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Lee Sin Build Guide by iwillblessu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iwillblessu

Jungle Lee sin-Because he cant see what lane he's in

iwillblessu Last updated on October 10, 2011
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Hello! Welcome to my second guide on Mobafire! This one is about the Infamous Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. I would like to start off on a couple of notes.
1. This is a JUNGLE lee Sin build, if you don't want to jungle with lee sin go to a different guide!
2. Although his name is the blind monk, he is far from it and has a really unique skill set.

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  • His Amazing Burst falls off late game
  • Cannot necessarily carry a game (you have to be really fed or really good)
  • Difficult to master

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I perfer to go 21/0/9 with Lee sin because we get enough tankyness from our runes ,that we dont need to go to the defense tree.

Not much to talk about here

  • Plentiful Bounty You're taking smite. If you don't take smite as any jungler I will laugh and laugh as your baron gets stolen by the enemy team ,they ace you because of it and you lose. All because you didn't take smite
  • Sorcery I only take 1 point in this because I need it to move on to the final talent point and there is really nothing else to take =P

Again , not much to talk about here. Your basic jungler masteries.

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With Lee Sin, his runes are VERY interchangeable. In the famous words of Stonewall008 , You can play Lee sin as long as you balance the defense with the offense. The only mandatory rune I see fit is Greater Seal of Armor because I start out with Doran's Blade. The Dorans blade will provide me with the greatest ganking ability ,but not necessarily the best defense. Greater Seal of Armor will make up for it.

- Again, his runes (besides seal's) are interchangeable as long as you balance the defense and the offense.

- MANDATORY!!!! I explained above already

Greater Mark of Desolation - This is somewhat mandatory. You probably could change it with something else but since Lee Sin is an AD champ, He suffers from sever oh-****-they're-stacking-armor-itis.

- I prefer getting this rune because Lee Sin does fall in the category of Tanky dps or Off-tank. The extra MR will do wonders when you're ganking that anivia and she decides to go all out and rape you

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Summoner Spells

- This summoner spell might possibly the best one out there. It can save your *** but it could also get you close enough to Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike them and kill them.

- JUST.TAKE.SMITE. If you're a jungler you NEED smite. I know Warwick or Fiddlesticks can jungle without it ,but you're leaving a giant opportunity for the enemy team to steal buffs/dragon/baron with THEIR smite and not the one that you should have gotten.

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Skill Sequence

I get my Safeguard / Iron Will First because it provides me with the extra resistances and survivability I need.

Getting my Tempest / Cripple second will allow me to clear Wraiths with ease.

I max my Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike because it gives me the highest damage possible.

Safeguard / Iron Will is second because it gives me EVEN MORE tank like attributes.

Tempest / Cripple is last because its not worth it to level first for the bonuses you're getting. It's a 1 point wonder.

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- Doran's Blade WTF WATS WRONG WITH YOU! This is actually a great first item because it has the greatest damage I need for ganking and that extra health to help me stay in the jungle.

- Because everyone needs boots...

- I get this because i go Atmogs with lee sin ( Atma's Impaler and Warmog's Armor)

- See above

- You can replace this item with a Force of Nature or a Quicksilver Sash as needed, but Banshee's Veil will be your 60% of the time item that you get.

- This item is great for Lee Sin and almost every off-tank and tanky dps

- You can replace this item with whatever you want but I like The Bloodthirster because the Life steal combined with Safeguard / Iron Will will make you virtually unstopable. Let me describe a situation for you. There is an enemy Karthus. You're at low health and he ults and you will die. What do you do? Use you're W twice (so you get the lifsteal skill) auto attack a minion and win. /insert troll face

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Creeping / Jungling

Video Taken from stonewall008, who can jungle with Karma. Need I say more?
The actual route starts at 2:05

and if you can get a leash it would help SOOO MUCH. Always ask for a leash at double golems.
this video will help you learn/see how to gank as lee sin. Again, credits to Stonewall008

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Team Work

Your Job in team fights is to stick to one target and just annoy the **** out of them.Not only that, you should learn good ult placement. Try to get at least 3 affected by you're ultimate as it can really turn the tide of a team fight. Remember, ALWAYS AUTO ATTACK TWICE BETWEEN EACH SKILL(unless you need immediate life steal ( Safeguard / Iron Will) or immediate slow ( Tempest / Cripple)

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While Lee sin is a difficult champion to master, it is well worth it. He provides great utility to the team and does "a ton of damage" as Phreak would say. And on a funny note if you haven't seen this video, you will surely enjoy it. If this were true, I wouldn't play anyone else BUT lee sin

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Change Log

10/9/11 - Guide is published