flash, because your Void Assault isn't a good escape when your Leap is on Cooldown. You can also take Ghost instead of Flash, or Clarity, but the rest of the spells aren't really usefull as an assassin, and I think I don't have to explain why.

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Taste Their Fear does incredible damage and you should, in most cases, skill it first. Top and mid lane ganks are a lot more effective with the Evolution going on, but I'll explain that later.
Void Spike gives you a good amount of healing and does AOE, which you will need rushing from one lane to another.
Leap is an ability which makes Kha'Zix the Jungler he is! It's necessairy when ganking a warded lane.
Void Assault is only useful for refreshing your passive, it's NOT a good escape!!! You will fail escaping almost every time.
Unseen Threat is Kha'Zix' passive, making ganks a lot easier for your mates on the lane. Through slowing your enemies, you teammates are there to help and pick up the assist. You can also recognise enemy Wards if your passive doesn't go up if you're in a bush.

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Skill Sequence

Every time you level up your Ult, Kha'Zix can evolve. because you have 4 skills, but only 3 level ups on Void Assault, you have to choose. Basically, you evolve Taste Their Fear every time. Always. The additional damage is INCREDIBLE. Your second choice as a jungler will be Leap. You will be able to jump across almost the whole width of the lane.
If you evolve Void Spike or Void Assault, depends on the game situation. If you dominate ganks but have quick enemies like Ashe or Miss Fortune, you will probably evolve Void Assault.
But if you have health or farming problems, an evolution of Void Spike won't harm you.
If you recieve a quest in game if you play against a Rengar on the enemy team, it will tell you to kill him first.
That could give your team a good boost in team fights and be the turning point of the game!

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Unique Skill: Evolution

Kha'Zix' passive on his ultimate is Evolution. Every time he levels up Void Assault, he can evolve one of his skills. If you can count, that makes 3 skills to evolve, but if there is a Rengar on the other team and you get to kill him first when the quest arrives, you can evolve all 4 skills. Awesome!
If you evolve Taste Their Fear, it deals even more damage on isolated targets and widens your basic attack and Taste Their Fear range.
If you decide to evolve Void Spike, you fire 3 spikes in a cone and it stacks with your passive, so you can slow an enemy with Void Spike if your passive is up.
With evolved wings, the range of Leap is increased and the cooldown is reset after a kill or assist.
If you take an Evolution point in Void Assault, it allows you to cast his ultimate 3 times instead of 2 and you take 40% reduced damage when the ult is active.

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The items I choose are full AD and Armor/Mana. I won't have to explain most of the items if you read the Pro/Con section.
People will ask: Why not buy a Frozen Mallet?
The answer is simply: You don't need one, your passive does the work if you use it right. BUT USE IT RIGHT! (Try to be near bushes when fighting and try to reactivate your passive as soon as you can when fighting. For example: When ganking, reactivate it through jumping in front ofo your enemy, AAing him once, sneak into the bush and attack him with taste of fear. In that time, the slow has worn off, so you can slow him again with another AA.) If you can't master the passive, buy one, you're a burster assasin, you need a slow. An additional Frozen Mallet in late game gives you a good health advantage, but don't build it early.
Why no Mana Items?
Mana problems will resolve early enough if you keep doing your blue buff properly, and in the end game, you won't have any.
Why The Brutaliser? It doesn't give too much AD, does it?
No, it doesn't but it gives you 15% CDR, which will make you deal more damage in less time with your Taste Their Fear.
Why not buy Frozen Heart or other armor/mana items? It seems perfect!
These are variable items. For Example: If the enemy team mostly does Magic Damage, Frozen Heart useless, that's why it isn't in my build. But it solves your mana and health problems, as well as CDR after your The Brutaliser is gone, so it isn't a so bad item after all if your enemies are mostly ad damage dealers.

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When Jungling

Your usual first route is:
> >ghosts> >
With a pull from mid lane, you will be able to kill the minions on blue buff without taking damage. Since the golem is isolated now, you will deal much more damage with Taste Their Fear and basic attacks. After the golem, you will be level 2 and you will be able to skill Void Spike, which heals you on every jungle station.

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Kha'Zix is fun to play, because you can adapt to your enemy team, not only with Items but also with your evolution, which makes this special Champ even more powerfull.
If you approve this guide, please upvote it, and don't downvote only because you have an own guide.
If you want to tell me something I can do better, leave a comment below!
Please don't be too harsh on me since this is my first guide ever.
Thanks to jhoijhoi for her guide on guides and thanks to Danorius for his constructive feedback on helping me to get better.
Thanks to all of you who upvote this guide and leave fair critisism in the comments.